5 Reasons Why You Are Not Too Old for College

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Too Old for College
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Updated on July 11th, 2022

Who said there is a maximum age to start college?

We know that going back to school in your 30s or 40s might sound frightening. You already have many challenges to take care of, like work, family, or personal projects. Why would you add another one to the list?

Usually, we don’t associate studying with being an adult, and you might feel that you are too old for college. However, the benefits of getting that degree will be higher than the disadvantages.

If you want that raise but don’t have the needed credentials, or you just want to take over from where you left years ago, college is definitely a must-do. No matter the reason, you deserve to give yourself a chance to live that college experience and see your age as an asset, not an obstacle.

At Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional student’s most trusted resource. Every day we see and talk with many adult students like you, who reach out to us because of their dedication to furthering their career goals.

Having helped these adult students and gotten to know them, we will give you five reasons why you are not too old for college.

There is no such thing as having an "old brain"

Another concern of yours might be that you “will stand out like a sore thumb among all the teens.” Granted, the average age for attending college is between 18 and 25, according to the Hamilton Project. Still, that does not mean that you will be the only adult.

Dr. Nemko from Psychology Today says that older people in college are rarely a novelty at this time and age “because good jobs are harder to land, so more older people are returning to school in hopes of increasing their hireability.”

Starting college after your mid-20s is necessary for many others like you who want to land a better job or get more chances to get a promotion. Surely you will find people your age with the same career goals and interests!

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Too Old for College

Your life experience will be an asset

College requires time and energy, and maybe you feel that you don’t have those anymore.

However, you have already seen more than any other 25-year-old. You know that hard work pays off, so you will see discipline and dedication as a natural part of the process.

Also, you will pay more attention to advice and strategies to manage your time! Not understanding a pop-culture reference might be awkward, but at the end of the day, that will not make a difference in your grades.

Online classes will give you the time flexibility you need

Online programs have been around for years, but it was especially after covid that more universities began offering their courses online as more college students started enrolling. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one online learning program was 97 percent higher in 2020 than before the pandemic in fall 2019 (11.8 million vs. 6.0 million). 

And now, many adult college students have discovered the great benefits of online education! After all, these types of classes are not so different from regular ones and currently have the same college credit value!

Consider too the fact that online courses are self-paced, allowing people with full-time jobs to pursue a college degree. It does not matter when you want to work in class or take an exam. As long as you meet the deadlines, you will be fine!

Likewise, most online courses are based on a textbook or worksheet, so you can read through them whenever you are free. If you feel that attending class is an impossible commitment, going digital can give you the flexibility you are looking for.

If you don’t know where to start, you can find in our blogs the best colleges for non-traditional students and the most affordable online schools with the highest acceptance rates.

You can turn to services that will alleviate your workload

Most adult college students already have jobs. This means that you have an asset that none of your younger classmates have: a budget.

Why would this be a good thing? Because you can hire someone to give you a hand when you need it, especially when you are taking online courses. Study assistants are a legit way to get that essay done or to achieve participation in board discussions.

Services like Gradehacker work cooperatively to get things done as you would by yourself. You can contact us, describe your assignment, and we will take it from there, so you have time for other things such as work or family.

Essays, exams, full classes, forum discussions, or even your entire degree program! We can take care of it, and we´ll be happy to help.

We know there might be some hesitation in hiring a service like this. After all, students should be able to complete all their work. Right? Yes, that might be true. However, you are in a different stage of your life, and your student profile has also changed.

Surely you can paint your house yourself, but you know you wouldn’t have enough time to do it correctly. It is the same situation for an adult returning to college. It is not that you can’t; it is about how you choose to approach it.

Still have doubts? Don’t worry; you can clear your mind by reading why you should hire us to work with you.

Don't Let Your Age Stop You From Furthering Your Career

Dismiss all your doubts and embrace all the resources and experiences you have learned during the years. Teens might have the energy, but you will definitely have the right strategy. Just remember this:

They say that fortune always favors the brave. Take the chance, aim for that college degree and get your dream job. The only thing that is stopping you is yourself.

Here at Gradehacker, we understand your reservations and have met many students like yourself. As a matter of fact, there’s a term to describe students in the same situation as you: non-traditional students.

And this type of adult student is on the rise!

Nothing should stop you from achieving your life goals, whether it be your age, job, or lack of time. Many other non-traditional students experience the same situations, but we can assure you that balancing work, life, and college is possible and achievable.

Remember, you have this. And if you want some help accelerating your degree, you can always trust us to make your college journey easier.

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Javiera Vega

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