Speechify Honest Review: Is It Worth It?

Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

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What are the benefits of the Speechify Premium subscription?

Even tho the free version is really useful, the premium version counts with more advanced features such as:

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As a student, you’ll find that listening to what you read can enhance your studying experience and help you retain information better. With this Speechify review, we’re pleased to show you how to do it, address your questions, and offer our experience.

Here at Gradehacker, we are the number one most trusted resource for non-traditional students. With our experience, we can share with you which apps and websites are beneficial and which aren’t.

If you’re interested in Speechify, you may be curious about its cost, the differences between versions, and what the free option can do. You may also be wondering whether the Premium version is worth it.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the information you need to decide if this app is right for you.

You can find this Speechify review as a video, too!

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What is Speechify?

A Comprehensive Introduction and Overview

Speechify is an app that uses a digital voice to read your texts aloud, making it an excellent option for anyone who needs a personal reading assistant.

Whether you’re a student who wants to study while commuting or a busy individual who wants to hear emails while having breakfast, Speechify has a range of high-quality premium voices to choose from.

This app reads any text with natural-sounding voices.

Its founder, Cliff Weitzman, who has dyslexia, created this tool to facilitate a reading experience. Everybody can use it to enhance productivity.

There are three ways to access Speechify:

Depending on your chosen version, you can use this speech app in different situations.

For example, you can listen to your textbook while driving or traveling to work with its mobile app. With its Chrome extension, Speechify can read your emails or Google Docs.

Now, let’s get to the good part: our review.

Speechify's Home

A Detailed Look at the Design and Interface

If you download Speechify, you’ll see that it has a lively but simple design.

Even its desktop version has only a few dashboards and menus, making the user experience intuitive and easy-going.

The first thing you’ll see on the website are all the amazing reading voices you can choose from. Then, once you log in, it opens a section called “My Library” on the left where you can click on “New” and choose if you want to scan texts, import content from other websites, or upload it yourself.

Then, once the document is ready, it will start reading it for you.

You can pause, rewind, or move forward with the menu at the bottom.

On the left menu, you’ll see options to custom realistic voices, adjust the speed and select if you want to skip something like headers, citations, etc.

If you are on your phone, you can scan documents with your camera. This means that not only can you use digital documents but also add physical books!

Regarding the Chrome Extension, it’s very easy to follow as well.

You can go to any page you like (an email, newspaper article, or a Google Docs file), click on the extension button, and a small box on the corner will appear with the reading time, a play/pause button, and settings.

Push play, and the app will read whichever site you choose. And if you click on the save button, the entire page will be saved into your Speechify home as a separate document. Cool, right?

More tips for auditory learners like you!

Using Speechify is one of the tips we recommend to auditory learners, but there are more! 

Santi Auditory CTA

More tips for auditory learners like you!

Santi Auditory CTA

Using Speechify is one of the tips we recommend to auditory learners, but there are more! 

Speechify's Features

Does It Enhance Your Learning Experience?

Now, let’s see what makes them unique: their features.

While it’s great that you can listen to your textbooks, what makes Speechify stand out is what you can do to personalize your experience.

Reading Speed

The first feature that can improve your productivity is its reading speed. You can increase it up to 5 times faster than the average (900 wpm), which they assure is a productivity boost.

Our opinion on that? well, while this sounds incredible, the truth is that it is a useless speech feature

Why? Because you can’t understand anything with the voice reading at that speed. And it’s not only this speed; anything above 500 is unclear.

Of course, the fewer words per minute you choose, the clearer you’ll hear it, but with such high numbers, it’s unlikely that you will properly understand what you are reading.

Or maybe you have superpowers and abilities that allow you to; who knows!

However, we found that this productivity boost can be achieved with an average reading speed rate between 200 and 400. Still, the best rate depends entirely on your skills and what you are looking for.

If you are at home and would like to listen to your course material while reading it too, a faster speed rate will be a good choice. By reading and listening to the text, you can hear it faster and finish it sooner.

On the contrary, if you are commuting and cannot use your phone while you listen, you might want to pick a slower speed. This way, you can hear the content more carefully and understand it better without having visual reinforcement.

Voice Samples

Another feature that we need to mention in this Speechify review ad makes them stand out from the rest is the quality and variety of their voice samples.

They have a wide range of voices in English, including different accents.

Most of them are human natural reading voices that can sound almost real at an average speed. Whether you choose a male or female voice, you’ll listen to your texts as if somebody else were reading them.

You’ll find well-known voices, such as the one from actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Mr. Beast, Snoop Dogg, and a narrator called Mr. President, who sounds just like Barack Obama and Dwight from The Office.

These extra features enhance the user experience since it sounds like an actual person but doesn’t affect the app’s functionality. For example, it’s possible to listen to class material read in the voice of Barack Obama, which is a fun addition but ultimately doesn’t alter the app’s effectiveness.

Not only do they have speech voices in English, but you can also find options in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, and Indonesian.

They may not have as many voice samples as the English language, but there are enough options for multicultural students worldwide.

Speechify all voices (1)

Editing Tool

Lastly, in our Speechify review, let’s see how you can change your text and how the app reads it.

