How Much Does it Cost to Write My Essay?

How Much Does it Cost to Write My Essay
Nayreth Garcia

Nayreth Garcia

Content Writer at Gradehacker

One of the most common questions by many overwhelmed non-traditional students is, “How much does it cost to write my essay?”.

In academic life, it’s difficult for college students to overcome the thought of not being organized enough or responsible enough to do their own essays, which is totally unfair.

Currently, college courses are incredibly fast-paced. It’s unrealistic to think that students can meet all the deadlines of their academic workload and get good grades when they have a job, family, or many other responsibilities.

You decided to research for an online essay writing service to make your college life easier, and you realize there are many services that can seem untrustworthy or unreliable.

But the more you read about the different essay services, qualified writers, affordable prices, deadlines, or types of paper, the more confused you become.

Now, you’re in the right place to clear your mind. Our policy is to always be honest with you and give you the complete and most transparent information you need.

We also transform this article into a video, you can watch it here: 

This guide was created to help you clearly understand how the pricing for our essay service works if you are an undergrad or graduate student. Not only will you know exactly what you will pay, but you will also understand all the factors taken into account for a legitimate and honest essay writing service experience.

You can also use our pricing calculator to get a faster-estimated price. Just fill out the fields that meet your specific need.

Factors in Pricing for Gradehacker’s Essay Writing Service:

Sometimes cheap essays can cost you a bad grade, which is worse than paying a few extra bucks. College essays can’t be generalized and automated since they are actually custom essays. Each has its own requirements and instructions depending on the variety of topics, types of assignments, or academic careers.

So we believe having an automated standard price is not the best approach.

Because of this reason, we are going to share with you the process Gradehacker uses to decide the price of essays based on the following factors from a student’s requests:

To make sure you can be confident and empowered to decide on whether our reliable service is a good fit for you or not, let’s go into more detail about each of these variables.

Level of Class

Is your essay for an undergraduate, graduate or nursing class?

The starting price per page is $55 for an undergrad essay and $60 for a graduate or nursing essay. This is extremely important as the topics and level of research for an undergraduate level are not as demanding as it is for a graduate-level; that’s the main reason the price is different.

Let’s say you need an essay about the digestive system. Suppose you need that assignment for an introductory undergraduate biology class. In that case, the topic complexity will be more simple than for a graduate class.

Now, what if you get the same subject for a master’s class? Obviously, the topic complexity and amount of research for sources that your essay will need will be higher.

That’s why the final price of an essay in our company will differ depending on the degree level you are pursuing. 

Number of Pages

How many pages does your essay need?

For our essay writing service, we have a starting price per page, as mentioned above. This means that the more pages your essay has, the lower the cost per page

After certain milestones, such as needing more than 4, 7, or 10 pages, there will be tiered discounts per page

Sounds good, right?  

Spacing format

Is your essay single or double-spaced?

Now, let’s keep thinking about that digestive system essay topic.

Depending on the spacing formatting, the number of pages will vary even if it has the same amount of words.

Here’s an example, if your essay needs to be written in a double-spaced format, your document will have 8 pages. But if your college paper is single-spaced, the number of pages would be slightly over 4.

Think about it as some sort of optical illusion experience. You may think there is less content because your document has fewer pages, but if you compare the word count, it’s about the same.

What if your essay’s requirements are in terms of word count and not pages?

If your essay has a specific word count and not a number of pages, our Student Success team can still figure out the best reasonable price for you!

We have an internal tool that allows us to convert a specific word count to pages called Wordcounter. This tool also considers other important aspects to reach an accurate page number. 

Here’s the link to the site Wordcounter and we invite you to use it so you can see exactly where we get the page numbers. Just enter in the font used, spacing of the paper, and font size.

In this sense, let’s suppose you have a 975-word essay due soon. We put this into Wordcounter, and it would tell us that those 975 words are equal to 4 pages of double-spaced content, with Time New Roman font size 12.

What happens if your essay’s requirements are given as a range of pages?

If your essay has a range of pages instead of a specific number, we find the average between the minimum and the maximum pages allowed.

We do this to ensure the best results for you so that you don’t receive any work with just the minimum requirements.

In our experience, we have found that going over the minimum is always beneficial for students to get a well-written paper. That’s why we provide the average pricing when you have a range of pages.

We don’t want to offer you cheap essay writing but a professional essay writing service instead. 

For example, you need an argumentative essay with a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 12 pages; we would calculate the average between these two limits. In this case, it would be 9. Therefore the price offer would be based on those 9 pages. 

Time Until the Deadline: Do you need it in 72 hrs or less?

There is always the possibility of needing a last-minute essay.

Maybe you forgot, or perhaps you thought you could squeeze it into your schedule, but life got in the way of the deadline. 

You can always submit a request for review in these cases to find out if the short time frame will work.

Our team will review it, and if accepted, which is usually the case, there is an express service premium of 15% added to the final price. This premium is due to having to prioritize these last-minute types of essays that have a limit of 5-6 pages, but you’ll be able to have your paper on time.

For example, let’s say that under normal circumstances, your essay has a price of $150. If you need it in 72 hrs or less, the price will end up being $172.50 

Now that you know all this, you can see this detailed pricing chart make sense of it entirely.


When purchasing an essay service, hundreds of students feel understandable anxiety about the authenticity of the content or sources their essay could have. Many of them think plagiarism risk is extremely high, and we recognize it as a problem for many essay writing services platforms.

To address this concern, our essay service has an entire team process that includes a review of every written project by our Editor-in-Chief. Our Editor will check your paper for formatting, grammar, spelling, and, most importantly, plagiarism. 

Most professors accept papers with a plagiarism score of 30% or less, but we believe that is entirely too high and thus aim to have less than 10%, with most of our papers actually having less than 5%!

What is my guarantee?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but this doesn’t mean that we will not give you our best effort. To make you feel confident about our work with you, we offer you a free guarantee.

Your A or B or Free Guarantee

We commit to achieving an A or B grade, but in case this is not accomplished (although very rarely) and your essay gets a C or lower grade, our team will take full responsibility and reach out to you to offer you the following options: 

Can help from an essay writing service be seen as an investment?


Look at the bigger picture. A college degree can provide an opportunity for a better job or promotion. You will have your investment back once that occurs. Paying for help on your essay is one step to ensuring that your initial investment won’t be lost just because you failed an assignment.

Student life is difficult, so worrying about a perfect essay shouldn’t feel like the end of the world when you can get help from our team of writers and study consultants with a combined over fifteen years of experience.

This needs to be considered when you don’t want to lose your head over a good quality service because you have so many other types of things to care about. 

Sometimes you may tend to think that all your coursework relies entirely on your shoulders. Non-traditional students’ life is not easy. In an ideal world where everyone has plenty of time to do it all, that could be true.

However, when life keeps asking for more and more of you, looking for alternatives for your academic assignments is not only smart but needed.

We hope that now you have a clear picture of how our pricing works now to decide whether we are the best option for you. 

If you feel like you are ready to move forward with Gradehacker’s Essay Writing Service, we invite you to submit your request for us to review.

If you would like to continue learning more about potential problems of hiring an essay writing service, the pricing, or would like to read our unbiased reviews of top services, we invite you to check out our learning center articles and videos below. 

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