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EssayPro Essay Writing Service Review
Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

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If you are aware of essay writing services, it’s likely you have heard about EssayPro

They are one of the most popular and well-known options in the market, and if you are thinking about working with them, it’s important you know beforehand how their process works.

In other words, you need an honest EssayPro review. And one that answers important BIG questions such as:

Well, you are about to find the answer to all of these questions and more!

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional adult student’s most trusted resource. We have many years of experience in the essay-writing industry, helping students finish their college programs faster.

So, we know what requirements a company like EssayPro needs to meet.

That’s why we are giving our honest EssayPro review and showing the entire process we went through. After reading this post, you’ll have a clear picture of their service and be ready to make an informed decision.

You Deserve Personalized and Transparent Help

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You Deserve Personalized and Transparent Help

If you value open communication and want to know who is helping you, Gradehacker’s team of writers has what you are looking for!

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What we Did to Review EssayPro

Unlike our previous EssayPro review, this time, we’ll ask them to write an academic assignment from scratch instead of editing a paper we already had.

We ordered a 4-page nursing essay to be delivered in five days where their professional writer would have to describe the microorganism “Bacillus Anthracis” and explain several factors related to it.

It’s the default prompt we use for our essay writing services reviews. If you are interested in finding out what’s the process behind some of the most popular alternatives, such as PaperHelp, PapersOwl, EduBirdie, and many more!

We use this prompt because it’s a great way to check that this essay writing service covers the essential aspects every academic service should. 

What EssayPro Offers

Before we start, let’s cover the wide range of services that EssayPro offers:

However, it’s worth noticing that within their academic writing service, they offer assistance for multiple assignment types and for any academic level. These go from common research papers and book reviews to more complex lab reports and dissertations and even have a calculation service.

And how was our latest experience with EssayPro?

Overall, we can say it started on the right track. Placing our order was very easy, but as we progressed in our journey, we started finding more and more aspects that we didn’t like. And by the end, we got a paper with many problems and a discovery that we didn’t see coming.

Here you have a quick summary of how we rated each of their aspects, but you’ll have to continue reading to find out how our experience went.

Ordering process




Experience with the writer


Essay clarity and comprehension


APA citations




EssayPro guarantees


EssayPro legitimacy


Overall Rating


Ordering Process

To show how EssayPro’s ordering process works, we divided it into two parts:

Ordering Form

To place our order, we had to complete their pricing calculator with all the basic information:

After that, we had to create an account to log into their portal. You can sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account.

Once there, we had to include all the missing details, such as:

Finally, we attached the assignment requirements with its additional instructions and grading rubric. This way, our assigned essay writer could have a better guide on how to complete our order.

Then, we simply placed our request and moved to the next section: choosing the writer.

But overall, this first part, where we had to fill in all the important information regarding our assignment, felt super easy, intuitive, and fast. The form asks for all the essential details (such as the styling format and the number of sources required) and lets you include anything you need.

EssayPro Review Ordering Form
EssayPro's Ordering Form

Bids From Writers

Now is when the ordering process gets a bit more overwhelming.

EssayPro works with a bidding service. Meaning, that while you get a starting price when you fill in their pricing calculator, but then you can get different offers from their catalog of professional essay writers.

At first we found this reasonable, as you have to chance to pay a bit more for a writer you feel can be a better fit for your college assignment.

However, we quickly found two problems.

1) We received too many bids from writers way faster

In over 90 seconds, we got 41 different offers. That’s like two writers’ bids per second!

And it wasn’t like they were automatically sent just to give us a wide range of prices. Each bid came along with a message from that writer, telling us things like:

Most of them were very general and didn’t refer to anything in particular about our order.

However, after the first 90 seconds, we received a few more messages that at least mentioned that they knew about our chosen microorganism or that they were R.N. and therefore were a great fit.

EssayPro Review Multiple Chats
We received over 40 chats in less than two minutes

Besides the pricing (which we’ll talk about in a bit), another factor that helps you choose the writer is the description each one has. Here, you’ll find a short bio about them and a list of all the topics these experienced writers are good at.

