Job Interview Tips | The Ultimate Guide

job interview tips
Ariana Cardozo

Ariana Cardozo

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Job Interview Tips | The Ultimate Guide

It’s understandable to be nervous if you have an interview soon. However, think about how almost every human being alive has been through that situation. 

And it doesn’t have to be horrible! 

Yes, for some people, it is or has been. Bad interviews have indeed happened, but maybe it’s because they needed to receive the proper preparation. 

You may think, is preparation really necessary? And our answer is yes. Having an interview is the first step you must complete to get that dream job. Even if the interview isn’t for your dream job, it will get you one step closer since you’ll be working towards it. 

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional adult student’s most trusted resource. We know you have a lot on your plate, and want you to avoid getting nervous because it will only worsen things. 

Think about the amazing opportunity you have to show who you are and what you can do. 

In this blog, we’ll look at how to prepare for a job interview and we will give you all the tips you need to know before the time comes, when it comes and after the time comes. You will do fantastic! 

job interview tips

Before The Job Interview

Preparing for the interview is our first step. We’ll start by recommending the following:

Learn The Most You Can About The Company

And of course, about the job position! 

We bet you want to avoid being involved in an awkward situation where you are asked about your company knowledge and have no idea what to say. Because this is a typical question that interviewers ask, and some candidates do not expect it, do some research. Google the company, check out the website and its reviews and learn a little about its history. 

Also, by doing this, you will have a broader picture of why you would like to work there and what you can do for them, which are the other two typical questions that are asked.

Learn About Your Interviewers

If you are told who you will meet, researching them is a good idea. Why? Because you will understand better what their role at the company is and be ready to ask them a few more specific questions. This will show your interest in them and the job, which is a great sign. 

Be Ready To Talk About Yourself

Most of the time, interviews begin by asking about yourself, which is a golden opportunity to start the conversation on the right foot. You know who you are, but sometimes, you have no idea how to describe yourself because of nervousness. So keep in mind a few aspects you believe are worth mentioning that will help you be the perfect fit for the role you are applying for. 

Practice Common Questions

But don’t memorize your answers! Unless you are the perfect actress, you need to look natural and confident about yourself during the interview. Practicing some common interview questions will give you peace of mind. 

Write Your Own Questions

By these questions, we mean the ones you are asking the interviewer. Refrain from letting the nerves get in your way because you may forget a few things you want to know. So, write them down; that is your moment to ask them. 

job interview tips

Research The Salary

You don’t have to be ready for the money conversation yet. But you will probably get asked what your salary expectation is. That is why we highly recommend you do some salary research. Many candidates are caught off guard at this point. The idea is that you agree to a reasonable number! 

Find Out The Company Dress Code

Some companies don’t really care what you are wearing, but others have a company dress code that must be followed. It’s better to know this before it’s too late! 

Prepare Everything You Need

Here we are talking about double-checking every factor, such as the interview location if it’s an in-person meeting. Or the interview link to ensure your device is ready to connect at the right time. 

Get a Good Night's Sleep

It is imperative to be well-rested! We know this sounds like a comment your mom would say. But it’s true! Sleeping the right amount of hours will change your attitude and calm your nerves. 

You can tell the difference between someone who is well-rested and someone who isn’t. You don’t want to be the second person! 

During The Job Interview

So, the time has arrived. You are already there, just seconds away from being interviewed. So exciting! 

job interview tips

Be There Early

If you have a video interview, connect everything and get into the meeting a few minutes earlier to avoid any last-minute complications/situations. 

If the interview is in-person, do the same, and be there a few minutes earlier. Being late will not look good, so it’s just a matter of taking the necessary precautions

Answer Honestly

Some questions come with some tricks. So don’t overthink it. Try to answer concisely and to the point. Look the interviewer in the eye and breathe calmly. 

What if you don’t know what to answer and need a second to think? Say things like “That’s a great question” or “Let me think about that.” This will buy you precious time, and it works! 

Also, depending on the job position or the environment, you can add a little humor to the situation! If you have no idea what to say, just reply as positively as possible, and the interviewer will appreciate that. 

Ask Questions

Don’t be shy to ask the prepared questions you wrote down! It’s much better if you are asking than not. Because not having any questions during an initial job interview can be seen as a sign of a lack of preparation or interest

Did you really understand the responsibilities of the job? If not, don’t walk away without having this clarified. Or any other questions that may come up throughout the interview.

Look Professional and Natural

Whether it’s an online or in-person interview, you must look as professional as possible. Remember that your body language speaks about yourself. This is the first impression the company will have of you. And you need it to be the best! It’s important that you look and feel relaxed, sincere, and honest.

job interview tips


This may seem obvious, but what we mean is: pay attention! Your interviewer is giving you information for you to understand and hear clearly; if not, you are missing a major opportunity. This has to do with our next step. 

Don't Talk Too Much

Sometimes when we have nothing to say, we improvise and speak more than we need to. And this could go wrong. So, be calm, listen and answer honestly. Use your communication skills wisely to help you speak clearly and concisely. 

Have The Correct Attitude

Attitude is absolutely everything. In every aspect of life, of course. And in this one too. You want to demonstrate your abilities with confidence and humility. 

After The Job Interview

Well, now we can happily say that your interview process is over!

Finish it positively, ask the final questions, thank the interviewer for the time spent, and be polite. Your confidence must never be lost, and your body language should remain the same when the interview ends. 

All you have left is to wait for the hiring decision. Be patient. This process takes time, and we know that as a non-traditional adult student, time is crucial! But the answer will come. 

Go ahead and congratulate yourself for making it through the end of the first step that will get you where you want to be! 

Remember that you can always count on Gradehacker. From individual essays to entire college classes, we’ll help you accelerate your degree and earn that diploma much sooner.

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Ariana Cardozo

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