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Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

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So, you are in a hurry and looking for a quality paper writing service that will successfully deliver you a top-quality paper in just a few days. You go to Google, and among the many alternatives that you find, one sounds promising.

But before investing, you want to read an in-depth PaperHelp review to see if it will be worth it.

In case you haven’t heard about it, PaperHelp is an online writing service designed to help American college students with their academic papers. It provides custom-written papers at a range of different academic levels for a variety of subjects.

They claim to have a wide range of professional writers who can deliver an original paper or edit your college assignments regardless of the academic level.

That all sounds great, but there is one BIG question: Is PaperHelp a legit essay writing service? Well, you are about to find out.

You Deserve Expert Help With Your College Essay

At Gradehacker, you have direct communication with your writer. We are here to help!

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You Deserve Expert Help With Your College Essay

At Gradehacker, you have direct communication with your writer. We are here to help!

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Here at Gradehacker, we have years of experience in the academic writing industry, so we are more than qualified to know which are the elements and academic standards that any reliable essay writing service should meet.

So we decided to try it ourselves, and we commit to giving you a 100% honest, no B.S. PaperHelp review, so you can know if it’ll be the right choice for you.

Let’s start!

What we Did to Review PaperHelp

To see how their academic writing service works, we ordered a 4-page nursing essay about microbiology to deliver in five days. The writer would need to describe a specific microorganism, explaining its different subtopics, such as virulence factors or infectious diseases it causes.

Just like in our other reviews, like Edubirdie and PayMeToDoYourHomework, we chose Bacillus Anthracis.

We use this prompt because it’s a great way to check that this essay writing service covers the essential aspects every academic service should. 

And how did it all go? 

Here you have a quick summary of our experience, but keep reading to find out how we rated each section and why.

Ordering process


Experience with the writer




Essay clarity


APA citations




PaperHelp guarantees


PaperHelp legitimacy

Overall Rating

What PaperHelp Offers


So, what is PaperHelp, and how do they help students?

Their basic services are:

We say their “basic services” because if we go to the Services section in their navigation bar, we find that they have 20 options. The problem here is that all of them fit into the three basic services categories. The only difference with these extra services is that they have different names.

For example, if you want to get your essay written, you can click on: Write my Paper, Write my Essay, Custom Paper Writer, Pay for Paper, Write my Research Paper, and Essay Writer Free.

PaperHelp Review Many Services
PaperHelp has many different services that actually have the same purpose

And the worst is that if you click on any of these options, it will take you to the home page you already were at!

PaperHelp includes all of these same services under many names to reach more people who are looking for those exact keywords on Google. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but for us, it feels like a bad decision that, at the end of the day, only makes the customer experience more confusing and complex.

No, we are not saying their ordering process is difficult. Just that it could be way simpler and more straightforward if they presented their services in a clearer way with only the most important options on sight.

PaperHelp Review App
PaperHelp claims to have an app, but there is no link to download it

PaperHelp App

Something positive that really caught our attention was that once we placed our request, we could track and manage our order through their app!

While most essay-writing services contact you via email or their own portal, only a few allow you to manage your orders through a mobile app. 

We were excited about trying how this app worked. Unfortunately, the website does not tell you where to download it.

We looked it up both in Google Play and Apple Store and found nothing. A quick search on Google shows us almost no results, with the exception of an unofficial website where you can download the PaperHelp app’s latest version, which was in 2021.

Sadly, we couldn’t install the app. 

And with that out of the way, we are ready to begin our PaperHelp review.

PaperHelp Review Ordering Form 1
PaperHelp's Online Calculator

PaperHelp Ordering Process

To place your order, the easiest tool you have is the online calculator you have on almost any of their pages. The basic information they ask you to fill in is:

Once you click on proceed to order, you’ll be taken to a much more complete form where you’ll have to include all the additional information that will help the paper writer understand your assignment.

To continue, you can choose between the quick and the extended form.

In both, you’ll have to mention your essay’s topic and write a brief instruction of what you need, attach all the essential files like the guidelines and grading rubric, and choose what type of writer’s category you want to hire (more of this in the pricing section of this review.)

The main difference is that the extended form lets you add more information and details, such as choosing the subject of your paper, including how many required sources you need and what formatting style you need to use.

Since these details are important and can make a difference in how their team of writers can review and understand your request and place you with the best fit, we think that having a quick form is a bad choice.

This quicker option is the default form anyone gets when starting the shopping experience, which could lead to many rushed students not knowing that they can give more detailed information that could spare them some issues in the future.

That’s why we highly recommend filling in the extended form.

Once you are done with your request, you proceed to log in with your account and pay.

Overall, we give PaperHelp’s ordering process a 7/10.

