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Course Hero is usually the go-to option when college students look for a website where they can find essays, exam results, and answers about the class they are currently enrolled. But whether you didn’t have luck or want to try other options, there are a few Course Hero alternatives you can use.

At Gradehacker, the non-traditional student’s #1 resource, we are dedicated to helping students find the best solutions to their academic needs.

We make sure college students get the best resources in times of need, and we understand that Course Hero, while it’s a popular choice, might not be for everyone.

So we’ll guide you to take a look at some of the best course hero alternatives available.

From free study aids to affordable tutoring services, we’ve got you covered!

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a document-sharing platform where college students can access essays, discussions, and class notes uploaded by other students and share documents of their own.

You can also find a plagiarism checker and 24/7 tutor assistance.

It’s a great platform for students who are looking for educational resources and want a sample paper to use as inspiration/guide when completing an assignment.

If you need to learn more about it, you have our Course Hero review.

Is Course Hero worth the cost?

Most likely, Course Hero will be worth your time and money, as it has an extensive catalog of academic resources all types of students can find useful.

However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find an answer or sample about the subject you are looking for. 

Plus, the tutoring service may not be ideal for students with more complex requests.

And if you are really struggling with writing an essay and need personalized help to deliver a quality and plagiarism-free paper, you won’t find much help on Course Hero past their samples.

If, for any of these reasons, you need a Course Hero alternative, these are the best options you can choose.

For students who want comprehensive study resources and personalized tutoring

Chegg is a widely recognized online platform offering students a wide range of study resources, including tutoring video lessons, through their Chegg Study and Study Pack subscriptions.

Chegg is one of the best Course Hero alternatives because it offers helpful study materials like:

And this is just mentioning the most useful resources.

Chegg is easy to use on both computers and phones, and it has answers to questions from experts.

Chegg Prices

The Chegg membership subscription is:

And if you want to try it first, they have a 4-week free trial.

Is Chegg worth it?

Want to know what what Chegg is about? Save time searching with our full in-deph review!

Chegg Flor CTA

Is Chegg worth it?

Want to know what Chegg is about? Save time searching with our full in-deph review!

For students who want collaborative and additional updated documents

StuDocu is another great alternative for Course Hero. It offers students a library of documents, study materials, lecture notes, and assignments to help with their studies.

The platform has a lot of free resources, but you can upgrade your experience with a subscription. It’s easy to use on both computers and phones. 

It also has various features like:

Plus, StuDocu is updated daily so students can always find new and relevant materials to help them with their studies.

StuDocu Prices

If you want to access their entire catalog of documents, StuDocu’s Premium plans cost:

Still, it’s important to clarify that the cost of the Premium subscription depends on your location and your local currency

For students who want 100% original papers and quality-free resources

At Gradehacker, we have many years of experience helping adult students with their essays and entire classes.

We believe to be a Course Hero alternative because we provide a personalized service where college students with issues on any specific subject get original and quality work that goes through rigorous quality control.

With Gradehacker, you’ll find help with:

You’ll especially value our customized experience if you value transparent communication, as you can chat and even call your assigned writer whenever you need.

Whether you went to Course Hero and didn’t find a guideline for a hard-to-write assignment or simply want to receive professional help while you focus on what matters to you the most, with Gradehacker, you’ll find a team of real people who truly want you to succeed in your academic journey.

Our essay writing service starts at:

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For students who want versatile and interactive tools to facilitate learning

This online learning platform has the perfect study tools that help anyone learn better.

With Quizlet, you can create and share study guides like:

Whether you’re taking online courses or learning on the internet, Quizlet fits right in.

It provides extra study resources that matches your online courses or lessons. You can even work together with others by sharing study sets.

Quizlet has a mobile app so that you can study anywhere. It’s easy on your budget too, because the main features are free.

Quizlet Prices

If you want a simple, flexible way to learn at affordable prices, Quizlet is a smart choice to benefit your learning journey.

They have a subscription plan to upgrade their educational resources:

For students who want a flexible and interactive platform for learning content and tutoring

StudyPool is an online education platform that offers a wide variety of learning content, including online courses and video tutorials.

It covers multiple subjects and allows students to ask questions and get detailed answers from tutors.

StudyPool is flexible, as students can choose their tutors and pay for the help they need. It’s a platform where students and tutors interact, creating a sense of community.

It specializes in subjects like:

As part of their services, they offer book guides, scholarships, and in-person tutoring.

Study Pool Prices

The price will depend on the tutor and subject you choose. They specialize in creating a platform where you can find the perfect tutor and materials.

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Finding The Course Hero Alternative That Works For You!

When looking for Course Hero alternatives, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. Each platform has its own strengths, so it’s essential to compare all the options and find the one that best suits you.

But now you are ready to make a decision!

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