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What if there’s one educational platform that can be a great aid for college credits, tutoring, and even providing degrees?  Well, let’s start by saying that this is what we are going to show you at our Review!

When studying, there are many things to consider. Your needs will be different depending on where you are and your goals! However, we found an online learning platform you should keep on your radar.

Today, let us introduce you to online programs with transferable college credits and entry-level practice exams that will enhance your learning process. 

Here at Gradehacker, we know how important it is to find the right place to start or continue your education, and since we have years of experience assisting students with additional study materials, we came upon this gem!

We’ll go over the pros, the cons, and all the info you need to know. Let’s start!

studycom- home page

What is is an online platform created in 2002 with the intention of making higher education a positive experience! 

They have a variety of courses in different subjects like:

On their lesson plans, you will find:

You can also use their mobile app to download video lessons and study anytime.

Teachers can also benefit from this versatile platform since it provides certificates to become an educator and has resources, tools, and professional advice to increase student progress and enhance their learning experience.

Plus, they offer supplementary resources for homeschooled students and have a section where you can contact tutors.

About their video courses, they have classes for all school students from different grade levels going from elementary to college.

And if you want to earn actual college credits, it’s also possible! 

They offer over 200 college courses recommended for transfer credits. Those credits are approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).

So this means that if the university you want is associated with, you can get valid ACE credits.

And you are probably wondering: how do I know if the university I want is affiliated with them? 

Let’s see!

studycom- universities associated list

What Colleges are Affiliated With

They are partnered with over 30 universities that offer college transferable credits for you to meet all your academic goals.

Some of these are:

And the list just continues! You can find their full list on their website and see if any of the other universities are good for you!

Want More Free Resources?

Take our quiz and see what other websites, tools, and study strategies you can use to study smarter!

Want More Free Resources?

Take our quiz and see what other websites, tools, and study strategies you can use to study smarter! has four different subscription plans to cover your needs!

These are:

There are no annual subscriptions or free trials, but you have a 30-day refund if it’s not what you are looking for.

Another benefit of their subscription is the possibility of creating a family account even if you already have one.


Because aims to make education accessible for all students, they award over $50.000 on scholarships. 

The scholarships with the deadline of November 1st are:

Single Parent Scholarship: $1.000 for single parents who are students.

Scholarship for Moms: $1.000 for moms enrolled at an accredited school.

Scholarship for Transfer Students: $1.000 for students who are currently undertaking a degree.

Adult Learner Scholarship: $1.000 to adult learners who are current or prospective students at

Scholarship for Nontraditional Students: $1,000 for nontraditional students from

Military Spouse & Children Scholarship: $1,000 for spouses of military members pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarship for Military Members & Veterans: $1,000 for military veterans pursuing a bachelor’s degree studying any branch of the military.

Scholarship for Future Teachers: $1,000 to future teachers from

Community College Student Scholarship: $1,000 to students pursuing any associate or bachelor’s degree from a community college.

Phil Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship for Business Students: $1,000 to any student pursuing a degree in business in honor of Phil Rosenberg.

Online Undergraduate Degree Scholarship: $1,000 academic award given to students pursuing distance learning associate or bachelor degree programs.

With that out of the way, let’s see what has to offer.

First of all, we have their Study plan subscription, where you access over 88,000 video lessons that can help you with your academic classes.

These courses offer:

The courses you’ll find in their Basic Study Plan works for students of all ages and level of education.

However, these don’t give you college credits but work as an additional resource that can help you with your class assignments specific to your class subject. On average, they have over 20 chapters with multiple video lessons each.

The idea is not that you take the entire course but jump straight to the subject you need help with.

For example, if you need assistance with “Leadership Theory” for a business class, you can go to their Introduction to Management course. Instead of watching the 326 available lessons it has, you can go to Chapter 11 and learn from the 6 video lessons about the topic you were looking for help with.

studycom- lessons- create your account

As we previously mentioned, their online education platform offers college credits.

The benefits of this subscription are:

Once you are in, you’ll have access to their popular courses and video lessons that lasts from 5 to 10 minutes each. You can take as many classes as you want. 

To register, you’ll need to:

Professors with experience create their classes, so you can easily understand even the most complicated subjects and concepts and fit their classes into your schedule without worrying about it!

When you start a class, you can take a quick test to see if there are concepts you already know.  This way, you can skip them and access new educational content.

On your dashboard, you can also find your quiz scores and know that the experts are always at disposition to help you answer any doubts or solve any problem. 

It’s worth clarifying that all their lessons and tests are online, meaning that you won’t have to travel or go to any center to study. 

You earn college credits that you can use in their affiliate colleges. College Saver Plan is for those who:

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Do You Want to Graduate Faster?

If isn’t enough help to advance in your classes, see how Gradehacker can make you earn your degree sooner!

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How are the college classes offers?

Using to earn credits is similar to the experience you have when taking an online class at a college. 

These include:

Quizzes are meant to test your comprehension of each lesson as you progress through the course. Here’s a breakdown of how you will be graded on quizzes and how they’ll factor into your final score:

You will need to pass each quiz with a score of at least 80% to earn course progress for the lesson. However, earning 80% within the first three quiz attempts is unnecessary.

studycom- popular subjects

The proctored final exam is a test designed to ensure that you’ve mastered the material in the course.

You’ll earn points equivalent to the percentage grade you receive on your proctored final. Meaning that If you earn 90% on the final, that’s 180 points toward your final grade.

This subscription allows you to take two of the proctored exams every 30 days. They become available each time your billing renews. 

You can also purchase it for $70 if you don’t want to wait.

