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What We Did to Review EssayPro

You need to deliver a four-page essay in two days, and since you don’t have any time, you know the only choice you have is to find an essay writing service. You’ve heard about EssayPro, but you want to read an honest review about them before actually hiring them.

How does their service work? How much does it cost? Are EssayPro writers legit?

These are some of the questions you have, and you need to know the answers before you choose to work with them. You need an in-depth EssayPro review, and you have found it!

Here at Gradehacker, we have years of experience thriving in the essay writing industry, and we’ve helped tons of students with their essays, exams, and classes. We are experts in the field and want more than anything to help students like you improve their college journey.

That’s why today we commit to giving you an objective, unbiased, no B.S., EssayPro review. In this article, you’ll see the good and the bad from their service, and by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

To do so, we purchased one of their services. Unlike our video reviews on Edubirdie and Pay Me To Do Your Homework, this time, we decided to try their ‘Editing Writing’ service instead of their essay writing option. Still, we have included information regarding that service, so you can better understand it.

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When you finish this article, you will know how EssayPro works and if their essay services are a good fit for you.

Before we start, this is a summary of each category we analyzed and our honest rating for each one. Keep reading to see why we gave it each score!


Ordering Process


Communication With Writer


Cost and Payment System


Our Finished Paper


EssayPro Guarantees


EssayPro Legitimacy


Overall Rating


EssayPro’s Ordering Process

This first part of our review will explain the first steps you need to follow to start the ordering process.

Create An Account

The very first step you must take is to create an EssayPro account. You can do this on their home page by going to the “Sign Up” button on the top or clicking on “Write My Paper.” You can log in with your email address or your Facebook or Google account.

It’s a straightforward and intuitive process. Once you have created your account, you will have a profile and be directed to your customer homepage, where you’ll find sections like Balance, Writers, Promo Codes, and more.

EssayPro Home
EssayPro's Home

Ordering Form

After creating your profile, you’ll have a “My Orders” dashboard, where you’ll have to click on the “Place Order” button to begin the three-step ordering process. 

The first step is the order requirements, where you first have to choose which assignment type you need. We were surprised by the number of options available for assignment type. It can go from a simple essay to a marketing plan or PowerPoint presentation, so they can definitely cover what you are looking for.

The information you need to include here is simple:

Then, you’ll have to pick the service you want to hire. As we mentioned, we are going for the editing service, but besides this one and the essay writing, you can choose Rewriting and Proofreading for more detailed (and cheaper) revisions. Or, if you need to answer problems through subjective/objective reasoning or through the use of numbers, you can use the Problem Solving and Calculation services.

EssayPro Ordering Process Requirements
The first step of the ordering process are the requirements

The second part of the ordering process is the order details. These are:

You also have to include the instructions for your assignment. You can do this by adding the PDF files from your college portal or writing your requirements so it’s even more accessible for the writer to understand the assignment. In this field, you can add your comments or specify other assignment requirements, such as the tone or additional valuable information. 

We think it’s great they ask for all these requirements; that way, you avoid going back and forth with the writer you select.

EssayPro Ordering Process Details
In the next step you need to include the order details

The final step of the ordering process is the ‘Order Visibility.’ Here you choose how the bidding process will go. EssayPro offers two options:

Open Order: With this option, all the writers in EssayPro can see and bid on your order. This is recommended for new users as it is the fastest way to order since you will receive bids automatically.

Private Order: If you become a frequent user of EssayPro, you can select this option so only the writers you invite can see and bid for your order; that way, you can always work with your favorite writers. 

We think this is a good idea because if you are satisfied with the work one of the writers sent you you will feel more comfortable working with them on future occasions. 

Since we were new users, we decided to select the first option and receive bids automatically.

Choosing a writer

Once you confirm the information and place your order, you will receive the bids from different writers.

If you want, before starting the ordering process, you can search through EssayPro’s writers on their ‘Writers’ tab. This section shows you the best-reviewed writers first, but you can also choose one depending on the subject you are looking for.

However, we found that this option doesn’t change the experience that much because the writers with more reviews and orders completed are also the ones that appear regardless of the subject you choose. In our opinion, we find it pointless to give the option to make a more precise search and show the same results with minimal changes.

EssayPro Our Writers
EssayPro's 'Our Team' page

Both in the ‘Writers’ section and the bidding process, you’ll be able to click on each writer’s profile, see their ranking, how many stars they have, know which topics they have more experience with, and read reviews left by previous clients.

One big difference between looking for writers before and during ordering is that after you place your order and start getting bids, the writer’s profiles include an ‘About me’ section where they share their experiences, goals, and favorite topics. 

Although this adds a sense of legitimacy, it is a letdown that it’s not included in the ‘Writers’ page because if you don’t have an account and an order placed, you won’t see this relevant information. We think it’s a great feature that could encourage doubtful students into trusting that a writer is an actual person that will complete their assignment.

Another option available only during the ordering process is sending the writer a message if you need more information or want to clear some doubts before hiring them.

