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If you need help to write your essay but don’t know which of the best essay writing services is the one for you, you are in the right place.

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Feeling overwhelmed by college (and any other aspect of life) is one of the most common issues students face. Whether you are struggling with a complex and last-minute essay or want to dedicate your time to more important things, it’s critical you find an essay writing service you feel comfortable with.

Here at Gradehacker, the non-traditional adult students’ #1 resource, we have years of experience in the essay-writing industry and have helped many students graduate faster.

As an essay writing service, we recognize that there are many great companies out there. All of them are different and have their own set of pros and cons, but what’s critical for you is to find the one that best suits your needs.

There are better and worse fits for you, and in this list, you’ll discover which are the best essay writing services and which is the right one for you.

What to Look For in Essay Writing Services

Before choosing the right academic service for you, these are the aspects you should consider:

At the end of the day, you need to pick the service that has what you are looking for and inspires the most trust in you. You need to feel confident that the experience they offer is effective and know before you start working with them how every step of the process will be.

You can use our guide and learn how to choose the best fit by answering the 7 questions you need to ask before working with an essay writing service.


For students who want transparent communication and top-academic quality

Here at Gradehacker, we have years of experience providing personalized help to non-traditional students like you with their papers.

We can help you with:

We believe to be a key resource for adult students with busy lives who have to focus on their lives and families but still want to progress in their degree program fast. 

We are the ideal fit for college students who value transparent communication, as you can chat, call, or even meet with your writer at any moment of your experience.

You always know who is helping you and are guaranteed to have a positive experience. 

We aim for academic excellence. You will always receive a detailed plagiarism report to ensure that your reference is 100% original and is AI-free work.


Our essay-writing prices start at:

The cost of your paper depends on the level of education, number of pages, spacing, and time until the deadline. To know exactly how much it would cost to get help with your essay, you can use our online calculator.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework

For students who want direct communication and a straightforward process

Pay Me To Do Your Homework is a reputable essay writing service with many years of experience.

They can help you with:

Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s process is direct and, unlike other companies, feels personalized and dynamic.

This is because you need to complete their ordering form and submit your request so they can review your assignment in detail and later get back to confirm the pricing.

They are a great choice if you value 1-on-1 communication, as you’ll have to get in touch with their sales department to confirm your order and can later email them whenever you want an update on how your essay is going.


While their essay-writing prices start at $39 per page, the total cost of your order will be the one that they send you.

For example, in our experience, we ended up paying double of what their pricing page advertised. You can learn more about that in our Pay Me To Do Your Homework review.


For students who want a company with a well-known online reputation

EssayPro is one of the most popular and well-known essay-writing services in the market.

They can help you with:

Their services cover all types of assignments for any academic level. They deliver original essays and guarantee a Turnitin plagiarism report and unlimited revisions.

EssayPro is a great choice for college students who would feel more comfortable working with a well-known company as they feel unsure about other academic help services.

Plus, it offers a very simple ordering process, lets you choose the writer you want, and can easily communicate with them through their integrated chat.

The only downside is that you can’t verify who your writer is, as they have fake profiles. 

Now, while EssayPro writers can help you with your essay and give you decent results, we found that their team of experts is actually part of a larger database of writers.

You can learn more about this legitimacy issue in our EssayPro review.


EssayPro prices start at:

These prices can change depending on the time you give them to write your paper and the academic level of your assignment.

Still, EssayPro has a bidding system where dozens of their professional essay writers will place their bids. You can choose the one you feel has the necessary experience to help you, but these bids can either be close to their starting price or cost as much as double.

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For students who want a quick delivery

EduBirdie is another of the most well-known essay writing companies, as it has years of experience in the industry and has one of the larger catalogs of experienced writers.

They can help you with:

The experience they offer is very simple: You place your order, choose a writer, make the payment deposit, and wait until they send your essay.

EduBirdie has hundreds of positive reviews across multiple websites and guarantees that they will follow your academic paper’s instructions, meet the deadline, and include a plagiarism report so you see that your order is 100% original.

