The Ultimate Guide to the Best New Year’s Destination

The Ultimate Guide to the Best New Year’s Destination
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December is one of the happiest months of the year because it is full of beautiful memories, celebrations, and intimate moments with friends and family. That is why we want to share the ultimate guide of the best places in the world to receive the New Year with the people you love. Traveling to a new location can be an exciting adventure, no matter the month, but when it comes to closing a cycle and starting another one with the right foot, location can make an entire difference. If you decide it is time for a change of air to mark a new beginning, making a trip can be the perfect choice to do so.

The question is though: which are the best destinations you can pick? Well, in Gradehacker we work hard the entire year to help others, even when it comes to their leisure time. For this reason we picked some cities that we know will offer you an unique experience where you can experiment different cultures and have the fun you deserve after an exhausting final semester.  Check our The Ultimate Guide to the Best New Year’s Destinations!

1) Party in Sydney, Australia next to the sea

The Ultimate Guide to the Best New Year’s Destination

This is the first city to receive the new year, and Australians do know how to party! Generally, the festivities are concentrated around Sydney Harbor, an area where genuinely emblematic buildings such as the Opera House and Harbor Bridge are located. This destination is particularly unique for fireworks lovers because the show offered at midnight is impressive. Also, after the new year, you can venture to the most rural places in Australia to get to know nature.

2) Fireworks in Taipei, Taiwan to mark a new beginning

The new year in the city of Taipei is a visual experience, full of fireworks and amazing lights. This city is characterized thanks to its tallest building, Taipei 101, which is responsible for giving a firework show for all who want to enjoy the new year. At the same time, many musical and gastronomic activities occur throughout the city. The nightlife in Taipei is also very busy, perfect for people looking for a place to attend the best parties.

3) Luxury in the heights in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As you probably know, in Dubai, everything is about luxury. The Burj Khalifa is one of the most impressive buildings in the world, and this is evident during New Year’s celebrations. Not only is this building the tallest in the world, but it will also offer one of the best fireworks shows so you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Gastronomy and parties are another strong point of traveling to Dubai, as well as shopping. The Dubai Mall is one of the largest in the world, and like everything in Dubai, it is packed with exciting things you don’t see every day. This destination is perfect for a special occasion or to celebrate the new year in style.

4) Viva la Party en Las Vegas, United States

In Las Vegas, it’s new year’s all the time! This city is known worldwide for its casinos, nightlife, and of course, fun-filled parties. This is the favorite destination for party lovers. During these celebrations, vehicle access is closed in The Strip, making this area perfect for all pedestrians who want to observe fireworks and fully enjoy the nightly activities that Las Vegas offers.

5) Feel like a superstar in New York, United States

There is a very recurring scene during most Christmas movies: a large crowd of happy people, hugging, and receiving the new year in Times Square. And you could be part of that! New York is the most cosmopolitan and global city in the world, where you can literally do anything that goes through your head. There are bars, restaurants, shops, and parks that promise to keep you entertained during the whole holiday season. Although Times Square is the main attraction, there are also other quieter options such as the Grand Army Plaza, which also offers a firework show.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best New Year’s Destination

6) Beach, fireworks, and food in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Nothing says “party” as much as spending the new year in Rio de Janeiro, right? This city is full of beach resorts that offer night activities for the new year, not to mention that these resorts are also continually offering parties, drinks, and activities for their guests. The main attraction is on Copacabana beach, where you can enjoy the traditional fireworks and musical performances of local artists. It is an excellent option to spend the new year with the family and learn new traditions and different ways of partying. 

7) Gastronomic experiences like no other in Cape Town, South Africa

Imagine a New Year’s adventure in this fantastic city in Africa. Cape Town has it all, friendly people, vibrant nightlife, and a fabulous New Year’s celebration. In this city, there are many gastronomic options, from restaurants that specialize in Portuguese cuisine to more tourist activities such as visits to vineyards and tastings. All this means that during your stay in Cape Town, you will have enough to do.

Regardless of the destination, always remember that what really makes this date unique is the presence of your loved ones who accompanied you throughout a whole year of new experiences, learning, and growth. Take advantage of these destinations and plan a unique and unforgettable New Year celebration! The Gradehacker team wishes you a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all the people who have accompanied us during this incredible year. 

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Picture of Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

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