You must meet the 70% minimum score to pass the exam. If you pass both exams, you’ll earn a 6 transferable college credit. If you don’t meet the minimum score, you can retake the exam after a 3-day waiting period.

To take them, you’ll need to meet their exam requirements.

And if you are unsure how proctored tests work, you can see their differences from regular exams in our blog.

Test Prep courses are meant to prepare you for:

You can learn at your own pace with their already uploaded videos.

This plan consists of:

studycom- test prep courses

How the Test Prep Plan Works

Once you are subscribed, you’ll access all your test preparation courses and study guides. You can go back on these materials as many times as you need.

The content of the videos will depend on the type of exam you’ll be taking. You will also find information about the format and score.

Within the courses, you are welcome to take any of their practice problems similar to the ones you’ll have on the test day. has preparation courses for:


But besides this, nurses also encounter the TEAS exam, but guess what? also provides assistance and courses for nurses to succeed in this test!

For this test preparation, they have a policy that if you don’t get a high score, you’ll get your money back. They have over 200 video lessons for you to learn all you need, plus over 2,000 practice questions.

You can access their courses any time on their mobile app and create your own study schedule. 

Plus, you have access to a tutor’s help in case you have questions or issues. 

And if you’d like an overview of what you’ll need for the TEAS exam, here you can check our guide with all the information 

The main two exams that you will encounter to graduate and start working in your field are NCLEX and TEAS. 

NCLEX is an exam meant to evaluate whether you have the necessary knowledge and skills to be an entry-level nurse. This platform will provide you with multiple practice questions, two study guides, articles, and over 400 test prep video lessons.

They cover both NCLAX exams: NCLAX-RN and NCLAX-PN.

If you need further information about how NCLEX works and what you will need, you can check our tips and tricks list with all the info you’ll need: also allows you to prepare and become a teacher. For that, they offer assistance with:

 When you are studying to become an educator, the platform provides you with:

And you have access to teaching resources like:

You can also find tips and tools to monitor and assess online classrooms.

This platform helps you develop a professional development plan and long-term goals! Besides, they provide information on strengthening and maintaining a professional learning community at their school.

The certification content and price depends on your state since requirements are different for each. In their courses, they will also share information about it and how to come up with great ideas to complete and continue with education units. 

The programs they offer for teacher certifications are:

The typical teacher education program is structured so that you complete the required credit hours to graduate in 8 semesters or 12 quarters.

The first seven semesters are mainly attending courses at your university. The last semester credit hours typically are made up of your teacher internship hours.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a subject area you want to teach, you may be able to complete the requirements in 1-2 years through a Master of Arts in Teaching or a Master of Education program.

A sub-major will determine the age range your education courses will focus on because there is a big difference between teaching first graders and high school seniors.

Many states require students applying to teacher education programs to pass the Praxis Core exam before they are officially admitted.

This exam is designed to assess reading, writing, and math skills to determine whether or not a candidate for the teacher education program has the skills they need to succeed.

This platform also offers the possibility to become a professional and master the real estate world. 

They provide courses for:

All include study tools to help you like:

Their course types are totally self-paced.

The real estate certificate has 311 lessons available and each lasting on average 8 min long. This course is eligible for certificates but does not provide credits.

On their courses, you’ll also find thousands of practice questions and over 100 real estate study guides.

On the other hand, you can also count on the real estate prep test, which also has self-placed courses containing 276 available classes. Consider that they are still adding new lessons.


To access their additional help, if you need guidance or an extra hand, you can check their tutoring service for:

Once you enter the tutoring section, you can click “get a match with a tutor,” then complete a series of questions like:

How much this service cost depends on the tutor you choose, as they are the ones to set their price.

Working Scholars

This is a program meant to help students with busy lifestyles to go on with their studies and motivate them.

It provides a degree that is affordable and at a very low price compared to traditional colleges. Students count on flexible courses to take any time they want.

Once they have 75% of their coursework ready, they can transfer to a graduating university that is partnered with, which also ensures lower overall cost and ease of transferring.

Learners also have coaches and mentors assisting them each step of the way, helping them to identify educational goals, review transcripts, and create a personalized degree plan.

If you don’t have prior college credit, this usually takes 4 years to complete and 10 courses per year.

In case you have an AA degree and 60 credits, it will take you 2 years to complete and 10 courses per year.

Our Verdict

So, is worth it?

They provide multiple services covering many areas and types of students, and we think it would be hard to picture someone not benefiting from their services. 

Besides, they clearly care about providing affordable prices, and they provide not only test preparation but also degrees and personalized tutoring.

Their courses may have a lot of lessons but are short, concise, and entertaining.

The only downside we found is that it doesn’t offer a free trial. But on the good side, it offers a money-back guarantee

So you can pay, and start with your classes. If you are not happy, you can solicit a refund which will be provided if it’s within 30 days after you start. 

Now, it will depend on the course you take to see if a month is enough time to check if their classes are worth it. Still, we consider it’s a fair time.



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Get Ahead in Your Career With

And that’s all you need to know about! Now you can start taking advantage of this reliable source and begin your journey into education and great career opportunities.

It’s a great option for those who want to take online college courses but don’t have the time or money to attend a traditional university.

It also offers flexible classes and test prep, so if you’re looking to improve your skills or just get a better understanding of certain subjects, is perfect for you!

And if you are about to kick off or retake your college journey and want to graduate faster to achieve your goals sooner, you can trust Gradehacker to help you! From complex essays to entire classes, we want to guide you throughout your educational path.

If you have any questions, you can book a meeting with us!

And if you want to check other websites that provide online classes, you should check our articles:

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