What Are the Best Online Nursing Schools?

What are the Best Online Nursing Schools
Nayreth Garcia

Nayreth Garcia

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Updated on November 30, 2022

Best Online Nursing Schools

You have always wanted to continue your dream of pursuing a nursing career, but times, education methods, and styles have changed. Since we all need to adapt to these realities, you decided to begin your research for the best online nursing schools, and that is why you are here.

There is no need to postpone your education by not deciding what college of nursing is best for you, so in this article, we’ll offer you a list of the best online nursing schools.

This way, you can find the online nursing program that best suits your needs.

Here at Gradehacker, we have years of experience assisting all types of non-traditional nursing students with entire classes, exams, essays, you name it! We know firsthand all the information about programs in nursing, how they work, and what makes them la crème de la crème.

Remember that many nursing degree programs will allow you to earn your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree online, but this does not mean that you will complete the entire nursing curriculum through a computer. After all, this is a hands-on profession!

So, it’s likely that you’ll need to complete many clinical hours in a medical facility to gain professional experience directly with patients.

And since you feel incredibly confident with your decision to become a nurse practitioner, your only doubt is: What is the best online nursing school for me?

We did extensive research, and according to their graduation rates, we selected the best ten online nursing schools with no specific order, so you can decide which one will suit you better.

nursing students

Graduation rate: 88%

According to U.S. News & World Report, the University of Florida ranks among the top public schools nationwide. They offer an online registered nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program where you don’t have to assist in person to any of the modules.

Meaning, they have 100% online coursework.

However, you may care to know that you have to complete 90 clinical hours as a nurse practitioner with your University’s supervision since the intro courses involve the healthcare system, legal and ethical issues in nursing, and professional nursing transformation.

Admission Requirements

To apply, you have to:

The University of Florida has one of the most affordable online nursing programs, especially if you live in Florida.

You can also apply for any of UF’s financial aid options.

College of Nursing
College of Nursing - University of Florida

Graduation Rate: 84%

Ohio State University ranks in the top 20 of the nation’s top public institutions.

This school offers an RN to BSN program through the CarmenCanvas learning management system and also does not have any campus requirements.

Courses here include academic coursework in leadership and management and cultural competence in healthcare, plus RNs can earn their degree in nursing in an estimated time of 12 to 15 months.

To enter Ohio State University, you must:

The Ohio State University offers financial aid and gives you complete information about tuition and fees.

Ohio State University
Ohio State University

Graduation Rate: 72%

Appalachian State University is a public institution located in North Carolina.

It offers a great online degree program for licensed nurses who want to complete a BSN program in just one year, and without the need to visit the campus, since most of the core courses use non-traditional clinical approaches with class projects and research.

Admission Requirements

To enter here, you need to:

Cost of BSN

They give all the information you need to know about tuition, and if you need any help with financial aid, they have a complete segment on their website for you.

appalachian state university
Appalachian State University

Graduation Rate: 94%

The University of Florida ranks number 3 among the nation’s top 5 public institutions.

They offer an RN-to-BSN program for associate degree holders that takes most of their online students two years to complete. Plus, if you are a transfer student or a candidate with a non-Bachelor of Science degree, you may apply and enjoy the courses.

Admission Requirements

If you apply and get accepted, you will receive an email about the School of Nursing and UVA-specific financial aid before you even start.

University of Virginia
University of Virginia

Graduation Rate: 72%

This is a public institution that takes care of academic excellence to create and cultivate conscious leaders. They offer one of the best online nursing programs for RNs who want to complete an online BSN program.

In their academic coursework, you will learn about life span human development, healthcare management, medical ethics, and nursing informatics for RNs.

Admission Requirements

To be considered, you must meet these requirements:

Cost of BSN

The University of Alabama charges $385 per credit hour.

Considering that their program in nursing consists of 25 credit hours, that means that earning your degree here costs around $9,625.

You can also apply for any of their financial aid options if you need help paying tuition.

University of Alabama
University of Alabama

Graduation Rate: 82%

If you are RNs that just feels ready to take another step in your nursing profession by completing a BSN degree program, this school offers an online nursing degree through their college of Nursing.

Prospective students can choose from three online course schedule options: Morning, afternoon, and night to graduate in an estimated time of 1 to 2 years.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are evaluated based on:

For this degree in nursing, there are many scholarships available that you can apply for.

Graduation Rate: 73%

Now, in case you are an RN with a valid license in Florida, you can apply to one of the best online nursing schools available in America.

If you have an associate degree (ADN) from an accredited school, then you have the chance to enroll in UCF’s RN-to-BSN bridge program.

To meet UCF’s requirements, you’ll have to:

Cost of BSN

For this program for nurses, you can access more information about financial aid.

UCF College of Nursing
UCF College of Nursing

Graduation Rate: 74%

This University, located in New York City, has more than 100 master’s programs, including in-person and online options. There is an option for RNs to get their Master of Science in Nursing through an online school.

Classes include clinical nursing coursework and business skills for nurse leaders. For distance learners, you must submit transcripts and prove one year of nursing experience.

Admission Requirements

Stony Brook University

Graduation Rate: 84.8%

This school is a great option if you consider a nursing degree online.

You can enroll in U.W. ‘s RN-to-BSN online program and earn your degree on an average of two years.

With this program, you will be learning chronic care management, information and health technology, and community health nursing through their courses. As a student, you will have to complete a total of 60 hours of clinical practice.

You must know that you will be able to access coursework through the Canvas online learning management platform, which gives you the possibility to enjoy online tutoring, career services, and technical support.

To apply, you must:

You can also use their net price calculator to see how much you would have to pay. And in case you need a hand to pay for tuition, you can also apply for UW’s financial aid alternatives.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Graduation Rate: 85.4%

The online Master’s in Nursing Programs of Rush University ranks number fourth in the U.S. News and World Report list.

Whether you are starting nursing or want to advance in your career, this will be a great choice. Rush University offers nursing programs at the graduate level giving MSN, DNP, and Ph.D. degrees.

Admission Requirements

To enter, you need to:

  • One from your current supervisor/manager
  • Two from individuals in leadership positions who can speak to your clinical abilities


In case you need information about tuition for this college, you can send a form to request more information.

Rush University College of Nursing
Rush University College of Nursing

Find The Best Online Nursing School For You!

Whether you are a single parent or need to work while you finish your education, do not stop pursuing your dream!

Since everything has been changing globally, more and more schools offer online nursing programs that will allow busy students like you to complete their coursework when and where it works for them.

You can make the change you want to make in your nursing education and get your online Bachelor or Master degree!

And remember that if you later need help with your assignments or simply want to earn your degree faster, you can always count on Gradecker. From essays to entire classes, we have years of experience helping students like you get their nursing degree sooner.

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