Essay Service Honest Review 2023: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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What We Did To Review

You have a 5-page essay due in 2 days and haven’t had the time to even look at the instructions. However, you know that you won’t have the time to do a high-quality paper because, after your 8-hour shifts, you have to cook dinner for your family and help your kids with their homework.

And by the time you tend to all your responsibilities, it is 10 pm, and your exhaustion prevents you from focusing on school work. You have a lot on your plate, and that’s why you’re interested in purchasing an essay from

However, when searching ‘Essay Writing Service review’ on google, the first thing that pops up are sites filled with sketchy 5-star reviews.

You know that an honest Essay Service review would be a lifesaver as you would be able to determine if they’re a legit essay writing service and if they’re worth your purchase. 

Well, here at Gradehacker, we’re here to help you. First off, why should you trust us to conduct this Essay Service review? Well, we have been a part of the essay writing industry for years, and we know what makes or breaks a college essay writing service.

We fully commit to giving you an objective, no B.S., Essay Service review in this article. And to do so, we actually purchased an essay from the Essay Service, so we’ve got an insider’s perspective.

We ordered a 4-page nursing essay for a microbiology course. In the paper, we had to describe a specific microorganism, covering different required sections such as the pathogen’s virulence factors or the infectious disease it causes. The selected microorganism was Bacillus Anthracis.

We ordered the essay on a Tuesday and set the deadline for the following Saturday, so we gave our writer four days to complete it.

By reading this article, you will get a walkthrough of how works and know if their academic writing service will be a good fit for you.

Ordering process


Experience with the writer




Essay content


Essay clarity


APA citations




Essay Service guarantees


Essay Service legitimacy


Overall Rating


Essay Service’s Ordering Process

You might have been browsing Essay Service’s website but aren’t quite sure the steps you have to follow to actually order an essay. Don’t worry; we’re here to help!

To start the ordering process, you will need to create an account. This is one of their biggest drawbacks, because not so long ago, you could enter all the information of your assignment first and see how much it would cost you without having to register. 

While we believe that creating a user to order such a service was always a bad choice, it was reasonable to register after you had completed a part of the process. But now, it is necessary to create an account first.

The only way to see an approximation of how much your service will cost is with their online calculator, where you will select the service you want to purchase (writing, rewriting, editing).

Anyway, where does the process begin? On their homepage! When you enter Essay Service’s page, you will see a ‘hire a writer” button at the center, redirecting you to the registration page.

Once you log in, you will be taken to the ‘order essay’ page, where you will see the same small essay calculator we mentioned earlier and where you will select the service you need.

In our case, we selected the ‘writing’ service because we wanted an essay to be written from scratch.

In this calculator, you will also fill out the type of assignment. There is a wide range of assignment types you can choose from, from creative writing all the way to a thesis/dissertation! We just selected ‘essay’ for the assignment type.

You also have to fill out:

  • The assignment’s academic level (ex: master’s)
  • The completion time
  • The number of pages
  • Double or single spaced

Once you’ve filled out all the necessary information, you will simply click the ‘write my paper’ button. You should know that when you click this button, you will either have to register for an Essay Service account or simply log in to proceed.

Essay Service Review 2022
Essay Service Price Estimator Order Form

Do You Want a Top-Quality Paper?

Get a 100% original essay, completely plagiarism free, and reviewed by our Editor in Chief.

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Do You Want a Top-Quality Paper?

Get a 100% original essay, completely plagiarism free, and reviewed by our Editor in Chief.

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Ordering Form

After following the above steps, you will be taken to Essay Service’s actual ordering form! The information you filled out in the essay calculator will be transferred to this ordering form. Still, you will have more information to fill out.

In the first part of the ordering form, you will enter your order requirements. This is the information that will be transferred from the essay calculator, such as:

  • Assignment type
  • Service
  • Pages/words
  • Line spacing
  • Academic level
  • Due date and time

Something we found great about Essay Service was that they offered different language options for your assignment.

The language options they offer are:

  • English (U.S.)
  • English (U.K.)
  • Spanish
  • French
Essay Service Review 2022 Order Form
Essay Service Order Form

The next part of the ordering form revolves around the order details. Here, you fill out the assignment’s topic, number of sources required, citation style, and subject. In this part, you also choose between a ‘public order’ and ‘private order.’ 