If you are using the mobile version, you can edit your text directly from the app.

You can add new content or delete useless paragraphs from your document with the editing option, which is very helpful if you want to have a file with only the necessary information.

Unfortunately, this useful feature is not available on the desktop version. You can only edit your document by using the Chrome extension and pasting all the text onto Google Docs.

But something really necessary that the desktop version has and the mobile version doesn’t is the possibility to skip specific content of your text.

As we previously mentioned, you can make Speechify avoid braces, citations, parentheses, brackets, and URLs. An extremely needed feature that significantly improves the experience of listening to an academic paper.

Voice Cloning

Speechify not only provides advanced text-to-speech with 3200+ AI realistic voices but also helps AI voice cloning and speech-to-text. This means you will be able to clone your voice, or whatever you want, and use it to read your articles, pdf, and websites.


You can clone your voice in only a few minutes; just record yourself, and the app will use it to generate more than 150 languages.


We tried and found some pros and cons, so keep reading to get our verdict.

AI Summary

Another feature is AI Summary. With this one, you can provide text, and the AI will give you a summary with the most important information, highlighting the key points and main takeaways. This way, you can save yourself some time.

However, this feature is not that different from the ChatGPT feature, so is just a plus, not something exclusive to Speechify.

speechify- prices
Speechify lets you skip scpecific content like braces and parentheses

Speechify’s Integrations

Speechify counts with several cool integrations, so let’s see each one of them:

We tried all of the integrations, and we think that Canvas and Blackboard (college portals) are actually amazing, but they are basically the same as using Chrome Extension.

On the other hand, Gmail, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox integrations are great for importing files that you have uploaded on different platforms. Absolutely useful!

Now that we have seen what features Speechify has, we can jump into the big question: how much does it cost?

The speech reader app offers two versions: the free basic plan and the premium package. Let’s see them more in-depth.

There is a 3-day free trial that gives you access to premium features, but we must warn you that we have read some user reviews that had a bad experience with it. Some people claimed that Speechify charged the one-year subscription when they started the trial and didn’t receive a refund or a proper customer service response.

In our case, we used the 3-day free trial and canceled it without any problem, but you must take into account that some people have complained and have had issues with it since the limited features.

As shown In the picture, the available voice options and key features are:

Speechify Premium Plan

The Premium version lets you access all the features we have already discussed. Speechify’s annual subscription costs $139 ($11.58 per month).

The available features here are:

Our Verdict

To finish our Speechify review, we need to answer one final question: what do we think about it?

We believe Speechify is an excellent app for those who wish to improve their productivity. Due to their changing speed rate, auditory learning will cover more pages and paragraphs in less time, whether they are reading along or listening to it while doing something else.

Their free plan will be enough for most students, as it lets you increase the speed up to 250 words per minute, which isn’t the maximum, but it’s a decent speed rate to understand the text.

And while their premium tools are the features that make the difference, we believe that their annual pricing plan is a little too much.

Their premium version indeed has a lot of natural voice samples that sound real, but in the end, the likeliness of a natural voice does not change the understanding of the text. Hearing your class material read by Gwyneth Paltrow or Barack Obama is cool, but it’s only a plus.

We tried the ‘clone your voice’ feature in Speechify to see if it’s better or easier than recording yourself. And to do it, you need to read a text aloud, and the app takes your voice and creates the character, it doesn’t take too much time and it’s very easy to do.

However, we recommend reading the text in the setup part multiple times until you feel it’s natural to say it. We found out that sometimes, when reading aloud, the voice intonation can vary a lot and make the recording confusing.

Make sure you don’t have background noise; once you have your recording, you can use that audio file to read anything you want!

Another perfect time to use Speechify is when traveling by bus. Some people can’t read on the bus because they get dizzy, so we decided to try Speechify on a long trip home. We put on the Agatha Christie pdf on the way, and we loved it. 

So, was Speechify useful? Definitely yes. Maybe at first it’s hard to remember that you can listen to everything that shows up on screen, but once you implement it you start seeing that Speechify actually makes a difference in your routine.

On the other hand, they should ensure that all devices hold the same features. By making it possible to edit texts on the desktop and letting users skip braces and parentheses on the mobile app, the overall experience would feel much more aligned.

But to make it simple, here are the Pros and Cons we found:

Speechify for Students: Is It For You?

Now it’s time for you to ask yourself, should I use Speechify? What use could I make of it?

Well, Speechify is for you if you:

Now It's Time to Try It Yourself!

Regardless of the version you choose, you can use Speechify audio tools such as audio books, audio readers, AI-generated voices, speech voiceovers, stock music, and more of its amazing service.

You might first want to try the free plan, see how you find their voice samples and how much impact they have on your productivity.

If you are finding results, use the free trial or jump right into the premium plan and take advantage of the additional range of features and digital content.

With a bit of luck, now you know whether this acclaimed platform will improve your college experience or not.

And if you need help with your college tasks and want to have more time for yourself, we can assist you! From essay writing to discussion boards, we can make you earn your degree faster.

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