Public Speaking Like a Boss

Public Speaking Like a Boss
Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Head of Client Success at Gradehacker

We have all gone through an awkward situation where we’ve had a lot of social anxiety. Indeed, speaking in public and interacting with large groups of people can be quite stressful and even scary for the vast majority of people. It is estimated that about 75% of the global population experiences some degree of social anxiety when speaking in public.

‘Glossophobia‘ is the fear or anxiety closely related to public speaking. The vast majority of people have this phobia, since everyone is afraid of facing certain social situations, to a lesser or greater extent. Although the fear of public speaking is widespread in the majority of the world’s population, it is also essential that we recognize the value of public speaking.

We can communicate our ideas to a large number of people. We can also learn public speaking strategies that can be used for more specific cases such as marketing or management. Either way, we need to abandon our fear of public speaking, because, through these activities, we can increase our self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills.

Here at Gradehacker we help college students with classwork such as presentations. From our years of experience, we have seen firsthand how many college students struggle with public speaking. Many of our clients come to us for assistance on how to overcome their fear of public speaking.


We know that public speaking is not easy. But hey! It’s not impossible, either. In this article we will be sharing tips on how to overcome the stress and anxiety of speaking in public. By following these tips, you will no longer dread public speaking!

You Talk to People Every day; Public Speaking Is Not Different.

You are a perfectly normal person. Feel like one! When you speak in public, you are also sending a message to people who are just like you: they have goals, dreams, insecurities. They are not different from you! Put yourself in that position and imagine that those people are very similar to you. They also know that a person can be wrong, can fail, but can also give a great speech. 

Public Speaking Like a Boss

Don’t Worry About Following a Script from Head to Toe

Only you know the specific direction your presentation will take. Yes, many people may also know general things about the subject or even have a lot of information about it, but nobody knows what you are specifically going to talk about. Take advantage of this! If for some reason you forget any part of your speech, remember that nobody else is going to notice it. Only you know what you had prepared, so no one will notice if you change or alter the flow of your story. You already know that if for some reason you forget a keyword, replace it quickly and nobody will notice. 

Portray a Relaxed and Confident Exterior

On many occasions, the most important thing when you speak in public is not the message itself, but how you are giving that message. If your audience knows that you are relaxed and confident, then they will listen to you in a much more attentive way and pay attention to your key points. Remember that the image you project to others is significant because that way, the public will interpret your message according to your image. 

Make Your Audience Participate

If we analyze all the great speakers in history, we will realize a fundamental factor: body language is crucial. Through your gestures, even more than with your words, you can convey confidence, hope, happiness, and even hate. This is why you must find yourself relaxed when you are going to speak in public. You can show the public through your body language that you know about the subject you’re discussing. Also, when a person employs purposeful body language, the public is much more likely to empathize with your presentation. 

Body Language Is Crucial

Work + Study = Stress. It is essential to know how to cope with stressful situations and to have a solution beforehand. It will not do any good if you continuously regret not having free time. Learn how to accept stressful situations and find a better solution that does not add more problems. A set of activities can help you decrease stress levels such as exercise, taking a walk, meditation, yoga and listening to music. 

Dress Up for the Occasion

You have surely experienced that feeling of confidence and security that wearing suitable dress for an occasion gives you. Whether it’s a graduation or a wedding, when we dress elegantly or appropriately for an event, we feel much safer with ourselves. This proves true when it comes to speaking in public! This does not mean that you need to dress as formally as possible. Take advantage of the situation to dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and that helps to convey your message seriously. 

Your Message Matters

It takes time to get used to interacting with others, learn these techniques, and apply them. However, once you have overcome your fear, you will realize how gratifying it can be to feel comfortable in front of an audience that wants to hear your message. Remember that you have the power to change your fears and let the world know that you have something to say!

We understand the fear you have when it comes to public speaking. In this virtual age, it’s even more nerve-wracking because the majority of assignments don’t involve public speaking. We hope that these tips will help you overcome that fear, and realize that your message matters.

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Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara has been an avid essay writer and researcher for Gradehacker since 2018. He has helped countless non-traditional students with a plethora of subjects like literature, nursing, and history. Now as the head of the Client Success Team he’s constantly involved with SEO-driven content that can make the life of both non-traditional and traditional college students much easier. You can find him on LinkedIn

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