PapersOwl Review 2023: Legit or Edubirdie Scam?

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So, you are thinking about hiring PapersOwl to help you with an academic paper, but first, you need to read an in-depth PapersOwl Review.

If you haven’t heard about them before, PapersOwl is an essay writing service that claims to have over 500 professional writers ready to help needy students with their academic assignments.

Sure, they seem like a trustworthy service at first, but because you have read mixed online reviews or find their layout too similar to Edubirdie, you want to confirm that they are 100% legit and will not run away with your money.

And of course, see if they are able to provide top-quality service and deliver an essay that will get a good grade.

Need Help With Your College Paper?

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

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Need Help With Your College Paper?

Whether it’s a 4-page nursing essay, book review, or complex research paper, submit your request and see how we can help you!

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Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional adult student’s most trusted resource. We have years of experience in the academic writing service industry, helping tons of students like you with their individual essays and entire classes.

We understand how a professional writing service works and know what the most important aspects they must deliver are. That’s why we commit to giving a 100% honest, no B.S. PapersOwl Review.

After reading this review, you’ll know whether PapersOwl is the right choice for you.

Let’s begin!

What we Did to Review PapersOwl

To understand how their academic service works, we ordered a 4-page nursing essay to be delivered in five days. The paper was about microbiology, and the writer would need to explain the different aspects of our chosen microorganism, Bacillus Anthracis.

It’s the same process we went through with other services like PaperHelp, Pay Me To Do Your Homework, and (most importantly) EduBirdie.

We use this prompt because it’s a great way to check that this essay writing service covers the essential aspects every academic service should. 

And how did it all go?

While our experience started on the right foot, it worsened until we discovered something about PapersOwl’s legitimacy that completely shocked us. You’ll get there, but here you have a quick summary.

Continue reading to find out why we rated them like that!

Ordering process




Experience with the writer


Essay clarity and comprehension


APA citations




PapersOwl guarantees


PapersOwl legitimacy


Overall Rating


What PaperHelp Offers


Before jumping into our experience, let’s see what PapersOwl is and what they offer.

Their range of services is similar to the ones most writing services offer. 

First of all, academic assistance for research papers, essays, dissertations, PowerPoint presentations, and even personal statements. 

Then, an editing option for when you have already written the paper and are rather looking for “professional insight” on how you can improve it and what you are doing wrong.

However, we found it very interesting that they also have different writing tools for students to use when writing their assignments.

And the good news is that almost all of them are pretty handy.

These are:

PapersOwl Review
PapersOwl’s Thesis Generator can help you order your ideas

Another writing tool they have is the thesis generator, which can help you formulate the thesis statement once you know what topic you’ll be writing about. While they just have three different structures that fill in the information you give them, it can be a great way for you to order your ideas and start writing.

Still, because it asks you to add details such as supporting points and counterarguments, they help once the work is almost completely done. If you want to learn how to come up with a strong thesis statement from scratch, you can watch our video!

Of all their tools, the only one we don’t recommend is the conclusion generator. Here you need to paste your text, and the AI will deliver you a written piece for your last paragraph.

But it’s completely useless, as it basically rewrites the introduction (with the same wording and order) and adds sentences from other parts of your text.

Not only it’s just a summary, but it’s also a very poor one.

PapersOwl Review
PapersOwl’s Conclusion Generator rewrites the introduction

Now that you know what PapersOwl has to offer, we are more than ready to kick off our review.

Ordering Process

Ordering Form

Once you click on the “Order Now” button on the home page, you’ll be redirected to their online ordering form.

Here you’ll have to include all the important information regarding your academic assignment:

Then you also have a space where you can leave all the important instructions for your paper and attach any essential files that can help your assigned writer understand your essay better.

For example, we included the grading rubric, instructions, and guidelines.

Finally, you need to choose one of the three categories of writers. We’ll talk more about these in the pricing section of this writing service review, but basically, you can pick whether you want your expert writer to be one of their entire catalog or from their top 50 or 20 list of better-rated professionals.

