Studying Abroad and Its Amazing Benefits

Studying Abroad and Its Amazing Benefits
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Sergio Guevara

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Updated on June 22, 2022

Do you have that ONE friend who always talks about that time they went to Italy? I think we all do! But who wouldn’t brag about that? 

We all like to travel, learn new things, and live new experiences. We know there’s a sensation that only occurs when we travel: a feeling of exploring and venturing into the unknown

Here at Gradehacker, we help college students in their college journey. Part of our work includes assisting our clients with their exams and essays, but many have reached out to us looking for a second opinion on whether they should study in a foreign country.

And truth be told, many of them couldn’t do it because of covid. Many countries had to close their doors, and dozens of American students who were planning on leaving had to postpone their dreams for a little longer.

But that time has passed now, and if you ever dreamt of pursuing this international experience, there is no better time than now!

Studying abroad is a truly life-changing experience that opens doors to new opportunities, personal growth, and a sense of autonomy and professional development. However, it can be quite stressful as well; that’s why we wrote this blog post with amazing tips to avoid study burnout!

Since we also love to travel as much as you do, we offer you six incredible benefits of studying abroad.

1) Learn Languages From All Over the World

Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish. Imagine knowing and speaking all these languages. That would be AMAZING. And you can certainly improve your language skills if you study abroad! 

As an international student, you are in direct contact with the foreign language you want to learn. This means you can learn everyday expressions and practice your grammar. 

Besides, keep in mind that knowing multiple languages ranks you higher in the international job market and gives you better tourism experiences

Do not let the language barrier be an obstacle; learn as many languages as you want!

Different Languages

2) New Country = New Opportunities

Imagine this: going to a Caribbean beach or taking a quiet walk through a beautiful forest after a long week of schoolwork. 

Studying abroad allows you to come into contact with different landscapes while not forgetting your studies. This, without a doubt, is one of the biggest motivators to study abroad. 

By studying abroad, you are introduced to new opportunities. Opportunities to explore and opportunities to expand knowledge and experience related to your personal and professional goals. 

Also, you are introduced to the customs and business strategies of other countries.

In the end, living the academic experience of studying abroad may give you more career opportunities than those you could have gotten by remaining in any American university.

3) International Friends Can Change Your Life

Business connections in Hong Kong, a party in Paris, and tea time in London. These are some regular activities you can do if you have international friends. 

Meeting new people abroad will help you develop better socially and generate contacts and lifelong friends globally.

This can be useful when traveling for tourism or creating a business with an international scope. And most importantly: having amazing friends all over the world is a very enriching experience! 

Besides, you can practice many languages with your friends, which will significantly help you in your learning process.

4) Develop a Better Resource Management

For many people, studying abroad is the first adult experience away from home. This means being away from family, close friends, and your city. 

Studying abroad will test your survival instincts as it will help you learn how to manage your money, time, and general resources.

After this experience, you will feel much more comfortable within the adult world and with self-management skills.

5) Studying Abroad Equals Better Job Opportunities

International studies are experiences that jump off a resume when applying for jobs.

Studying in an international program will help you considerably when looking for a job appropriate for your needs and desires. 

Job scouting will be a piece of cake for you since companies will notice that your profile is that of an international worker. Picture all the personal growth you could achieve if you get the right job for yourself!

6) Get to Know Yourself

Use this international experience to see the world as a whole. You can get to know yourself better, your environment, and all the cultures on this planet.

Jumping into a brand-new country on your own, meeting new people, facing problems you never had before, and coming across the culture shock of finding new customs and traditions. In those moments of uncertainty and doubt, it’s where you’ll grow the most.

Personal development is essential in the life of any student who is evaluating their future. Knowing oneself is vital to achieving goals and objectives on your own terms, and studying abroad will only enhance that.

Studying Abroad is a Win-Win Situation

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, take advantage of it! We can assure you that it is an experience that will change your life completely

You will see the world from a radically new perspective, better appreciate your family and friends, and develop a sensitivity to all the people on the planet. 

This world needs more people who can study and travel. And you can be part of that process! Keep these benefits in mind and take the adventure of studying abroad.

We hope that this article showed you how valuable studying abroad could be. The perks of studying abroad are endless and will not only transform your career goals but you as a person!

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Picture of Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

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