Purdue University Global: RN-to-BSN Program

Purdue University Global RN to BSN Program
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What Does The Purdue University BSN Program Include?

This institution offers a great program where you’ll have:

If you have already received your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and are currently working as a registered nurse, you have seen how important it is to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The Purdue University BSN Program is one of the best out there, and it has helped several students enroll in their nursing programs and opened the door to access higher positions and better salaries in the nursing profession.

Here at Gradehacker, the non-traditional students’ most trusted resource, we have experience helping nursing students, and we would like to recommend Purdue Global University and give you all the details you need to know about the BSN program.

Advantages Of Having a BSN Degree

Increasingly, employers prefer and sometimes even require R.N. positions to have a BSN degree and a great nursing career.

There are many advantages of having a BSN Degree, but one crucial factor to consider is that it will allow you to take the Master Of Science in Nursing degree since it is required for many MSN programs.

On the other hand, with a BSN degree, you’ll be able to perform leadership roles that an ADN degree does not prepare you for.

This university includes associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and certificates in the nursing faculty.

Also, the program is online, which can be great for non-traditional students.

Purdue RN to BSN Program
Purdue University

Purdue University

Purdue University is one of the largest four-year colleges and university systems in the United States.

Founded in 1887, Purdue offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees across 14 academic divisions and schools.

With nearly 30,000 students enrolled across Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia campuses, Purdue continues leading the way in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) education, agriculture research, entrepreneurship, graduate programs, and much more.

More specifically, in the nursing field, it’s important to mention that there is a wide range of professions to consider.

Some are:

Of course, all these programs have different job conditions, but it’s great to be aware of all the opportunities this nursing degree gives you.

With no further due, let’s talk about the Purdue University BSN program.

R.N. to BSN Program Overview

Nurses created this program, and it is directly dedicated to nurses. Purdue Global’s online RN-to-BSN program is personalized to help you achieve your career goals.

This bachelor’s degree program prepares you to deliver exceptional direct or indirect patient care and provides clinical experiences.

Courses are taught by dedicated professionals who provide the leadership and guidance to foster the next generation of nursing leaders.

Remember that the demand for nurses with bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. is growing constantly.

How much does the course last? The course lasts 15-18 hours per week and is about ten weeks/ 180 quarter credit hours.

Purdue University BSN program accepts up to 135 transfer credits.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Purdue University BSN Program costs about $28,350 for one year and a half of tuition.

However, you can select and calculate the type and cost of tuition that fits you with this calculator.

The accreditation is based on the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Program Prerequisites

Apart from Purdue Global’s  general admission requirements for the RN-to-BSN program, you will also have to meet the following criteria:

We’re off to a good start if you match these three requirements!

What Does Purdue’s RN-to-BSN Program Consist of?

Who is Purdue University’s BSN program made for? The RN-to-BSN program is for R.N.s wanting to further their bachelor’s education.

This program aims to create the nurse leaders of tomorrow. Its outcomes are to encourage leadership in a healthcare system that is culturally diverse and ever-changing.

Students who complete this program will be taught the skills necessary to meet the rapidly changing demands of health care and attain employment in different areas.

There are two types of tuition: the advanced start track and the standard track. Your track is determined according to your previously completed nursing program.

You undergo the standard track if you have 50 transfer credits from your prior degree or diploma, and you undergo the advanced start track if you have 90 transfer credits from your prior degree or certificate.

This online program allows you to complete your coursework on your schedule. Earning your BSN degree through this program in as little as 18 months of full-time, intense study is possible.

With successful completion, you can transfer your nursing credits!

Purdue’s RN-to-BSN Program Curriculum

Purdue University BSN program curriculum includes the following:

This program also involves clinical practice experience, which you can choose where to complete!

For further information regarding this program’s degree plan, check out the program’s catalog.

Nursing Electives

We just learned about what areas the Purdue University BSN program focuses on. But you should know that it also involves elective nursing courses.

The elective nursing courses available cover the following areas:

It is important to note that some of the elective nursing courses offered help to prepare you for certifications recognized by the  Magnet Recognition Program®.

Purdue RN to BSN Program Students Studying

Is Purdue's RN-to-BSN Program Right for Me?

Purdue Global’s RN-to-BSN program will suit you if:

Purdue Global’s RN-to-BSN program will not suit you if:

RN-to-BSN Program: A World Of Possibilities

We understand how challenging it can be to decide which BSN program is right for you. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can make your decision!

Remember that there are other online nursing schools and online nursing degree programs. We recommend you first determine the types of nursing degrees you like the most to decide!

Remember to count on Gradehacker to help you out! From individual essays to entire college classes, we’ll help you accelerate your degree and earn that diploma much sooner so you can start to work on the area you most wish for!

Send your request, and we’ll be happy to help!

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