And in case you don’t want to go through the experience of choosing a writer by yourself, you can pay $9.99 to get an assigned writer directly through their system.

While we think it would be better if they specifically asked you to clarify what formatting style you need to use and how many sources are required, PapersOwl’s ordering process is very simple, fast, and straightforward.

Once you complete all the information, you need to click on “Choose writer” and sign in with your PapersOwl account to continue. You can create your profile with Google, Facebook, Apple, or with your email.

PapersOwl Review
PapersOwl’s Ordering Form is simple and easy to follow

Choosing a Writer

After signing in, you’ll be redirected to a site where the system will show you different offers from writers that best suit your order.

In our case, before we got to review the first profile, we started receiving multiple messages from different writers that were willing to help us with our assignment. 

How many exactly? Over 9 messages in less than one minute.

All of them were very general and vague.

The writers claimed that they “had reviewed the prompt for our nursing paper,” ensured that “the topic fell under their area of specialization,” and asked us to “allow them to assist us regarding this assignment.”

PapersOwl Review
We received over 9 messages in less than a minute

Even though they all assured to have read our essay prompt, neither talked about something specific about the instructions nor mentioned the topic of our paper. And of course, we have the issue that it’s basically impossible for nine writers to read and understand the three documents we attached in less than a minute.

Because of this (and many reasons that you’ll find further in this PapersOwl review), we highly doubted their academic writers’ legitimacy.

After thoroughly reading the multiple automated messages we received, we went for “Dr. Isabella.”

In her message, she told us that she would:

This last promise, plus the several positive reviews she had on previous nursing papers, were the factors that made us choose her over the rest.

So, despite the rush of fake messages that we received, we think that overall, PapersOwl’s ordering process is easy-to-follow and well-organized. You can leave all the important information and details from your assignment and choose a writer in just a few minutes.

That’s why we are giving their ordering process an 8/10.

With all that out of our way, the only thing left was to pay for our paper.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

PapersOwl Pricing

So, let’s ask the question everybody has: How much does PapersOwl cost?

Well, according to their website, their professional service starts at $13.5. While that seems like an affordable price, remember that they are a bidding system service. Meaning, how much you’ll pay will always depend on the writer you choose.

PapersOwl has an interesting (almost unique) payment process.

While you need to pay the entire cost of your order upfront, the payment is transferred to your funds, and you don’t release them to the writer until you are satisfied with your order. This works as a lifeguard for you to know that the writer will deliver your assignments on time and that they will be attentive to the revision in case you need one.

And how much did we pay?

For our four-page nursing essay to be delivered in 5 days, our writers’ bids were as low as $98 and as high as $162. But truth be told, most of them were between $100 and $110.

We ended up paying $106 or $26.5 per page for our college paper. That’s almost twice their starting price!

But what’s worse is that because they don’t have a clear pricing page where they clarify which were the minimal prices; we never got to understand what factors influenced the cost besides the deadline.

PapersOwl Review
We paid $106 for our 4-page nursing essay

Writer's Categories

Now, it’s time we talk about the writers’ categories we found when filling out the ordering form.

These are:

In other words, you can choose more “experienced writers” with higher satisfaction rates or who are native speakers, but for an extra cost.

There are two big problems with this additional feature.

First of all -and we are getting ahead of ourselves here- you can’t verify that the expert writer assigned to you has the academic background to help with your assignment. You only see a profile identical to the others PapersOwl has, only with more perfect ratings and reviews.

But nothing factual that lets you verify that this person is worth the additional cost.

Secondly, PapersOwl makes you feel that if you want a high-quality paper, you need to pay more. This should always be a guarantee, regardless of how much you pay.

And if they are so worried about clients wondering whether their experienced writers are legit, they should clearly show you real information about them that confirms they have the professional background to help you.

PapersOwl Review
You can pay more and have writers with more experience on the topic you need

Additional Costs

But that’s not it!

If you need to include in your paper other important elements or want better customer service, you have:

The only additional feature they include with your order is a plagiarism report they conduct with their own plagiarism checker tool.

