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Nayreth Garcia

Nayreth Garcia

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You have decided to pursue a college degree to improve your life, education, or your career. But as a non-traditional student, you know that you won’t be able to dedicate 100% of your time to the learning process during the next few years.

You want your college degree because you know it is a step you need to take to improve your life, but you can’t sacrifice the little time you have sitting in front of your computer day after day for online courses.

If you are in this position, you might just be wondering, ‘How much does it cost to get my degree faster?’

Accelerated classes are the best education option to get your diploma at a fast pace. These types of programs have classes that last between 4 to  10 weeks, and they require a high level of focus, learning determination, and discipline. 

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We understand how demanding accelerated classes can be, especially as a non-traditional student. This is why college students like you need different service options that will allow you to stack multiple online courses at a time so you can finish faster. The learning process to get your career started can be frustrating when you have a busy life and do not have enough time to achieve your goals.

Ready to start speeding up your education? The following pricing guide was prepared for you to be clear on how the pricing for this type of education service works. Remember, you can also use our Pricing Calculator to get an estimated price of the service you need. 

How Much Does the Degree Accelerator Subscription Cost?

The Degree Accelerator Subscription ranges from a price of $300 to $780 paid bi-weekly

To understand how the pricing works and how much you will have to pay every two weeks, you must keep in mind the following factors:

Here you can see a more detailed breakdown of the prices for this unique service.

Now that you have transparent information about how our pricing works, you can determine how much you will be paying. For example, suppose you want to get a Degree Accelerator for an undergraduate course. In that case, you will pay $300 every two weeks. On the other hand, a graduate class subscription will have a cost of $355

A huge plus is that the more classes you include in your subscription, the lower the price. Let’s say next semester or term, you want to move a bit faster and want to work with us in two classes. Instead of paying $300 for the second one, you will only pay $225 for the second class for a total of $525 every two weeks

The difference in prices between Undergrad and Graduate is because the level of complexity in the content, even in online colleges, is very different. On a graduate level, college program subjects need more research, time, and effort than those of an undergrad level.

What does the Degree Accelerator Subscription include?

The Degree Accelerator Subscription is an amazing offering because it includes assistance in everything not only for an entire semester but also throughout all your online programs and your entire degree!

This means that all the discussions, essays, group projects, exams, quizzes, and everything in-between are included.

Online learning is beneficial for non-traditional students, and with your Degree Accelerator Subscription, you’ll barely lift a finger to study unproductive or irrelevant subjects that have little to do with your overall goal to get your online degree.

What is my guarantee?

We want to make sure you feel confident about our work with you if something doesn’t come out as planned. For this reason, we offer you a completely free guarantee.

Your A or B or Free Guarantee

Our main goal is to get you an A or B grade but if for some reason your essay gets a C or lower grade (this very rarely happen), our team is committed to reach out to you and offer you the following options: 

  1. A full refund to your original payment method

  2. A credit in the full amount paid plus an additional 10% for any future request you make with our team

How is the Degree Accelerator Subscription Paid?

A Degree Accelerator works, in a way, like a Netflix subscription. It is a continuous subscription, paid every two weeks.

This means the payments will be continuous throughout the duration of the degree, even if there are small breaks between one class and the other. This is why it’s a great fit for students that are in accelerated college programs. 

This is similar to every other subscription that you are already enjoying. Just like you don’t stress about renewing your subscription to watch your favorite Netflix show or listen to your Spotify artist, we are by your side the entire way of your degree program.

After evaluating all the assignments that your classes will have, you will have one less source of headaches. We will work with you for as long as you need it to accomplish your career goals.

Why can you consider the Degree Accelerator as a self-investment?

Taking accelerated classes means that you want to earn your degree faster. To get better professional experience, look for a better-paid job, or start your career path, you have decided to take the step and invest your time and money into that goal.

When you can’t find the skills to manage all your responsibilities in your personal life and your college life, it’s a smart decision to look for help and try to reduce that multi-year college education into a much shorter one.

When you are a non-traditional student, it’s too difficult to become a full-time student.

Think about the Degree Accelerator Subscription as an escalator. This escalator will move you up to your educational goals and where you want to be in life. You are the only one who knows where you want to be. Just like an escalator, the process will be fast, simple, and automated.

Stepping into that escalator is clearly a self-investment you are doing for your future life experiences because you are investing in your own value, and we’ll be there on your side the entire way.

We hope you have a better understanding of how our pricing works for the Degree Accelerator Subscription. Know that you have plenty of options to make your college life easier, so you don’t find yourself with a challenging exam or other assignments.

If you have a lot on your plate, release that stress and submit a request with our team to Get Your Degree Faster.

It’s time you start enjoying the help you need to move forward and reach your goals!

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