While many of these descriptions were detailed and included client reviews, a success rate, and many promising facts about the professionals, we didn’t find a way to verify their credentials. These profiles don’t have a link that takes you to LinkedIn or somewhere that corroborates that “expert writer” experience.

And because you don’t even get the writer’s full name (they only tell you the first letter of the surname), you can’t look them up on Google or social media.

Our writer's profile

For us, getting so many bids (over 40!) in less than two minutes feels completely overwhelming and fake, especially if we consider that most of the messages we received with the offers were automated and weren’t written toward us.

And even those messages that did address a detail related to our order then had a few sentences that seemed quickly copy-pasted into the chat.

This was our first indicator that EssayPro sees our order as a number to be completed instead of a student asking for real help with one assignment.

So, even though the ordering process started with an easy-to-follow form, it later overwhelmed us with too many different options in just a few minutes. 

That’s why we are grading them a 6/10.

EssayPro Review Our Price
Our total price was $34.29

Now, to better explain the second problem with the bidding system, we need to talk about EssayPro’s prices.

EssayPro Prices

Pricing for each essay service for students who are at college start at:

  • Easy Projects (Essay, review, case study): $11.4 per page
  • Medium Projects (Research papers, thesis, term paper):$12.35 per page
  • Hard Projects (Lab reports, admission essay): +$13.3 per page

Still, it’s worth mentioning that if it’s your first order, with every additional page you add, you get a 5% discount. This means that if you need a 7-page paper, you’ll get a 30% discount!

In our case, we got 15% off. Instead of $36, we had a minimum price of $32.30.

But if these look like affordable prices, then what’s the problem we mentioned during the writers’ selection part? Well…

2) Almost all offers were more expensive than our initial price

From the 41 writers’ bids we received, only five maintained the cost we got in the initial calculator. The rest had more expensive fees, most with average prices between $40 and $50, and one of them even asked for $72!

Yes, that’s more than double our starting minimum price.

For us, the fact that EssayPro first presents its services with a minimal price, only to later offer you options that are mostly more expensive than it is a huge downside. Even if these don’t stop being accessible prices, we feel like they are making us think that we need to pay more to receive a top-quality paper.

This is because these alternatives with higher prices come from “experienced writers” who supposedly have more knowledge in the field our essay is about. And the extra dollar could be worth it; if only they gave us a way to verify that their credentials and background are real.

Some prices were up to $72.30 (more than double our original price)

And how does EssayPro's payment work?

Instead of directly sending the money to the writer, you have to make a deposit in your account. 

You can release the payment once the assignment was completed and you feel happy with the final result. This way, you know for sure that the paper meets your quality standards and that the assigned professional will do their best to deliver it.

And the biggest advantage they have in comparison to other professional writing services is that they don’t have additional costs. While other companies charge extra for key essay elements like plagiarism reports, outlines, and revisions, all of these are included in your order in case you need them.

One point in their favor.

Still, we didn’t like how our original cost didn’t look like the real price EssayPro wanted us to pay. So, we are giving them a 6.

EssayPro Review Additional Costs
Additional features are included for free

Experience With The Writer

With all of the different bids offered, we now had to pick one.

Because we wanted to stick with the minimum price EssayPro originally presented to us, we only had five options to choose from.

In the end, we chose Kelly D., a biologist with a background in fields like biomedical sciences, health sciences, and chemistry. She also had completed more than 1,000 orders, a high satisfaction rate, and an overall rating of 4.9.

Once we hired her, she sent us a message thanking us.

Our communication with her was adequate and timely. EssayPro has an integrated chat window in their portal, where you can get in touch with your writer whenever you need.

In our case, we greeted Kelly and told her that she could let us know whether she had questions about the instructions and that we were happy to help her. A few seconds later, she reached out back to thank us and confirm she would tell us if needed.

Our chat with our EssayPro writer

Initially, we felt great about having a real person writing genuine messages instead of copy-pasting sentences.