Similar to what we think with the top-level writers, we believe that elements such as delivering an early draft, bringing 24/7 support, and more, should already be included in your order instead of being premium services.

We think that PapersOwl presents itself as an affordable service, but it’s clear that they could be more transparent with their prices. But our main problem with them is how they are willing to deliver better quality papers and important academic elements but as additionals.

That’s why we are giving their prices a 6/10.

Experience And Communication With The Writer

Now that we have paid for our order, let’s see our experience with Dr. Isabella.

If you want to speak with your writer and see how they are doing with your order, you can always use their chat feature integrated into PapersOwl’s platform. Here you can also check any time what’s the status of your essay.

Regarding communication, while it was professional, it felt completely unnecessary. Even unexisting, we’d say.

For example, the first time Dr. Isabella sent us our paper, she just changed the status to “completed” and left no message greeting us or asking us to tell her if the order was ok and if it needed changes.

Furthermore, when we asked for a revision (more of that in the next section) and gave her clear instructions to follow, she did not respond and just sent that final version later.

It was clear to us that Dr. Isabella wasn’t interested in helping us with our college experience. We were one order of many that needed to be completed.

So, we are rating the communication with the writer a 7/10.

While it’s not necessarily bad that they don’t want to help you with your academic life, the complete lack of communication with our writers is a downside that should have been present at least to introduce herself or deliver the paper.

PapersOwl Review
Instead of communicating with us, our writer simply marked the order as “Finished”

Don't Let Essay-Writing be a Daunting Task!

Your essay is meticulously curated by our vetted team of writers and individually reviewed by our Editor in Chief!

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Don't Let Essay-Writing be a Daunting Task!

Your essay is meticulously curated by our vetted team of writers and individually reviewed by our Editor in Chief!

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PapersOwl Essay Quality

We are ready to jump into, what’s arguably, the most important part of this PapersOwl review: the paper quality.

Chiqui Villazana | Consulting Team Director
Gradehacker's in-house Editor in Chief

We received our order one day after placing it. Meaning, our writer only needed a day to write and deliver our essay.

A great starting point.

To ensure that it was well-written, didn’t have grammar errors, and met the academic level we needed, we gave the essay to Chiqui, our in-house Editor in Chief.

And she didn’t have good news for us.  You can see what she’s talking about in her full breakdown!

First Draft

For starters, we need to say that we had to ask for a revision because the first draft had two major issues.

The first were the formatting mistakes, such as the title page and headings. They were all aligned to the left and underlined when they should be centered without any format.

Nothing too big, but this made our paper look like a high school essay.

But the biggest problem was that they sent us over 6 pages with 1,600 words when we needed 4 pages with 1,200.

Now, exceeding the limit for a bit is okay, but having two more pages is excessive.

So, we asked for a revision, explicitly asking Dr. Isabella to fix the formatting issues of the title and solve the word limit problem.

PapersOwl Review APA
The APA formatting was outdated

Second Draft

For a 2nd time, she only took a day to send the new version.

The good news is that the second draft reduced the word count to what we needed.

The bad news is that this is the only thing they did right.

First of all, she didn’t fix any of the formatting issues we pointed out. She left the title page and heading untouched.

But most importantly, we found that after the revision, the structure of our essay got significantly damaged.

PapersOwl Review
Our introduction consisted only of two sentences

Let’s take the introduction, for example; it’s too short!

It’s a paragraph of two sentences when it should consist of at least four or five.

And this issue continues throughout the whole paper. Too long sentences in short paragraphs make a poor structure.

Another reason why the reading isn’t smooth and understandable is the lack of connectors. In the paragraph below, you’ll see why we say this. It has three different sentences that, even though they discuss the same topic, look like isolated ideas.

PapersOwl Review
This paragraph lacks connectors

PapersOwl's Biggest Mistakes

And finally, we have the two biggest mistakes in the paper. 

First, one of the instructions was to include a diagram explaining how our organism is transmitted.

