How Much Does it Cost to Get Help with Your Class Discussion?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Help with Your Class Discussion
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Class discussions are an important part of taking classes online.

While many non-traditional students like you manifest that they are aware of its relevance, they don’t know how to fit these types of assignments into their schedules.

Sitting in front of the computer on an online learning platform, concentrating in the classroom discussions while developing a coherent post, and reading their classmates’ content and comments require a lot of time that you don’t have when you are in a rush.

As this can affect your class performance, you feel the urgency to know ‘How much does it cost to get help with my class discussions?’

Here at Gradehacker, you can get help with your discussion assignment from $50 to $55, depending on your class level. In this short article, you will also learn all the factors taken into account when it comes to the pricing for your discussion help. 

This pricing guide is created for all non-traditional students as a resource to be completely honest and transparent about how our discussion posts help service works.

Our study consultant team is qualified to assist non-traditional college students with their discussion board posts and replies to classmates. From our years of experience, we have seen how this seemingly straightforward assignment can be complicated to keep up with, so finding a resource that supports you when you need it the most is quite a relief.

If you need a fast answer about the cost of the service, you can use our new Pricing Calculator, designed to give you an estimated price for your assignment.

What is the cost to get help with my class discussions?

First things first, we want you to know what factors are taken into consideration before you know the final price, this way, you’ll be able to understand better how it works. To start, we need to ask you some questions:

These 3 questions are actually the factors taken into consideration when Gradehacker decides the price of this service.

If you require an initial discussion post, it takes time and research for our study consultant team to develop quality content. The price for an undergrad course initial discussion post is $50, and at a graduate level, the initial discussion post is $55. 

You must know that the previously mentioned factor regarding the level of a class does not apply to replies. They have a set price of $10 per post.

Why does an initial Graduate post have a higher price?

If you need your discussion posts or replies done in 72 hrs or less, we have your back! You have the option of an express premium service that adds an extra 15% to the original price.

For example, if you only need one initial post and a reply for an undergraduate course, you’ll pay $60. If you need it in less than 72 hrs, you will end up paying $69.

Now that you know how the pricing works, here is the pricing in more detail.

Class Discussions and Reply chart

What if I want help with multiple discussions?

Sometimes there’s not only one but several discussions with content you just don’t have time to deal with.

In this case, we suggest your best option would be our subscription services like the  Entire Class Bundle or Degree Accelerator Subscription.

This way, we can offer you not only one-time solutions but also assistance on the entirety of assignments in your online class or learning platform for a fixed price. See this as an investment in your education because it’s a better value in the long run.

Why should you seek help with your discussion posts? Can you consider it as a self-investment?

As mentioned above, discussions for online classes require a lot of time, concentration, and research. As a non-traditional student, those are things you may not have.

When your schedule is already too hectic, and you’re afraid that the entire future of your degree depends on a class, it’s understandable to seek help.

Having a support system like Gradehacker will do wonders for your sanity as a non-traditional student and ensure the commitment of going to college is fulfilled until the end.

See your own value and start investing in the person who will bring success to your environment: you.

Hopefully, now you better understand how our pricing works for class discussions. We encourage you to reach out to us for Discussion Board Help. You’ll stop worrying about making timely posts and replies weekly. Life as a student is already hard to add another scheduled event to your daily routine.

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