It’s easy to fill and lets you include all the essential information from the start, but by having their quick form as the default process, there is a chance you skip the complete form where you can add more details and have a better experience.

PaperHelp Review Ordering Form 2
PaperHelp's has a quick and an extended form

Experience With Our Writer

After paying for our order, we only had to wait 20 minutes until the system assigned us one of their expert writers. And we were so lucky to be upgraded to an Advanced writer for free.

You can’t choose your writer unless you have already worked with PaperHelp and have the writer’s #ID.

Still, we were excited to meet our writer and see if they had the skills. But then, Writer #13470 reached out to us and confirmed that they were going to start working on our paper.

Yes, that was the only way we had to identify our writer. Not even a name.

Not knowing anything about our paper writer is definitely a downside. How do we know that the person in charge of delivering a quality assignment has the required experience and knowledge to do so?

Now, this is unfortunately something very common among writing help services.

For example, in our Essay Service review, we found that writers only shared their names with the first letter of their surnames (like Thomas T.) If we add that they also used fake profile pictures, it was very clear that behind each of their experienced writers, there was someone completely different.

The same happens with PaperHelp. We don’t have any way to check their information or look them up on LinkedIn.

This gave us a bad feeling about how legitimate PaperHelp is.

PaperHelp Review Writer Message 1
Our anonymous writer sent a very automated message

Regarding communication, the chat integrated within PaperHelp’s portal was more than enough. While we can’t call the writer in case something important comes up, we can write them whenever we want to see how our request is going.

And in any case, we can always get in touch with their attentive support team.

Luckily, we didn’t need to have extensive communication with our dear writer #13470. We messaged them that if they had any questions or doubts, they could let us know, and received no reply.

We did receive a message when they sent us our papers on time. The only letdown is that it felt like a message written by a robot.

PaperHelp Review Writer Message 2
Our writer's automated message to send our finished order

“Dear Client”? They didn’t even bother to call us by our name.

So, while our communication was ok and didn’t give us any problems, we still got:

That’s why we are giving PaperHelp’s experience with the writer a 6/10.

We got no issues, but we didn’t get to choose our writer, got no information to look them up online, and most importantly, nothing guaranteed us that we actually talked with a real person. 

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

Before we get to talk about the quality of the paper we received, let’s tackle one of the most common questions you may have. How much does PaperHelp cost?

For our four-page nursing essay to deliver in five days, we paid $96 ($24 per page.)

Now, PaperHelp’s costs for assignments due at least 20 days after the order is placed start at:

These are quite affordable prices!

And something very positive is that you can get promo codes and discount codes by working multiple times with them.

They even have a referral program where you can give promotional codes to your friends. They get 10% off, and then you get 10% of what they pay.

But for us, they have two big problems.

Writer's Categories

One is the Writer’s Categories, which you choose when you are placing your order. You have:

How much each category will cost depends on your order. For us, hiring an advanced writer would have cost us $28.8 more; and $55.68 more for a TOP option.

So, you can choose to pay more and get a writer with more experience and the highest ratings. However, from our experience, we had no way to verify who our writer was and what credentials they had.

But the main problem we find with this is that they make you believe that you need to pay more in order to receive a top-notch quality paper. We believe that as a custom writing service, they should always guarantee the best results, regardless of how much the client is willing to pay.

PaperHelp Review Writers Categories
PaperHelp's Writer Categories

Additional Costs

On a very similar level, PaperHelp can give you important academic elements or better customer attention, but for a cost.

These are:

  • VIP Team Support 24/7
  • #1 priority of your order
  • SMS with order updates
  • Extended revision period (14 days)

So, if we wanted to have the best experience and results possible, we would have to pay $250.44 ($96 for the essay, $55.68 for the TOP writer, and $98.76 for all the additional services.)

Here we have the same problem. As a college essay writing service, they should provide their clients with the best experience and results.

The fact that you have to pay extra for better customer attention and results or have common elements included in your essay, like a table of contents or an editor’s check, is the biggest problem we find in PaperHelp.

That’s why we are rating their prices with a 5/10.

PaperHelp Essay Quality

But it’s time we jump to the actual quality of the paper we ordered.


For starters, we received our assignment one day before our due date. And how did it go?

Well, to review the paper, we gave it to our in-house Editor in Chief, and luckily, she had good news.

Chiqui Villazana | Consulting Team Director
Gradehacker's in-house Editor in Chief

“PaperHelp’s essay was well-written and had only a few mistakes.

We didn’t find any grammar errors, the microorganism was introduced in detail, and the overall structure of the paper was well-organized and maintained a consistent flow.”

