How Much Does it Cost to Get Help with a College Exam?

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You have a busy life as a non-traditional student; taking care of your family or dealing with the stress of your work and college is sometimes just too much.

So when you have so many responsibilities, you will probably find it hard to find the time to study for that exam you have on your schedule, and that’s when the question of “how much would it cost to get help with a college exam?” starts spinning in your head.

If you choose our Exams and Quizzes service, you will be able to get help with your exam from $250 to $300. 

Exams not only take time, but they are also stressful, and if you are a non-traditional student, you probably already have enough of that on your plate. Especially if you have different college courses.

When your entire class performance depends on a determined number of questions, our study consultant team is more than qualified to get you the right answers. 

Exams in college are recognized for two things: first, they tend to cover a large amount of content. Second, they have a significant impact on your overall class grade. When you notice that they’re worth most of the course grade, looking for someone to help you may seem like a viable option.

That’s why we decided to develop this pricing guide for you to know all the information you need when hiring a college assistance service.

Pricing Factors for College Exam Help Service

The two following factors that Gradehacker takes into account when it comes to deciding the cost for your exam are:

For an undergraduate exam, the price is $250, while a graduate one is $300. According to your class level, the difference between these prices is because an exam at an undergraduate level doesn’t share the same complexity in topics as a graduate exam.

Don’t worry about the subject or the number of questions your exam will have. The price will remain the same since the only way it could vary is depending on the factors we previously mentioned. 

So.....What is a regular exam?

When we mention regular exams, we are talking about the ones accessed within your course portal.

Most of the time, these exams have a specified amount of time to complete but can be done on your own time, giving our consultant team the possibility to help you.

It’s not always the same, and this could vary depending on your program and school portal.

Can I request help with my college exam at the last minute?

The exam you thought would be next week turned out to have a deadline for the next 3 days, so you need to find a solution ASAP! At Gradehacker, we’re more than happy to make your life easier and stress-free. You just need to specify your exam request deadline.

We will review your request and check our team’s availability to assist.

If you request assistance within 72 hours or less of the due date, there is an express premium service fee of 15% added. This means that if your exam is for an undergrad level, you will pay $287.5, and if it is for a graduate level, you will pay $345.

Regular Exams Pricing Chart

What happens if my exam needs to be taken at a specific time?

College education can be extremely strict sometimes if your professor asks you to take the exam at one particular time, for example, exactly at 10 am, 4 pm, and so on.

That is not a problem with our team; just make sure to be very clear when submitting your request so that we can prepare accordingly. 

How can you make sure that Gradehacker knows the content of my exam?

We have helped tons of non-traditional students with quizzes and exams!

We perform a complete review of the assignment’s content before we accept any request to move forward.

That way, we only work with you on content we are totally certain you can have successful results!

What is my guarantee?

We take very seriously the commitment and trust you put in our service.  However, sometimes (yet very rarely) mistakes can happen, and thus we offer our A or B or Free Guarantee. Our team will take full responsibility and contact you to offer you the following  options:

Now you know that if you get a C or lower grade, we will make sure to meet our guarantee.  

Why Should You Seek Help with Your College Exam?

Everything is moving towards online assistance during this digital era. Since exams can be taken through your school platform, it’s a relief you can find the opportunity to get a helping hand from one of our study consultants to ensure that your GPA stays just like you want or improve a little bit more so you can have that online degree.

You’re not alone! Asking for help when you have a lot of things to deal with is completely normal. We’ll make sure to take the exam day pressure off your shoulders. 

While some non-traditional students have plenty of time to read, process, summarize and organize content from various resources, others just can’t find the time to sit and do all those things with all their college courses. 

We have years of experience assisting non-traditional students, so our consulting team is more than qualified to help you with the exams that are driving you crazy.

The smartest decision is to look for options that will help you obtain your final goal:

Getting a helping hand with your exams will not only get you a good grade, but it will also help you find a balance in your life and improve in other aspects of it.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of how pricing works for regular college exams. Being honest and transparent about the factors taken into account is very important when deciding to work with our service or a different one.

Gradehacker would be happy to walk by your side and guide you every step of the way to finish this task that brings so much anxiety to overwhelmed college students. You can submit your request for Exam and Quiz Help.

If you are interested in how the college assistance services work and everything related to it, we invite you to read our articles and check the videos included to learn about the different options and pricing of how we can help you as a non-traditional student.