How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations: 9 Easy Tips

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9 Tips to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations

If you are a college student looking to improve your PowerPoint presentation skills, here are a few simple tips you can implement to boost your exhibitions.

You deserve a stunning PowerPoint presentation!

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You deserve a stunning PowerPoint presentation!

Submit your request for free and let one of our student consultants craft a visually-stunning presentation for your assignment!

Creating a better PowerPoint presentation can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right tools and techniques, you can easily get better at it and create visually appealing presentations that will engage and inform your audience.

Here at Gradehacker, the non-traditional student #1 resource, we help students create visually stunning presentations and find better resources to boost their college journey.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips for creating better PowerPoint presentations that are sure to impress your professors (and any audience!)

From selecting the right visuals to using animation and transitions effectively, these presentation tips will help you create outstanding work.

visualizing the data-How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations

1. Visualize The Data

When it comes to presenting data, visual elements are key.

Using graphs and charts instead of long tables of numbers will make your presentation more engaging and easier to understand.

If you have a lot of data, try breaking it down into smaller chunks and using multiple slides to illustrate each point.

And when it comes to creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation, selecting visuals that are relevant to your topic can help tell your story. Try to find images and videos to visualize your data that are high quality and will add interest to your slides.

Check to use dark text on a light background and vice versa, and avoid using too many visuals on one page, as this can make the presentation look cluttered and overwhelming.

2. Use the Design Ideas button

Having this in mind will improve any of your future presentations.

The Design Ideas button, located in the top right corner of your presentation, can be a great tool when it comes to creating visually appealing slides.

The button will provide you with several design options and templates that you can use as excellent tools to enhance your slides and present information in captivating visual formats.

With just a few clicks, you can customize the design options and templates provided by the button to ensure your PowerPoint presentations are visually appealing and engaging for your audience. 

You can learn more about this tip in this video to start using this trick immediately!

3. Use SVG images

Carefully selecting relevant images for a visual appeal can further enhance your presentation design by providing a captivating backdrop that complements the key elements of your slides.

But when selecting your images, make sure that they are in the SVG format


Because images are vector-based graphics and can be edited and resized without losing quality. Using SVG images instead of JPEG or PNG files can help make your presentation look more professional and high-quality.

Incorporating SVG images in your presentation design instead of relying solely on stock photos can provide a unique and customizable visual element that elevates the overall aesthetics of your slides.

Including carefully chosen images in your presentations can effectively carry information, evoke emotions, and grab your audience’s attention, making your message more impactful and memorable.

Get your PowerPoint presentation and save time

You deserve personalized help and a flawless presentation

Get your PowerPoint presentation and save time

You deserve personalized help and a flawless presentation

4. Make Use of Animations and Transitions

Creating visually impactful and engaging PowerPoint presentations can greatly enhance your ability to convey your message effectively. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by making use of animations and transitions.

When it comes to this tip, it’s important to strike a balance. The key is to add just enough movement to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them

Start by choosing a color palette that matches the theme of your presentation.

Next, consider using a slide template that complements your content. Templates provide structure and consistency to your presentation, making it easier to organize your thoughts and create a professional-looking final product.

Incorporating interactive elements is another effective way to make your presentations more engaging. Take advantage of PowerPoint’s features, such as hyperlinks, buttons, and quizzes, to create interactive experiences for your audience. 

They can be used to draw attention to key points in your presentation, making your slides more dynamic.

Focus on incorporating appropriate design elements, such as captivating visuals and special effects, that enhance the understanding and highlight the key ideas of your presentation.

rule of thirds- How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations

5. Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a compositional principle widely used in visual arts and photography. 

It involves dividing an image or design into nine equal parts by creating two equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines.

Using this rule can help make your slides look more visually appealing.

To use it, you divide your slide into three equal sections and position the main focus of the slide in one of those sections.

This will create a balanced, aesthetically pleasing design that is easier on the eyes. You can use the button guides to help you. 

However, to capture the attention and engage your audience, creating a well-designed presentation that maximizes the use of the projection screen is crucial.

But for sure, this is one effective technique that can significantly enhance your content quality

How to Create Better PowerPoint Presentations- roadmaps

6. Use Roadmaps Instead of Table of Contents

The table of contents can be boring and difficult to follow. Replace them with a visual roadmap that summarizes the key points of your presentation in an easy-to-understand format.

One way to create impressive roadmaps is by utilizing presentation templates. These templates are pre-designed and provide a variety of visual elements, styles, and layouts to choose from.

Presentation templates save you time and effort by providing a starting point to build your roadmap, ensuring a professional and high-quality design.

You can use arrows, shapes, and colors to draw attention to important information and make it easier for the audience to remember.

You can watch this video to visualize better and understand this tip.

7. Insert Shapes And Images in a Creative Way

Inserting shapes and images in a creative way can help add interest to your slides.

Try using a combination of shapes, colors, and images that convey your message in an effective way. You can also use infographics instead of text to quickly present information without overwhelming the audience.

Consider using vibrant colors or gradients when adding shapes to your presentation slide with a dark background. Brightly colored shapes can provide a striking contrast against the dark background, making them more eye-catching.

Remember to keep your design consistent throughout the entire presentation. This ensures that the shapes and images you insert blend seamlessly together, creating a cohesive and professional look.

And don’t forget to incorporate multimedia elements like videos, audio clips, or interactive features to make your presentation more engaging and dynamic.

You’ll find this very practical and wit video to start using your images in a new way!

8. Follow the 5/5/5 Rule

One design tool you can add to enhance your presentation skills is using the 5/5/5 rule.

It’s important to make sure that your presentation flows logically from one point to the next. If you need a visual aid such as a graph or diagram, make sure it is placed in such a way that enhances the flow of information.

The 5/5/5 rule suggests that each slide should contain no more than:

This will help keep your slides uncluttered and visually appealing.

Provide clear instructions on each slide for the audience and ensure they understand what is expected of them.

With practice and intentional attention to both presentation skills and design elements, you’ll be well on your way to delivering captivating and effective presentations.

9. Choose Appealing Fonts and Colors

Choosing color combinations and even well-timed sound effects can also contribute to creating visually stunning and engaging presentations.

Select appropriate fonts that are visually appealing and easy to read. Stick to a color scheme that aligns with your presentation’s overall theme.

Consistency in font styles and colors will create a visually pleasing and professional look.

Color themes play a vital role in PowerPoint presentations. In the realm of presentations, vibrant colors can have a powerful impact on your audience. Bold and vibrant colors can attract attention and evoke emotions.

For complex ideas, it is generally recommended to use clear and legible fonts that are easy to read, even from a distance. Fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica are great choices.

Avoid using decorative or overly stylized fonts, as they might distract the audience from the message.

It’s essential to select a background color that complements your overall theme, which ends up being key to making your PowerPoint presentations visually appealing and captivating.

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Taking Your PowerPoint Presentations To the Next Level

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