8 Life Lessons To Help You Stay Motivated

8 Life Lessons To Help You Stay Motivated
Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Head of Client Success at Gradehacker

Like we have said in one of our previous blog posts, the new year always means an excellent opportunity for new beginnings! The first month is the perfect occasion to reflect on previous experiences and find new ways to stay motivated.

Above all, we can reflect on what we would like to change for the better. It is essential to recognize that, although work and school are crucial factors in our lives, they can also be a source of stress. Sometimes we fail to reach an appropriate balance to manage our life between school assignments, work, our family and friends, and hobbies. This is where life lessons step in.

On certain occasions, we need a little push that motivates us to continue hustling our way to success. We know that in particularly stressful situations, we must remember things that motivate us to complete all our obligations.

That is why we present 8 Life Lessons To Help You Stay Motivated when school, work, or stress takes over you!

1)Listing things will help you keep your life organized

Lists are the oldest and most effective ways to achieve excellent personal organization. The exciting thing about lists is that they are not limited to a single field. Still, they can be practical to organize any aspect of your life. From the shopping list to overdue assignments, organizing your responsibilities into lists will give your obligations a visual and dynamic perspective, which will provide a sense of personal satisfaction after you cross out the objectives achieved on your list.

Also, a list can be excellent emotional support when things become difficult. An ideal list for these situations is one entitled Why is my college career important?. You can write down all your reasons to believe that having a good education is essential in your life. And certainly, there must be many reasons!

8 Life Lessons To Help You Stay Motivated

2) Having clear goals will help you stay motivated

It is common to meet students and even overly demotivated co-workers because they do not have any short or long term goals. Acting without a fixed purpose is completely useless. Therefore, whenever you start a new project, whether it is from the perspective of a student or an employee, remember why you just started that stage of your life.

Studying, as well as working, are necessary tasks, but not simple ones. Remember that you are trying so hard for a reason, be it improving your quality of life, having enough financial support for your family, or traveling around the world. Having these types of goals will help you continue to give your best even in the most challenging times. 

3) Enjoy the company of family and friends

Your friends should be supporting you at all times of your life, not just in good times. Share your concerns with your friend. Feeling accompanied and surrounded by people who support you is an essential element not to feel alone or isolated. Your friends can help you overcome obstacles in your student life, and they can also help you with work problems through emotional support.

The same goes for your family! Your family is the unconditional support you will always have, regardless of your mistakes. Remember that we are human beings, and therefore we are sociable beings. We will always need human warmth to recover energy. 

4) Know when to take a break

The burnout epidemic is very real. Today educational and working environments are highly competitive. There is always a feeling where you should be at your maximum capacity continuously, solving problems, and without any rest. This type of lifestyle can lead to emotional overload and even much more significant issues such as depression. And what is the leading cause of burnouts? Yes, you guessed it, stress! Stress can have devastating effects on your psychology and also on your body.

Plus, over 70% of college students feel overwhelmed by their finances. Taking a break from work or college is a crucial habit to keep in mind if you want to lead a balanced life. If you are always stressed, you won’t give the best performance at work, in college, or your personal life. For this, it is more than necessary that you know when to leave some responsibilities aside and concentrate on your self-care. You are the first person who should worry about your well-being! 

5) Organization is the key to balance

The main source of stress for students and workers alike is the obligation to work or study beyond the corresponding hours. This happens due to an overly demanding environment, or simply because of a lack of primary organization. Work-study / life balance is necessary for everyone, especially for a person who is always dealing with stress.

Try, whenever possible, to keep your work and student tasks within a logical time frame, which also allows you to have free time, and of course, deserved and necessary rest time. 

6) Try activities that are useful to de-stress your mind

Exercising, yoga, jogging. These are things that can save your life. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a lot of psychological benefits. Exercising, or any physical activity that you like can help you produce serotonin, the chemical component that makes us feel happy.

At the same time, exercise is also perfect for reducing your stress levels, improving your self-esteem and memory, as well as being an excellent tool for reducing anxiety levels caused by work or student overload. 

8 Life Lessons To Help You Stay Motivated

7) You are not the only one going through a bad time

On average, 4 out of 10 college students say they feel stressed continuously by school obligations. On the other hand, in a study conducted by The American Institute of Stress, it was determined that more than 40% of workers stated that their job obligations were or are incredibly stressful. Do not feel less for complaining about your situation, since you have every right to protest and think that it is too much for you. Many people think the same way.

You have to know how to cope with responsibilities in a highly competitive environment, and this is not an easy task for everyone. Remember your value, since you are doing something that many people do not dare, which is to look for a better future and a better quality of life. Also, don’t feel guilty if you want to seek professional help to treat your stress. This is one of the best life lessons you will learn. 

8) Life always goes on

Regardless of your mistakes, life still goes on. It is human to be wrong, as it is also human to feel that we cannot continue to perform a task that surpasses us. Errors are also situations that help us learn more about ourselves and our environment so that we can apply that knowledge in future cases.

It’s not worth it to keep hitting your chest again and again because you missed an exam or because you made a mistake at work. If the people around you cannot recognize that being wrong is human, then you should not be close to people who bring so much negative energy into your life. Recognizing your value is also an excellent way of using life lessons. 

One more thing about how to deal successfully with stress!

Stress is a constant part of our daily life, and because of this, we must know how to cope with it in every possible way. Life is full of good and bad moments, but what really matters is how we can learn from those moments to improve our lifestyle.

Apply and remember these life lessons whenever you have a difficult time with your life. If, after all, you still have problems managing your responsibilities and want more free time, do not hesitate to contact the Gradehacker team so we can help you with any assignment, class, or exam you may need. We will be happy to help you reduce stress levels in your daily life!

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Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara has been an avid essay writer and researcher for Gradehacker since 2018. He has helped countless non-traditional students with a plethora of subjects like literature, nursing, and history. Now as the head of the Client Success Team he’s constantly involved with SEO-driven content that can make the life of both non-traditional and traditional college students much easier. You can find him on LinkedIn