Now, you’re probably thinking, what does that even mean? By choosing a public order, a whole team of writers will be able to see your order to determine who will take your assignment. Whereas in the private order option, only the writers you invite will be able to see and bid on your order.

Does the private order come with an added cost? Nope! However, obviously, for this order option, you have to have experience ordering from Essay Service. That way, you know which writers you like and want to invite to complete your essay.

As it was our very first time ordering on Essay Service, we simply chose the public order option.

Essay Service Review 2022 Order Form
Public vs Private Order Selection

The final part of the ordering form is where you summarize the essay’s instructions and upload any files relevant to your essay (ex: essay rubric, guidelines, etc.). 

You need to keep in mind that the Essay Service asks that any files you upload do not include your personal information such as your name, phone number, or college name.

Essay Service Review 2022 Order Form
When you're done filling out the three parts of the ordering form, you will get a summary of your order. If everything looks correct, you will just click 'confirm and place order.'

Writers’ Bids

So, what happens next? Does Essay Service take care of assigning me a writer, or do I have to choose one?   

You have to choose your writer! The next step of the ordering process involves choosing between writers’ bids. Essay Service does not assign you a specific writer. Instead, it has a bidding system where you can choose between different experienced writers, and the writers’ prices vary.

However, although each writer has a unique price, their prices don’t vary much from one another!

Having to choose your own writer is something that not everyone will enjoy. As a new client, you don’t have experience with any of the writers and therefore don’t know which one will be most qualified for your assignment. 

Also, it can be difficult to choose with the number of bids you receive.

Okay, so how does one actually go about choosing a writer? Well, you can choose by reviewing the writers’ profiles.

On their profiles, you’ll be able to see:

  • Their overall star rating (1-5)
  • An ‘about me’ section
  • Their orders by subjects and type (ex: research paper)
  • Customer reviews

It’s worth noting that the customer reviews might not be very helpful when deciding. This is because there is an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews with generic or no comments at all.

You can also utilize the chat box available to chat with the different writers before hiring them.

This bidding process is very similar in experience and layout to Fiverr, which is a freelance service marketplace. 

Something we found peculiar is that only seconds after submitting the ordering form; you start to receive bids and messages from writers

What do the messages say? Well, the messages we received were all very similar. Something along the lines of “I’ve read your essay’s requirements, and I have the capabilities to complete it, please hire me.”  

There is the possibility that these are just automated messages as they appear in seconds.

We wouldn’t recommend basing your decision on their messages because their messages were very similar. Instead, we recommend that you read the writer’s about me section

However, there is a chance that a writer just embellishes their skills and areas of expertise in this section.

In our case, we chose a writer because they mentioned that nursing was one of their areas of interest, and our requested essay was a nursing essay.

When you’ve decided upon your writer, you simply click the ‘hire writer’ button and complete your essay’s payment.  

Overall, we rated the ordering process an 8/10. The ordering form is straightforward and easy to complete, but it can be difficult to choose a writer due to the many 5 star reviews that have basic comments or none at all. The biggest downside to ordering from Essay Service is having to create an account.

Communication With Assigned Writer

If you order on Essay Service, do you get to communicate with your assigned writer? The answer is yes!

How exactly do you communicate with your assigned writer? Well, by logging in to your Essay Service account and clicking on ‘my orders’ on the left-hand side. Here, you will open up your order, and when you do so, you will see a chat icon. 

By clicking on this chat icon, you will open up a chat box to directly communicate to your writer. 

The fact that you can communicate with your writer on Essay Service is very valuable. This is because you can relay any information necessary for the completion of your essay directly to them.

Now, if you’re curious about whether the writers take a long time to respond, in our experience, we never had to wait a long time for our assigned writer to reply. We would receive replies in minutes.

A downside would be that if you have urgent information to relay and your writer is not responding quickly, you have no option to call them.

All in all, we gave the communication a 9/10. This is because you have direct communication with your writer, and the writer replies very quickly; however, they cannot be reached by phone.

Essay Service Essay Cost

So, how much does an essay from Essay Service actually cost?

We’d love to fully explain what goes into their pricing, but unfortunately, they do not have a pricing page or table on their website. 