It’s a great option for students who need a quick delivery but are still willing to make the necessary corrections to turn the draft you receive into an academic paper.


According to EduBirdies’ website, essay prices start at $13.99, but similar to other services, the price of each order depends on the deadline, number of pages, and educational level.

Still, because they have a bidding system, your final price can be completely different. You can choose among their multiple options and pay more for the one who claims to be the most experienced writer and looks like the best fit for your assignment.

And just like with EssayPro, while these professional writers can write your essay, you just get their first name and don’t have any way to verify who they are. This is because EduBirdie’s writers are part of a larger database shared with other essay-writing companies owned by the same people.

You can learn more about this in both our EduBirdie and PapersOwl review.


For students who want last-minute quality essays with affordable prices

PaperHelp is a reliable essay writing service that has significantly grown these past few years and has now solidified as one of the best alternatives.

They can help you with:

Its ordering and the overall process is intuitive; it’s easy to chat with your assigned writer, and they have a solid amount of money-back guarantees.

And in case you aren’t sure whether this is a legit service, you can check some of the multiple positive reviews they have.

It is an excellent choice for college students looking for one-time help with an essay with a deadline that’s a few days away. They’ll deliver a high-quality paper for a reasonable price.

From all the reviews we conducted, PaperHelp delivered the best quality essay. Our experience wasn’t perfect, but the clarity of the paper and the use of the APA guidelines met our academic standards.

You can read our full PaperHelp review and see how we break down their essay in our blog.


PaperHelp prices start at:

What’s great about them is that they have loyalty and referral programs that reward you for working multiple times with them. 

Plus, they have a 15% discount for first orders!

The only downside is that prices can change significantly depending on the writer’s category you choose: the Advanced writers have a higher satisfaction rate, while the TOP professionals are native English writers with the highest ratings.

Still, PaperHelp’s basic writers are experienced and will deliver the essay you need in a timely manner.

Course Hero

For students who want essay samples and test results

While Course Hero isn’t exactly an essay-writing service, it can be a great resource for college students who are looking for a finished essay to have as a reference.

They are a document-sharing platform where students from all universities upload their assignments. It’s essentially an enormous online study group.

Here you’ll find:

The idea is not that you download an essay and submit it as yours but use it as a reference to write a new one from scratch. You use others experiences as inspiration and guides to complete your assignments.


Course Hero plans cost:

Any of these plans will let you unlock up to 30 documents per month.

However, you can earn “free unlocks” by uploading your own files. You can learn how this process works and if it’s worth it in our Course Hero review.

Get Organized Digitally

In the digital world, being organized is essential. If your online program is in a different state, you’ll need to manage your time zones to ensure you don’t miss any classes or deadlines. 

You should also create folders on your computer for each class and organize files and documents so you can later find the information you need easier.

Bookmarks are also a great way to store important websites or pages related to your classes so you can easily access them later on. This will also come in handy when working on your video lectures since there’s a lot of information to remember.

Setting up an email system is essential for online classes. Try creating separate folders for each class where you can store all the emails.

Also, developing a detailed checklist and actively eliminating distractions are crucial steps to maximize focus and productivity during virtual classes.

Start by setting up a dedicated workspace on your computer or device, where you can access all your class materials and assignments. Utilize digital calendars and task management apps to keep track of deadlines, class schedules, and important events.

One app that can help you is Todoist, which has ample resources as a task manager app. To find out more about it, you can check our full review!

You can streamline your online learning journey and enhance your productivity by getting organized digitally.

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Time to Choose The Essay Writing Service For You

Now you are ready to make a decision and pick the essay writing service that you trust will deliver a quality paper and best suits your needs.

If you need help with your essay, value transparent communication with your writer, and want to receive a top-quality paper while you focus on your other responsibilities, submit your request for free and work with our team of experienced writers!

Picture of Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea is a curious and creative journalist who first helped many college students as a Gradehacker consultant in subjects like literature, communications, ethics, and business. Now, as a Content Creator in our blog, YouTube channel, and TikTok, he assists non-traditional students improve their college experience by sharing the best tips. You can find him on LinkedIn.