So, how did we choose a writer?

We selected a writer named Joseph T. In his profile, he explained that biology was one of his favorite subjects to write about. He defined his writing as ‘supersonic’ and claimed to have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology.

Sadly, there is no way to actually prove that he has the degree he assured. All writer’s profiles lack access to their Linkedin page or anything that could verify their credentials.

Plus, writers don’t use their full names on their profiles, so you can’t search for them either. We guess we have no other option but to trust their word. 

Still, we want to highlight the fact that you can choose the person who is going to do your work. It’s a process similar to the one provided by Essay Service, which creates a more “personal” touch.

Once you’ve decided upon your writer, simply click the ‘hire writer’ button and complete your essay’s payment.  

Overall, we rated the ordering process an 8/10. While the ordering form is straightforward and easy to complete, and you have a wide variety of writers to choose from, it’s a bummer that there is no way to confirm whether the information they write on their profile is real or not.

Communication With The Writer

How is the communication with the writer in EssayPro? Well, it’s there, but it could be much better.

You can chat with your writer within your EssayPro account. The fact that you can send them a message whenever you need is very valuable. Whether you want an update on how your assignment is going or the writer has some questions regarding the instructions, the chat is a great option that flows both ways.

The only possible downside is that this is the only communication option available. If you are in a hurry and wish to call the writer, you can’t. However, we must say that we had no issues, nor did it take our writer a long time to send us our revised paper.

In our case, the communication was adequate. First, we got a message from Joseph after we completed the payment. It wasn’t an introduction as we expected, but a generic response that didn’t refer to anything about our specific assignment. It is possible that this was an automated message, prepared to greet any new client.

The same happened when he sent our finished assignment. We got a straightforward and standard response, announcing that the paper was uploaded and inviting us to leave a five-star review.

EssayPro Communication With The Writer
Our writer's response

It’s worth remembering that we purchased the editing service, which is less complex than the essay writing service. It took the writer less time, and he didn’t have to do any research, so it is understandable that there was no need to have extensive communication with us.

Overall, we think that EssayPro’s communication is fine. Having a chat as the only option is a great way to get in touch with the writer, and the possible automated messages are adequate. However, our writer did not introduce himself to us, and his chats lacked personalized attention. That’s why we are giving the communication with the writer a 7/10.

EssayPro’s Cost and Payment System

Now, let’s dive into one of the most important parts of any service. How much does EssayPro cost?

In our case, when we filled up our order for the editing service, the price started at $24.74. But since EssayPro works with a bidding system, each writer has their own unique price.

While we found some writers who had the same cost as the starting price, there were others who charged more for the same service. For instance, Joseph’s editing service cost $48, twice the price we originally had, but we chose him because of his alleged Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology and expertise in the field. 

Regarding the essay writing service, they charge $11 per page. According to their calculator, a four-page essay, double spaced, with five days to complete, would have cost us $38.76, included with a 15% discount. Still, from our experience in the bidding process, we know that depending on the writer, it could be more.

EssayPro Home

How does their payment system work?

Before you select your writer, you will need to make a deposit into your account, which is held until the essay writing is complete. This is to ensure that essay writers give clients a quality guarantee. You’ll pay the writer at the end of the process, only when you are sure the paper meets your standards and requirements.

Overall, we think EssayPro’s price is reasonable and adequate. The payment system is effective, but it is a downside that the price may change significantly in the bidding process.

While this may be worthwhile because you are choosing someone who claims to be an expert on the subject you need, as you can´t verify their credentials, you might be paying more for someone who lied and has the same skills as any other writer. That’s why we are giving their cost and payment system a 7/10.

Our Finished Paper

We received an email from EssayPro only 24 hours after placing our order. Certainly, an incredibly fast time, but then again, we only needed an edition of our already finalized written paper, which takes less time than writing an essay from scratch. 

Just like with our experience with Edubirdie, Essay Service, and Pay Me To Do Your Homework, our writer would have likely needed more days to write a new paper. But at least we can say that our writer was punctual and met our deadlines, and that’s always a good omen.

EssayPro Email Attached
Email from EssayPro

To refresh your memory, we asked for an edited and improved paper on a microorganism named Bacillus Anthracis. Even though we had our doubts because of the lack of communication, we were not disappointed with the result.

The paper changed almost wholly. In the instructions we sent to our writer, we said we needed to be more informative and add more specific content, and after reading the paper, we realized he also made it more understandable.

In the paper we sent, we had added images, and the new paper did not have any, which made it seem even more serious and academic. The structure of the essay was better organized, and most of the references we had also changed. 

Here is an example of the paper we sent:

EssayPro Our Paper

Here is the same section but from the paper we received from EssayPro:

EssayPro Revised Paper

As shown in the example, the section is worded better and more specific. We also ran the paper through our internal editing software to find any grammatical errors or plagiarism. However, the software gave us an overall score of 99% for the writing and a plagiarism score of only 2%, proving it was a well-edited paper.  

