About Gradehacker

Helping Adult College Students Accelerate Their Degrees

Providing personalized consulting with the entire process from school and program selection, applying, financial aid, class advancement, degree guidance, and career enhancement. Everything we do is centered around the purpose of developing a strong and lasting relationship with you, based on confidence and trust. 

We Are Experienced

We have guiding hundreds of non-traditional adult students with different needs, and that is why we created specific services for every situation. 

From essay writing services to entire class help to resumes after college, there’s a space we can help you with. 

Free College Disrupting Resources

Our industry-leading team is continuously publishing free and accessible content to make sure you have all the information you need to master your college journey. 

What Makes Gradehacker Different?

"Gradehacker helped me find balance so that I could keep up in my work life without dropping my college priorities"

Watch the video to learn more about his experience working with us!

Meet Juan

Juan is the owner of a small business. He is also a fourth-year college student majoring in sustainability.

He is a non-traditional student.

Juggling college and work hasn’t been easy for him, as his management skills weren’t enough for his degree level.

With Gradehacker’s personalized assistance, Juan found balance and reached his goals.

The Story of Gradehacker

How we became the number one non-traditional adult student resource

The Realization

A group of friends discovered that nontraditional adult students had a tremendous struggle with their college classes. Little to no one was working with them as everyone else was focused on the traditional 18 - 23 year old

The Realization


The Launch

Gradehacker officially opened its doors for business to provide a personalized one on one college consulting service to the adult students who represent over 42% of the US college population and are severely underserved

The Launch


The Disruption

As COVID disrupted the world, Gradehacker disrupted the college landscape of nontraditional students by providing free resources through our Learning Center and Gradehacker TV specifically made for nontraditional adult students

The Disruption


The Innovation

With the debut of the Gradehacker mobile app and client portals, a higher level of access and convenience transforms us into the exclusive pioneers in making the college journey easier for non traditional adult students

The Innovation

2023 & Beyond

Working With You Impacts the World

Our Mission Is To Make a Real Difference

Our idea is to help not only students and their college journey but also to contribute to projects that support providing a sustainable global environment, food insecurity around the world, clean water initiatives, human rights awareness, social stability, and so much more.

Our Yearly Impact Goal Tracker

How We Made a Difference

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See in real-time where we have created impacts around the globe by working with people just like you

Join the thousands of students that took control of getting their college classes and degree done