How Much Does It Cost for Help with My Entire Class?

Nayreth Garcia

Nayreth Garcia

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So you registered for a class to find out it has little to do with your actual degree goals. Or simply put, you are finding it challenging to keep up with the amount of time necessary to dedicate to it.

So, you begin to wonder, “How much does it cost for help with my entire class?” and that’s why you are here.

We’re going to answer your question and give you all the information you need to feel confident before working with a college class help service.

Before you think you need to rob a bank to pay for it, you can actually get help for a starting price of $245 bi-weekly, depending on what you need and your level.

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We have years of experience helping non-traditional students like you reduce the stress of their college life by assisting them with a dedicated and prepared consultant team that is always willing to listen to your needs and get you great grades for your entire class program. 

We put together this pricing guide to show you in detail how the pricing works for students like you that need help with an entire class. We also created a calculator that you can use to get an estimated price of the service you need.

How much does it cost to get an Entire Class Bundle?

If you want to get a fast estimated price for the Entire Class Bundle, you can use our calculator and select the options that best suit you. Trust us; it is easier to calculate than it is your college tuition.

However, you need to know that we based our price on three factors for you to know exactly how much it costs to hire Gradehacker to help you during your program.

We need you to answer the following questions:

These three factors are the ones that Gradehacker takes into consideration when the pricing is determined in our range of services. As you will see in the following table, there is a difference between the pricing in graduate or nursing and undergraduate classes.

What does the Entire Class Bundle include?

Every assignment in the syllabus for your online course!

It can be essays, discussions, projects, quizzes, exams, and everything in between your college program’s class.

You will have a personally assigned consultant to assist you with your activities for a fixed subscription price. That’s what we call an “Entire Class Bundle.” This is perfect for online classes too. You will have your consultant by your side for your class and let him or her do the magic.

What does the Entire Class Bundle Not Include?

The Entire Class Bundle subscription is extremely complete.

However, this plan doesn’t include Proctored Exam Assistance since it is an add-on service. But the good thing is that with your subscription, you will be able to enjoy pricing of $97.5 per proctored exam with no additional costs.

Normally, the regular price for these exams ranges from $375 to $425 since it’s a more complex exam. So there is quite a difference between $97.5 and $425.

Even if your class does not include proctored exam assistance, it’s important for you to know the information if for any reason that changes.

Below you will find the pricing chart for our Undergrad and Graduate or Nursing Entire Class Bundle service:

Pricing chart for an Undergrad Class Bundle
Pricing chart for an Graduate Class Bundle

How is the payment method for my Entire Class Bundle Subscription?

As we already mentioned above, the 3 factors are very important since they result in a total price. Payments are paid on a bi-weekly basis based on the total amount shown in the image below. You essentially subscribe your class with us and have a payment plan to pay throughout the entire length of your course.

To start your entire class bundle you will input your card information the same way you would for any other online order and will be auto charged for the bi-weekly amount every two weeks until the end of your class.

All your credit card information is handled by a third party payment processor so we do not have that information on hand. 

If you want more than one class at a time, then the price for the second, third, or fourth class will have an increasing discount.

You can see the bi-weekly payments according to your academic level and course length in the next image.

Undergrad Bi-weekly payments
Graduate Bi-weekly payments

What if my class has already started?

If your regular or online classes have already started and are not more than 30% done, we would prorate the total investment based on the number of weeks left in the class.

For example, if your online class is a 10-week class, but we start working with you in the third week of the class, then we would prorate the total amount of a 10-week class in weeks three through ten; that way, it becomes more flexible for you.

How do I cancel or stop the subscription for the Entire Class Bundle?

We understand that sometimes things can get complicated for you.

If you have a personal problem or a problem with our service, please let us know before you cancel your subscription to see what we can do to help you.

However, if you decide to cancel, we offer you the option to terminate or pause any or all of the services by providing written notice of such termination or pause to the Accounting Team email address (

This email must be sent 7 days before the next billing cycle.

Please know that the service and payment shall continue for the service duration into the following billing cycle unless earlier termination as set out above is notified.

If a notification sent to the accounting team email address is received in less than 7 days of the next billing cycle, then you will get an email response explaining that the upcoming billing cycle will be processed, and termination/pause of the subscription will take effect immediately after the processed payment of service.

What is my guarantee?

We know that when working with a service to get help with college, the final grade is one of the most important things, and here at Gradehacker, we take that very seriously.

That’s why we offer you a guarantee to make you feel more confident if your grade is not what you were expecting.

Your A or B or Free Guarantee.

This means that if your class grade gets a C or lower grade (happens as rarely as a solar eclipse), we will take full responsibility and offer you 2 different options:

We will always give you our best, so you don’t have to go through a hard time and never need a guarantee. But just in case, you will have our A or B policy guarantee as a backup. 

Save Time with our Entire Class Bundle

The Entire Class Bundle ensures that the investment you are making to go to school and improve your life will be successful.

Even an online class takes too much time and effort when you are a non-traditional student and want to make sure the outcome will be positive. We are the connection to cover all your bases, so don’t leave your future up to luck!

Pass your classes, and keep moving forward to achieve your college degree. No more wondering “How much does it cost for help with my entire class?”

Getting a degree is no longer an endeavor that only young people get right after high school. You are not alone. There are more students like you, a whole non-traditional student community who struggle to juggle work, travel, raise a family, pay tuition, and their full-time jobs, plus a full class schedule.

However, if you want to truly save time and accelerate your time in college, we recommend you also check our Degree Accelerator.

Once you realize how convenient it is to invest in a study consultation service to remove the added pressure of meeting deadlines and keeping homework assignments on a laundry list, you will know you made the right choice.

Like many other students, you are just looking for a strategy to handle an entire class schedule and take away significant tension from your life with minimal effort.

The chance of being exceptional students or future leaders is there; asking for help just by wondering “How much does it cost for help with my entire class?” just means you also see the full picture.

Hopefully, you understand better how our pricing process works for our Entire Class Bundle. We encourage you to take the opportunity to ask more questions about how you can make your classes less challenging, and we can help you resolve your issue.

If you want to talk with our Gradehacker Team, submit your request with our team and start picturing yourself handling your classes with less pressure.

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