To be honest, we wondered if choosing a more expensive but “experienced” writer in microbiology would be worthwhile. But the results met our expectations and proved that we made a great choice in this case. That is why we are giving their editing service a 10/10.

EssayPro Guarantees

One important thing every essay writing service should have is guarantees. And luckily, EssayPro has that covered. Or something like that.

In case the essay you get is not satisfactory, you can get in touch with their customer support, and they will offer you the chance to work with another writer or give you your money back.

Regarding their service guarantees, they add a free originality report with your paper to prove it is 100% original. Plus, they claim to never share your personal information with any third parties or even essay writers.

Additionally, when you purchase their service, you get unlimited revisions for 30 days after receiving your paper, a helpful feature that is a standard within the essay writing industry.

EssayPro Guarantees

So, it seems like they have a trustworthy money-back guarantee. The only problem is that they are not very clear about what “unsatisfactory” actually means.

But besides that, EssayPro has some useful and trustworthy guarantees. 

They could be more clear on how to actually ask for a refund or the parameters an essay must meet to be refunded. Still, we believe their guarantees deserve an 8/10.

Is EssayPro Legit?

In terms of delivering what we purchased, they are totally legit. However, some aspects of their reviews and the writers’ profiles make us doubt their legitimacy.

First, all the writer’s profile pictures look fake. That’s why we ran some of them through Google reverse image search, and there were many pictures that were downloaded as .exe files instead of .jpg or .png as photos are typically saved. 

The fact that their profile pictures are saved in a .exe format may be their way to hide the true origin of the photo, so no one discovers that they are fake.

One of the few that we could download appeared on Google titled as “fake photo profile.”

EssayPro Fake Picture
EssayPro Fake Picture Google
When we run the writer's picture through Google reverse image search, Google identified it as a possible fake photo

Still, what caught our eye the most were their writers’ reviews.

On their ‘Our team’ page, you only see each writer’s overall ranking, mostly between 4.5 and 4.9 stars. But when you click on any writer and see their reviews, you’ll find that they are all 5-star reviews, with no information or general comments

“Amazing job,” “outstanding,” “met my expectations,” and “I would work with this writer again” are some of the most common messages, which are positive and give feedback but could totally be used for any writer.

EssayPro reviews general reviews
Most reviews are generic and don't contain any direct comment about the writer

However, some reviews are more thorough and directly relate to the writer. There’s not many of these, however, they are there.

EssayPro reviews personalized
Only a few reviews have personalized comments

Finally, some reviews are more negative than positive; however, they have a high rating and do not explain in-depth what went wrong. They are not too severe or critical, but it also looks like the client was not completely satisfied with the result.

EssayPro reviews negative
Some reviews have minimal negative comments
EssayPro reviews negative
In this case the client assures to be disappointed, but still gave a three-star review

But what makes us doubt the most is the number of reviews each writer receives in a day. We noticed that the main writers on their ‘Our Team’ page get over 15 reviews per day. They range from all types of assignments, from short answer questions to complete essays, meaning they were able to finish all of them without any problem!

And it’s not as if they had a busy day since every day; all writers receive tons of reviews. We believe it is highly unlikely that these writers are able to finish so many assignments every day of the week. 

All these facts together make us really doubt the legitimacy of their writers. And while their service is legit, we are giving them a 4/10.

EssayPro Pros and Cons


Intuitive and easy ordering process

Doubtful reviews

Low starting price of $11 per page for writing essays

Unclear money-back guarantee standards

Wide variety of services

Price might highly increase during the writing bid

You can chat with your writer

Chat through the website is the only way of communication

Revision was done one day after we hired the writer

EssayPro Our Verdict

So, what do we rate EssayPro? Well, if we sum up all our ratings, we end up with a score of 7.3

The pros of EssayPro are that you can hire a writer that fits your needs through a clear and straightforward ordering process. Their prices begin at a low cost, their payment method is effective and lets you pay only when you are satisfied with the results, and you can chat with the writer you choose whenever you want with your account.

On the other hand, their most significant disadvantage is their lack of legitimacy. First, you can’t check the degrees that the writers claim to have on their profiles. Then, their profile pictures look fake and are saved in a format that impedes us from looking for them on Google. Lastly, the reviews are simple, have default messages, and writers receive tons of them daily.

Additionally, there are unclear parameters regarding the money-back guarantees, and the price you initially get when you finish your order might increase a lot during the bidding process.

Now, do we recommend EssayPro? Considering we did not have any problem and received a satisfactory edited paper, we do recommend them as a viable option.

We can’t speak too much about their essay writing service, but from our experience, we can say that they take deadlines seriously and that writers who claim to be keen on specific subjects are worth the extra dollars.

However, we believe that communication with the writer could be better and more personalized instead of adequate and with only automated messages. Also, they could be more transparent on who their team is, as it would be ideal to have a way to see who their writers are and verify that they have the degrees and experience they claim.

We hope this article helps you make your decision and if you do not feel very sure, you know we can always be your safe place and life saviors with our Services.

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