Here you have a full breakdown of the paper and see what suggestions she has to improve it!

For the assignment we ordered, we attached two documents. The essay instructions were to explain what sections needed to be included and what information had to be present, while the essay guidelines were an example of how the essay should be formatted.

Our dear writer #13470 followed both the instructions and guidelines without problems and incorporated all the necessary information, including a diagram and a hypothetical scenario where someone contracts the disease caused by our chosen microorganism.

This specific section was only mentioned in the instructions document. And because it was included in our order, we can say that our writer reviewed both files and understood what to do.

That’s why we are giving PaperHelp a 9/10 in clarity!

PaperHelp Review Diagram
Our writer included the required diagram


We rated PaperHelp a 9/10 in plagiarism.

After running it through our own editing software tools, we only found 1% of plagiarised content, and it corresponded to a quoted citation, so it doesn’t even count as duplicated content.

The essay we received was 100% original and properly cited all the scholarly sources used.

However, we are removing a point because to receive official proof that their work is original by paying extra for their Plagiarism report, which costs $9.99 or $29.99.

APA Citations And Formatting

Our paper needed to be formatted in APA 7th Edition. And while our writer followed most of the formatting guidelines, some of them were a bit outdated.

For example, according to APA’s guidelines, the headings should be placed in the center without any format. However, our essay had its headings aligned to the left and underlined. They also included a running head, which the latest version of APA no longer considers necessary.

But those details are pretty much the only errors we found. The rest of the text’s formatting and citations were flawless.

So, we are rating PaperHelp’s APA format with an 8/10.

PaperHelp Review Additional Formatting Errors
Our paper had outdated APA formatting

PaperHelp Guarantees

What happens if you don’t like what they send you and want your money back? Does PaperHelp have guarantees?

The good news is that they have a money-back guarantee. The bad news is that how much you’ll get reimbursed depends on the case.

You only apply for the 100% money-back guarantee if:

You apply for a 70% refund if:

You apply for a 50% refund if:

There is no money guarantee if your paper gets a bad grading. You need to be super attentive to the quality of what you receive, as only in the following 7 days you’ll be able to ask for up to three revisions.

PaperHelp guarantees are not insufficient, but we believe that it’s a downside that there is nothing to recompensate you in case the paper they sent fails. Of course, if you choose to hire an academic writing service, it’s always a good practice to read and review what you get.

However, what’s the point of having money-back guarantees that don’t cover a bad job?

Because of that, we give them a 6/10.

Know Who is Helping You Write Your Paper

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

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Know Who is Helping You Write Your Paper

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

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Is PaperHelp Legit?

And the final question we need to ask: How legit is PaperHelp?

In our opinion, they are definitely not a scam, but they are far from being 100% legitimate.

Yes, they delivered a good-quality paper on time, so we can’t say they aren’t reliable or that they will run away with your money once you pay them.

Still, the entire process feels completely automated, to the point you feel you are always talking with a robot; not a real person. You never get to know who will help you (you don’t even get to know their name), and you are far from knowing if this person has the credentials to assist you with your assignment.

Working with PaperHelp is a game of luck.

You have to trust, with no substantial guarantees, that they will assign you a writer who will successfully understand your assignment and deliver a good essay.

So, we are giving PaperHelp’s legitimacy a 5/10.

Our Verdict

So, what do we think about PaperHelp? Is it worth it?

Well, considering all of our ratings, we give PaperHelp an overall rating of 6.8/10.

We think that they are a valid option if you are looking for a sort-of-cheap paper writing service that can deliver a well-written essay on time. From our experience, what we got only had a few formatting mistakes and a solid structure.

PaperHelp can be the right choice for you, if you are in a last-minute hurry and need to have a paper written as soon as possible (even though the more time you place your order in advance, the higher chances you have of receiving quality work.)

But we don’t recommend PaperHelp if you are on the fence about hiring an essay writing service. If you are worried about who is writing your assignment and what credentials they have to support their knowledge, then you won’t have a good time with them.

Their entire communication process feels too automated, you don’t get to meet your writer, and there are no guarantees for poorly-graded assignments.

PaperHelp Pros

PaperHelp Cons

Is PaperHelp For You?

To answer that question, you’ll need to check your priorities and know what you are looking for.

We hope that this in-depth PaperHelp review helps you make an informed decision. Whether you want one-time help or a long-term relationship, you need to find an essay-writing service that you can trust.

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea is a curious and creative journalist who first helped many college students as a Gradehacker consultant in subjects like literature, communications, ethics, and business. Now, as a Content Creator in our blog, YouTube channel, and TikTok, he assists non-traditional students improve their college experience by sharing the best tips. You can find him on LinkedIn.