In fact, the information we found on their website related to pricing changes depending on where you look at. They say their essays begin at $10 per page on their home page. When you are about to register or log in, it is $11, which is the same price you can find in their online calculator for a one-page essay. And in some tabs, you can still see the former price: $8. 

Maybe we have COVID-19 to thank for this three dollar increase. It is a minor difference that may not change the overall cost, but that adds to their lack of transparency. 

Although their prices start at $11 per page, you must consider that Essay Service utilizes a bidding system. This means that different writers will have different prices.

How much did we pay? We ordered a 4-page essay to be completed in 4 days and paid $47.86. That nearly equals $12 per page.

All in all, Essay Service’s prices are definitely quite low!

What payment options are available?

EssayService allows you to pay via popular credit/debit cards such as the following:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Network

And they also offer the option to pay through PayPal!

Something you should know is that Essay Service has a unique payment system! How does it work? You transfer funds into your Essay Service account and release the payment to the writer incrementally as they complete certain checkpoints. 

Basically, you choose when to release the writer’s payment and how much you want to release. This allows you to release the full payment only when you are satisfied with the essay.  

We would rate Essay Service’s cost an 8/10. Even though they have an affordable price, there is not much explanation of what affects the pricing.

Essay Service: Essay Quality

To begin with, we uploaded two files (essay instructions and guidelines) that extensively explained what sections needed to be included in the essay and the information that must be present within each section.

It was hard to believe, but our assigned professional writer left out four of the required sections. Yes, FOUR!

And in the sections that our writer did include, they didn’t include all the required information. So, my writer did not entirely fulfill the essay’s instructions.

As for the actual essay content, we rated this a 4/10. This is because there wasn’t a clear focus on including and solely focusing on the required information.

Writer's English Level

Now, you’re probably curious about the writer’s English level. And unfortunately, it was pretty evident that my writer’s English was not at a native level.

In fact, many mistakes demonstrated that the writer had poor English; we will cover these one by one. 

The first poor aspect of the essay that revealed the writer’s low English level was that many sentences did not make sense

Just look at the example below:

Essay Service Review 2022 Writer Mistake
There were many sentences just like this one, where it was complicated to decipher the writer's message.

Another negative aspect of this essay was tons of grammar mistakes! Below you will find a perfect example.

Essay Service Review 2022 Writer Mistake
What did the writer do wrong? The writer used the incorrect verb tense for the world 'travel' and 'breath.' The writer should have used: 'travels' and 'breathes.'

But these two problems weren’t the only indicators of a poor level of English. Another huge error was that the writer misused certain words.

Below are some examples of this error:

Essay Service Review 2022 Writer Mistake
In this example, the word ‘utmost’ isn’t being used appropriately.
In this example, the word ‘furthermost’ is incorrectly used.
Essay Service Review 2022 Writer Mistake
Here, the word ‘latch’ is being misused. The correct word would be ‘contract’ because anthrax is a disease.

Another error related to the writer’s poor English level is that there were many typos spread throughout the essay.

Overall, we would give the essay’s clarity a 4/10. This is because the grammar mistakes and typos made the essay hard to read. But also, multiple sentences were complicated to decipher.

Poor APA Citing Skills

A serious error that isn’t related to the writer’s English is the citing throughout the essay. In the first essay we received, there were only four references in the five pages they had written.  

This is because entire paragraphs did not have a single reference even though the information was undoubtedly taken from an outside source.

When noticing the poor citing, we asked the writer to revise the citing and fix the issues. However, the improper citing was far from being fixed in the essay we got back.

In the revised version, there were still paragraphs without any references. There were additional citing mistakes, such as the writer including the same reference repeatedly instead of once when that source’s information ended. 

Just look at the examples (taken from the revised version) below to get an idea:

Essay Service Review 2022 APA Mistake
Here is a paragraph that completely lacks references. And if you take the time to read it, you will see that this information is clearly from an outside source.
Essay Service Review 2022 APA Mistake
In this example, the writer includes the same reference "(Henning, Carpenter, Stark, & Serbina, 2018)" two times in a row. Also, considering the number of authors, the writer should simply put (Henning et al., 2018).

We discovered that the writer copied almost word for word a sentence found in a page published by the CDC. However, this page wasn’t cited nor present in the reference page at the end.