Sadly, when she delivered our paper, she addressed us as “dear client” and that she had completed the assignment. Another automated message.

Still, aside from this detail, we felt that our experience with Kelly was satisfactory. We had the opportunity to get in touch with her if needed, as much as she could ask us any questions regarding the instructions.

This is why we are giving them an 8.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

Need to Know The Cost of Writing Your Essay?

Read out detailed blog and discover how much it costs to write your essay and the factors behind the pricing.

Essay Quality

Now, let’s see in-depth one of the most important sections of our EssayPro Review: the overall quality of our paper.

Chiqui Villazana | Consulting Team Director
Gradehacker's in-house Editor in Chief

Just like we did in our former essay service reviews, we asked Chiqui, our in-house Editor in Chief, to review the essay we got in detail and tell us if it was up to their standards or was the product of an average-quality service.

And unfortunately, the final result is closer to this second option.

Clarity and Comprehension

The first big mistake we noticed is that our writer didn’t include the name of our chosen microorganism in the introduction and simply refers to “Bacillus Anthrasis” as “it.” Our bacteria was first mentioned in the second paragraph.

This is a basic error that no experienced writer should make.

Regarding the overall structure of the essay, it was acceptable and well-organized, with almost no grammatical errors. Kelly followed the guidelines we sent without much trouble, unless for a tiny detail. 

She forgot to write one entire section that was worth 10 points.

Both the instructions and the guideline included a prompt about “Infectious Disease Information.” Still, this heading was nowhere to be found in our essay. Looks like our writer didn’t read the requirements in-depth.

By far, this was the biggest mistake we received in our order.

Because we got two errors that could have been easily avoided, we are giving them a 5 in comprehension.

APA Formatting

But bad news don’ts top there.

While the APA formatting was mostly accurate, it was outdated as it included styling features like a running head and a heading in the introduction, which are no longer required according to the latest version of APA.

Also, the headings were aligned to the left and in bold when they should have been centered without any format. Some even had a period, which sub-headings like these shouldn’t have.

Then, our writer repeated the title of the paper on the first page, when that’s not necessary when you already have a title page.

Headings are outdated and paragraphs aren't indented

Still, these were simple mistakes that Kelly should have been aware of. But there were two bigger problems with the APA formatting.

First of all, the paragraphs didn’t have the required indentation that every essay must have. 

But most importantly, our not-so-experienced writer forgot to include the in-text citations from two different sources. While the articles written by Mallozzi and Tuipulotu are listed in the bibliography, they aren’t cited in the text.

This is a huge mistake since crediting your source is critical to avoid plagiarism.

And it’s not like our writer included these references to meet the required minimum. The paper we got clearly has information from multiple sources, and we are sure that these two articles correctly written in the reference list were used in the essay.

However, we can’t know for sure which parts of the text are using information from the sources.

With all that said, we are giving EssayPro a 5 in APA formatting.


Considering the issue we’ve just described, it’s a mistake that has to do with a plagiarism issue as well.

After running it in our plagiarism checker, we didn’t find any duplicated content. Meaning, that our paper was 100% original.

But because we know that two sources from the reference list aren’t properly credited in the text, our writer is committing unwanted plagiarism.

That’s why we are giving them a 6.

Two sources aren't credited in the text

EssayPro Guarantees

How about the guarantees EssayPro offers? Do they have any money-back guarantee?

Well, they have a refund policy and are transparent with how these work:

  • The writer sends the order after the deadline
  • There is a problem with the order’s originality

However, you don’t get a refund if:

While we value how transparent they are with their guarantees, we think that they are quite basic and cover general problems that are more related to issues in their process rather than the quality of their work.

After all, they specifically mention that they “can’t offer a refund for a claim of a failed course or a similar one because the expert’s task is to help the customer in accordance with the requirements set out in the order.”

In short, they aren’t responsible if you get to use their low-quality paper and get a bad grade. What’s the point of investing your money if they don’t guarantee that you’ll get at least a decent note?