Dr. Isabella sent us a blurry picture that was clearly taken from Google. She didn’t even download it; she just took a screenshot of the image search!

Including a poor-quality diagram like this in our paper would clearly damage our paper’s grade.

PapersOwl Review
Our writer included a screenshot of Google as the required diagram

But believe it or not, the second mistake is even worse.

To guide our “experienced writer,” we attached two files: instructions to explain what sections needed to be included and guidelines to show an example of how the essay should be structured.

Only the paper instructions included a section where it was needed to write a hypothetical scenario where someone contracts the disease caused by our chosen microorganism.

This section was not included in the essay we received.

This means that our writer didn’t properly read the files we attached. This is straight-up unbelievable, and it’s for us, the biggest problem we had with PapersOwl’s paper.

Let’s remember which were the promises that “Dr. Isabella” made in her initial message: follow the instructions, use the required formatting style flawlessly, and focus on quality instead of quantity.

She failed to live up to all of them.

She didn’t review in depth the instructions we attached, maintained the outdated APA style even though we asked her to fix it, and sent us a first draft that was two pages longer than our requirements.

A complete letdown.

The only positive aspect we can point out is that we ran it through our plagiarism software and only found 2% of plagiarised content, which corresponded to very short sentences from non-related sources.

Plus, they also attached their own report from their own plagiarism checker tool, which had a score of 6%, but only because it recognized the bibliographic mentions as duplicated content.

PapersOwl Review
Their own plagiarism software identified 6% of plagiarism

With all that said, it’s clear that PapersOwl delivered us, at least, an average-quality paper. That’s why we are giving them:

So, let’s say you are not happy with the paper you get from them, does PapersOwl have money-back guarantees for these cases?

Luckily, they have a refund policy, but how much you’ll get back depends on your situation.

To make a request, you’ll have to write a list of violations that reflects in detail all the discrepancies between the standards and requirements set out in your order and the actual paper you receive.

These are their range of guarantees.

100% Refund if:

It’s important to mention that if you receive this 100% refund, you can’t use the essay you get under any circumstance.

Partial Refund if:

No Refund if:

While we appreciate that they don’t have an unclear refund policy and offer a plagiarism guarantee, we think they could have a quality policy for cases when the paper they give you gets a bad grading.

What’s the point of hiring a professional writing service to help you with a complex assignment that you don’t have the knowledge to review and then turns up to be poorly written? Without this type of guarantee, you might feel like you are risking your money and your grade!

That’s why we are giving PapersOwl guarantees a 6/10.

PapersOwl Review
You can find PaperOwl’s guarantees on their Payment Policy page

Is PapersOwl Legit?

To finish this PapersOwl review, we left for last what we think is the most important question you need to ask yourself: How legit is PapersOwl?

Well, we can’t say that they are a scam service.

We paid them, gave instructions to follow, and sent our order within the period of time we had established. Even if their quality of service was not the best, we can say that they won’t take your money and leave you empty-handed.

However, PapersOwl is not legit at all.

Here we need to address the elephant in the room. PapersOwl is basically an exact copy of Edubirdie. And no, we are not only saying it because both have an owl for a mascot or share a similar website design.

Here is a list of some of the elements and features that both services share:

At first, we thought that maybe PapersOwl was just a copycat service that wanted to catch confused clients that thought they were Edubirdie, which has more popular branding.

But then, by reviewing their Terms of Service, we found that PapersOwl is owned and managed by the same people as Edubirdie.

And here, we need to introduce RATATATA LTD, a Bulgarian platform designated to increase a company’s interaction and sales using SEO and promotion practices. In other words, they are a company that creates written content for a website that focuses on reaching more online clients.

It doesn’t seem like anything bad at first, but after a closer review of them, we find that they have, in total, three trademarks:

All essay-writing services with the exact same workflow.

But if we go to Edubirdie’s Terms of Service, we see that they are, in fact, a company of its own, contrary to PapersOwl, Edusson, and EssayCP, which are owned by RATATATA LTD.

