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This  subscription-based service will  allow you to stack multiple classes at once and receive complete help with them

You will feel in the fast lane for a college degree, whether it is at an undergrad or graduate level.

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How Gradehacker's Degree Accelerator helps You Graduate Faster

Earning Potential

According to an APLU report, on an annual basis, bachelor degree holders' earnings are $36,000 or 84% higher than those with a lower level degree

Save Time & Money

Ensure the peace of mind that comes with knowing the exact timeframe in which you will complete your degree

World Class Support for Working Adults

Building on Gradehacker's mission to provide a fully personalized experience, we deliver world class support tailored specifically to working adults

How Much Do You Need to Invest

Degree Accelerators Subscriptions are paid on a bi-weekly basis based on the number of classes you take per term.

There are two main factors that affect the pricing of your subscription. The level of your class (Undergrad or Graduate) and the number of classes you need assistance with during the term. 

Degree Accelerator Calculator

Use our easy-to-use pricing calculator to get the transparent pricing you need to make an informed and educated decision. Share with us the following:

Watch The Video to Learn Pricing Details

This video shares with you all the details of how the pricing structure works with your Degree Accelerator subscription. 

You’re a GOOD fit for our Degree Accelerator if you:

You’re a NOT good fit for our Entire Class Bundle  if you:

What to Expect with Your Degree Accelerator Subscription

A long-term relationship between yourself, our team and our mission to help you graduate

Full Degree Audit

Your full degree plan will be analyzed in depth to design your optimal study plan and journey.

Your Best Option

The Degree Accelerator Subscription will radically change your student life, while also taking care of your finances.

On Your Schedule

You are in charge of your degree schedule. You can move through your courses as quickly as you would like.

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