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Entire Class Bundle

This  bundle means assistance in your entire class assignments.

Every discussion post, reply, quiz, exam and essay will be included.

We call it a bundle because it’s simply, better pricing for a bundle of assignments with your class. 

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How Gradehacker's Entire Class Bundle helps you with your college class

All-Inclusive Value

Every assignment in your class is covered for an easy-to-understand and transparent fixed price

Dedicated Student Consultant

You will have your assigned consultant by your side every step of the way. Friendship is expected

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Streamline your dedicated time for classes by reducing the workload on the ones that offer little to no value for your goals

How Much Do You Need to Invest

Entire Class Bundles are paid on a bi-weekly basis based off a total price.

There are three main factors that affect the pricing of your bundle. The level of your class (Undergrad or Graduate), The length of your class (how many weeks), and the number of classes you need assistance with during the term. 

Entire Class Bundle Calculator

Use our easy-to-use pricing calculator to get the transparent pricing you need to make an informed and educated decision. Share with us the following:

Watch The Video to Learn Pricing Details

This video shares with you all the details of how the pricing structure works with the Entire Class Bundle.

You’re a GOOD fit for our Entire Class Bundle if you:

You’re a NOT good fit for our Entire Class Bundle  if you:

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