We are giving their guarantees a 6.

EssayPro's Guarantees

Is EssayPro Legit?

And as always, we left for last THE question any student should ask when considering a professional writing service: is EssayPro a legit service?

Our answer is kind of.

Regarding their service, they are legit. They delivered our order within the deadline, even though it wasn’t the best in terms of quality.

EssayPro isn’t a scam. They won’t run away with your money after placing your request.

Still, if you would ask us if they are legit with how they present themselves, we must say that they are not legit at all.

Here’s why:

Fake writer profiles

Something we had already mentioned in our EssayPro Editing Service review is that the writer’s profiles look fake.

It also doesn’t help that you only get the first name of each professional and don’t have any means to verify who they are and that they have the background and experience they claim.

Back then, we ran some of the images through Google Reverse image search and found they were indeed fake. We did it again and had the same results.

As we can see, Thomas S. is an extremely popular hair model.

We weren’t expecting less, but then we noticed something that surprised us.

Some of the writers now had different pictures than the ones they had last year.

If having fake pictures wasn’t enough proof, knowing that they change them after a while supports how intransparent they are.

And when we thought that this was it, we made one final discovery that completely shocked us.

EssayPro has secondary websites that provide the exact same service

Recently, we reviewed PapersOwl, another academic paper-writing service that, in our opinion, looked too similar to EduBirdie.

In our research, we found that they were indeed part of the same company, which had four different essay-writing services with different names and layouts but shared the same ordering process and writers’ database.

You can have a better look at that in our PapersOwl review.

After that experience, we’ve been super careful in checking that other “top-quality services” were who they claim and not just one sub-company owned by a larger service.

Since EssayPro is such a reputable writing service with many years in the market, we imagined that this wouldn’t be the case for them.

We were wrong.

We found that the services EssayHub and WritePaper have the same process and workflow as EssayPro. We know this because they have identical:

And most important of all: they have the same writers.

We took our favorite hair model’s profile and replaced its URL from “” to “” and ““, only maintaining his writer ID.

Just like we were expecting, Thomas S. has the exact same profile on each website. Same (fake) photo, reviews, and ratings.

But contrary to PapersOwl and EduBirdie, who weren’t trying to hide the fact that they belonged to the same company, as it was mentioned in their Terms of Service, EssayPro, EssayHub, and WritePaper don’t say anything related to their shared database in their terms.

This is because there is nothing illegal about this. It’s just a strategy to reach more clients who are looking for multiple alternatives when looking for a reliable service to trust.

Once again, EssayPro is not a scam but is not a legit service either

They aren’t clear on what is the actual workflow behind their process and demonstrate that they are more interested in receiving more orders from different sites rather than truly helping the student making the request.

So, we are giving EssayPro a 3 in legitimacy.

Our Verdict

What do we think about EssayPro? Is it worth it?

In our opinion, it’s only worth your time if you are looking for fast assistance with a simple assignment and are willing to review it in-depth to check that it’s well-written and meets all the requirements.

But if you want to be sure that the experienced writer helping you is who they truly claim, or are looking for a top-quality service that cares about the struggles of students and wants to help you have a better college experience, EssayPro won’t be a good fit.

EssayPro Pros

EssayPro Cons

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Is EssayPro For You?

You now have all the essential information and a transparent experience of how it is to work with EssayPro. 

Now you need to consider your goals, see what you need, and whether you have a problem in trusting a company that isn’t genuine with who they are and whose are the writers behind their barely adequate service are.

We wish you the best of luck and trust that you’ll make an informed decision that will leave you as a satisfied customer.

But if you are sure that EssayPro isn’t for you and are looking for other alternatives, here at Gradehacker, we’ll be happy to assist you with whatever you need!

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea is a curious and creative journalist who first helped many college students as a Gradehacker consultant in subjects like literature, communications, ethics, and business. Now, as a Content Creator in our blog, YouTube channel, and TikTok, he assists non-traditional students improve their college experience by sharing the best tips. You can find him on LinkedIn.