Visiting The Maldives Less Money More Fun

Visiting The Maldives Less Money More Fun
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You are a hardworking person. You are dealing with stress daily, which leads you to fantasize about a well-deserved vacation to a distant place. And you deserve it! Imagine one of the most paradise-like places in the world with thousands of beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand, exquisite local food, and one of the highest concentrations of marine biodiversity in the world. That destination is the Maldives! An island located in the Indian Ocean, very close to India.

The Maldives Islands are an earthly paradise that has a typically tropical climate. This means that throughout the year, we can enjoy a warm and stable temperature. This is a top attraction since this climate allows us to fully appreciate its natural benefits. However, as in any tourist destination, there are more appropriate times during the year to visit the Maldives depending on the activities you want to do, your budget and availability.

Here we tell you the best time to visit the Maldives. We give you surprising and very useful data so you can make the most of your relaxation time.

1) The Maldives Used to Be a Highly Exclusive Destination, But This Recently Changed Dramatically

Keep in mind that tourism in the Maldives grew exponentially from one moment to another. In just a few decades, tourism went from being an expensive luxury exclusive to few to becoming a popular and desired tourist destination for young people, families, and couples of all social classes.

Depending on the season, you can get a bed and breakfast from $50 to $60 a night. Also, the typical hotels on the water called villas, are still available for tourists who wish to enjoy a more exclusive experience.

Due to the increase in popularity of the Maldives and the rise of accessible tourism, there are many alternatives to enjoy accommodation, nightlife, and incredible dining experiences available to the average tourist. 

Visiting The Maldives Less Money More Fun

2) Know the Best Season for Your Budget

In essence, the climate and tourism of the Maldives has two specific seasons. The dry season covers the months from the beginning of December until May. On the other hand, the rainy season is from May to December.

Remember that even during the rainy season, there is a large percentage of sunny days due to the tropical climate. Usually, the rains are sporadic, so if you travel in the rainy season, you can still enjoy beautiful bright days.

3) The Best Months for all Water Activities

During the months of June and July, the probability of rain increases considerably on the islands. This causes an increase of plankton in the water which reduces the water’s visibility.

But that does not mean that this is the least indicated time to visit the Maldives! On the contrary, due to the plankton found in the water, it is the time when the manta rays and whale sharks (completely harmless since they feed on plankton and other microscopic species) approach the different islands.

This offers a show unmatched for tourists who decide to visit the Maldives during these months. Also, remember that there are many other activities such as walks on the beach, restaurants with typical food of the islands, and different cultural events where tourists are more than welcomed to observe the day to day within the islands. 

4) Meeting Whales, Sharks and Manta Rays: June and July

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5) Low and Affordable Prices: Between May and November

In May and November it is low season and accommodation prices will decrease considerably. During this season, the Maldives can be a perfect tourist destination for a honeymoon because of the low hotel prices and the incredible gastronomic options that are found on the island.

You can taste excellent dishes of the local cuisine mostly based on fresh fish from $15 to $20 in many restaurants with access to the beach and the possibility of taking a night walk. Due to its geographical position and low pollution, the Maldives is also a perfect spot to observe stars at any time of the night, giving a very romantic touch to the entire trip.

Savings on Flights and Arrival Dates

While flights to the Maldives are not extremely expensive, they may be out of some budgets. Despite that, the months in which you can find cheaper flights are between November and December or between April and May. You can use online flight search engines or applications that facilitate the search for more economical flights, adjusted to your needs.

We all deserve a memorable vacation. Landscapes remain in our memory for a lifetime, and always leave us wanting to return and swim in crystal clear waters. All this can be offered at a price that is not too excessive if you take your time to do research and plan accordingly!

This is why the Maldives has become such a famous tourist destination in the world for people of all kinds of budgets who want to relax and enjoy an exotic and different destination. Keep all these recommendations in mind so you can get the most out of the budget for your vacation!

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Picture of Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

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