So, how do we know for sure that these three companies are directly linked to Edubirdie?

Because these four services share the same fake writer’s catalog and database.

To begin with, their writers’ profiles are fake and don’t include any type of personal information that supports who they are or that they have the academic background to help you. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say for a minute that they are real people.

How could so many of them read our instruction guidelines in one minute and then send us a message claiming they understood the requirements and asking us to choose them? Undoubtedly, these were all automated messages sent by the system to make us choose a writer quickly.

After that, we started doubting even more, and took the profile picture from some writers and ran it through reverse image search.

And we found that they were indeed fake pictures.

For example, it looks like our buddy Huddy likes being a hair model when he is not writing English or Nursing papers.

But we found something very interesting in Huddy’s profile that really caught our attention. One positive review shared how great his work was and that it really “stood up to EduBirdie’s standards.”

EduBirdie? But if we are in PapersOwl, right?

PapersOwl Review
Huddy's profile in PapersOwl had a message that talked about EduBirdie

After that, we tried doing something different.

We took Huddy’s profile URL and changed “papersowl” to “edubirdie.”

And just as we thought, it took us to an exact same page, but with Edubirdie’s branding. The same thing happened with Edusson and EssayCP and with every other writer in their extensive catalog.

Now, it’s important to mention that there is nothing illegal in this.

It is a strategy followed by EduBirdie to maximize their sales and reach more people from different companies while having the same workflow, writers’ catalog, and database.

Plus, in our experience with EduBirdie and PapersOwl, we received what we paid for. We can’t say that any of these websites are scam services.

However, we do think it’s pretty shady from their end to create secondary websites to offer the exact same service they are already providing. We believe this highly speaks about their sole interest in making money rather than helping college students with their academic tasks.

And if we consider that (in both experiences) we received a poorly written essay with multiple mistakes, it’s clear that they are far from being a top-quality service.

With all that said, we are giving PapersOwl a 3 in legitimacy.

You Deserve to Know Who is Helping You

At Gradehacker, you have direct communication with your writer and always know who is your assigned expert!

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You Deserve to Know Who is Helping You

At Gradehacker, you have direct communication with your writer and always know who is your assigned expert!

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Our Verdict

So, what do we think about PapersOwl?

In our opinion, the service they provide is not worth it. They weren’t transparent with their pricing and what factors modified it, the communication with the writer was unexisting and felt completely automated, and the quality of our paper left too much to be desired.

It had a terrible structure, the paragraphs were short and lacked connectors, the diagram included was a screenshot from Google images, and our writer forgot to include a required section because she didn’t read the instructions we sent.

But what ultimately makes us dislike PapersOwl, is their lack of legitimacy. Or well, Edubirdie’s lack of legitimacy. 

They are not a scam, nor will they steal your money, but by having fake writers and secondary websites, it’s clear to us that they don’t prioritize quality and academic assistance over money.

We recommend PapersOwl if you want a fast solution that would work better as a sample for you to review and improve.

But if you are looking for quality help or a long-term relationship with a service that can help you save valuable time and progress in your career, we recommend you look somewhere else.

PapersOwl Pros

PapersOwl Cons

Clear All Your Doubts!

Having questions? Get in touch with us and see how our team of experts can deliver you the essay you deserve!

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Clear All Your Doubts!

Having questions? Get in touch with us and see how our team can deliver you the essay you deserve!

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Is PapersOwl For You?

Now you have a better scope of how PapersOwl (or EduBirdie) works and if they are the right choice for you.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision. It doesn’t matter if you want one-time help or are looking for a long-term relationship with a professional assistance service that will help you; it’s important you feel comfortable with the team you wish to work with.

Picture of Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea is a curious and creative journalist who first helped many college students as a Gradehacker consultant in subjects like literature, communications, ethics, and business. Now, as a Content Creator in our blog, YouTube channel, and TikTok, he assists non-traditional students improve their college experience by sharing the best tips. You can find him on LinkedIn.