Take a look below:

Essay Service Review 2022 APA Mistake
Essay Service Review 2022 APA Mistake

The sentence at the top is taken from the essay we received, and the one at the bottom is from the page written by the CDC.

It is evident that the writer tried to change a couple of words from the first sentence. But in the second sentence, the writer almost completely copied it word for word. Shockingly, this page from the CDC wasn’t even cited!

We would rate the APA citing a 4/10. Apart from having multiple paragraphs with no references, there were many citing mistakes, such as not using ‘et al.’ and repeating a reference.


We rated Essay Service an 8/10 in plagiarism. After receiving the essay, we gave it to our in-house Editor In Chief, who ran it through our own editing software tools and found a 2% score in our plagiarism report. What showed as plagiarized was one sentence. 

However, as we stated above, we found some sentences that were almost word for word from the CDC website with no citations referencing where the information came from.

Essay Service Guarantees

You should know that Essay Service does offer a money-back guarantee.

The first guarantee they offer is a full refund if your essay is sent late or is of poor quality.  

They also offer a no plagiarism guarantee! According to their website, Essay Service examines your essay’s plagiarism and originality before sending it your way. 

Lastly, Essay Service guarantees your confidentiality. None of your information is handed over to third parties!

As for revisions, nowhere on Essay Service’s website did we find a revision guarantee. Although, according to this review, they have an unlimited revision policy.

Overall, we gave the guarantees offered by Essay Service a 7/10. This is because they include a refund and confidentiality guarantee, but there is no specific mention of a revision guarantee on their website.

Is Essay Service Legit?

Is Essay Service legit? Well, they did deliver our essay to us. So, in terms of delivering an essay, they are a reliable service and will not just run off with your money

However, there are certain aspects of Essay Service that are not very legit. 

Many things about their writers’ profiles are fake. To start off, all of the writers’ profile pictures are noticeably fake. 

Just take a look at this writer’s image:

Essay Service Review 2022 Legit

We tried to download some of their writers’ profile pictures and feed them through reverse image search to prove they were fake. However, we discovered that it’s not possible to download any of their profile pictures.

The fact that you cannot download their profile pictures may be intentional so that no one discovers that their images are fake. However, we must say that it is pretty evident that the picture is fake in the example we included.

Another fake aspect about Essay Service is the client reviews on their writers’ profiles. The majority of customer reviews are all five stars and have very generic comments or no comments, indicating that they could be fake.

Essay Service Review 2022 Legit 2
Writer Reviews with little to no commentary

As mentioned before, when you submit your ordering form, you receive bids and chats in seconds. The writers mention they’ve read the requirements indicating that these messages may be automated.  

We uploaded two files in the ordering form so that they could understand the essay’s requirements. One file was 572 words long, and the other was 695 words long. I think it’s pretty clear that no one can read those documents in seconds!

Overall, we would rate Essay Service’s legitimacy a 5/10. This is because the writers use fake profile pictures, the writers’ profiles are filled with positive reviews with basic or no comments, and the writers’ messages are most likely automated.

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Essay Service Pros

Essay Service Cons

Essay Service Review: Our Verdict

So, what do we rate Essay Service? Well, considering our ratings regarding their ordering process, communication with the writer, cost, essay’s clarity, APA formatting, essay content, guarantees, and legitimacy, we give Essay Service’s essay writing service an overall rating of 6.3/10.

The pros of Essay Service are their low starting price of $11 per page and their payment release system where you choose when to pay.  

The cons included non-native English mistakes, poor APA formatting, creating an Essay Service account, and fake client reviews and images in the writer’s profiles.

Essay Service will be a good fit for you if you are looking to purchase essays at a meager price. However, Essay Service will be a bad fit for you if you aren’t willing to modify the essay significantly for it to be suitable to hand in.

Now you have all the tools and information to make an informed decision. Essay Service might or might not be for you, but we already exposed everything you need to know to determine who you will be trusting your essays with.

In the case that you are now searching for a different option, Gradehacker provides an essay writing service that may be a great fit for you. We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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Athina Hansen

Athina Hansen

Athina has worked with Gradehacker both as a content writer and a study consultant, where she assisted college students with nursing courses. Athina has a background of educating others and producing content, having tutored college students and produced articles for her school magazine. She brings her experience to her current role, where she writes content to empower and assist the non-traditional college student who is often overlooked. You can find her on LinkedIn