LanguageTool vs Grammarly: Apps To Enhance Your Writing Skills

Florencia Basavilbaso

Florencia Basavilbaso

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In this comparison between LanguageTool vs Grammarly, we are trying to see which of these excellent writing apps is best for getting smooth writing results.

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Both solutions offer a wide range of features, but there are some key differences between the two that should be considered before choosing your next favorite writing assistant:

Let’s take a look at them!

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How Are Grammarly vs LanguageTool Different?


Grammarly is an advanced online writing tool that checks and corrects:

It uses artificial intelligence to provide suggestions and corrections to achieve clarity, conciseness, and improved style.

Grammarly can be used across different platforms, including web browsers, Microsoft Office suite, and mobile devices.

As part of its special features, It also has a plagiarism checker to correct unoriginal content.


On the other hand, LanguageTool is a powerful online writing and grammar-checking tool that helps users improve the quality and accuracy of their written content.

They not only correct spelling mistakes but also identify and fix all types of errors with their proofreading tool and grammar corrector.

LanguageTool supports more than 20 languages and can be used for various types of writing, such as emails, reports, academic papers, and even social media posts.

Design And User Experience

When it comes to design and user interface, both LanguageTool and Grammarly have their own unique approaches.


Its clean and straightforward design focuses on simplicity and ease of use

It features a clear-text editor where users can use their desktop version or mobile app to directly type or paste their text for grammar and spelling checking.

After submitting the text, LanguageTool quickly scans it for errors and accuracy of meaning, and suggests corrections in real-time.

LanguageTool’s interface is intuitive, with error indicators highlighting the specific areas where mistakes have been detected.

The suggested corrections and the identified errors are shown instantly, making it easy for individual users to review and apply the changes.

The tool also gives detailed explanations and grammar rules for each detected error, helping users better understand the corrections.


Grammarly has a modern and visually appealing design that elevates the user experience. Its interface features an advanced editor with a wide range of additional writing tools and options.

The app offers browser extensions, desktop applications, and a mobile app.

Their interface is user-friendly and provides real-time writing suggestions. Plus, it highlights errors in different colors to indicate the severity of the mistake.

Grammarly provides detailed explanations for each suggested correction, empowering users with knowledge about grammar rules and usage.

While both excel in their own ways, Grammarly’s interface offers more features and customization options, making it a go-to choice for users who want an advanced comprehensive writing assistant.

Learn how to write an essay with Chat GPT

Chat GPT is everywhere, and if you know how to use it, you can write an essay from scratch faster than ever!

Write an essay with Chat GPT

Chat GPT is everywhere, and if you know how to use it, you can write an essay from scratch faster than ever!

Writing Features

Now let’s jump into proofreading features that can easily improve your writing.

Both tools offer a range of features to help academic and freelance writers ensure that their work is free from grammatical errors and coherent.

1. Grammar and Spelling Checks:

LanguageTool is an open-source tool that checks for grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors in multiple languages. As it supports more than 20 languages, it’s an excellent choice for multilingual writers.

Grammarly, on the other hand, is known for its advanced grammar tools and spelling suggestions. It identifies common mistakes and offers suggestions and explanations to help users better understand and correct their errors.

2. Style and Clarity:

LanguageTool provides suggestions to improve the overall style and clarity of your writing. 

It detects sentence structure, word choice, and readability issues; offering users valuable insights to enhance their writing quality.

Grammarly also offers advanced grammar suggestions to improve your style and clarity, providing users with recommendations to make their writing more concise and engaging. It focuses on aspects like sentence length, word choice, tone, and overall writing style.

3. Plagiarism Detection:

LanguageTool doesn’t offer a built-in plagiarism detection feature. However, it can be integrated with other plagiarism-checking tools to ensure the originality of your content.

In the case of Grammarly, it includes an accurate plagiarism checker as part of its premium subscription.


It’s clear that both of these apps have enough writing features to turn your work into mistake-free writing papers and correct any potential errors.

Both support integrations with popular web browsers like:

However, there are some minor differences worth mentioning.


Grammarly, widely recognized as one of the leading grammar and spell-checking tools, seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms and applications. 

Plus, it offers a desktop application for Windows and Mac, which can be enabled to check your text in widely used applications such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

They have a mobile keyboard application and an API text editor available for both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to use Grammarly’s services while typing on your phone or tablet, ensuring consistent and accurate writing across all platforms.


LanguageTool has a desktop version that can be used with applications like:

It also has Proofreading API access for developers to integrate it with other tools and platforms.

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While we covered many factors. we are still missing one of the most important parts that can fully determine which grammar application can be the one for you!

The Grammarly Free version lets you access their basic tools but still gives you a high-quality result.

But if you want to use all of their features, you have Grammarly premium plans:

This app also offers a free version that covers the most basic writing issues

The main difference is that it won’t show you all of them unless you access LanguageTool Premium.

LanguageTool offers four payment intervals for its premium plans:

Which Should You Choose?

LanguageTool and Grammarly are both effective tools for improving the quality of your writing.

Each offers a variety of features to help you craft clear and error-free content, but they differ in cost, integrations, and AI-generated suggestions.

Grammarly is an excellent choice for users who need advanced features like AI-powered spelling and grammar checking. It also offers a wide range of integrations to ensure that your writing is error-free wherever you go online. 

However, its premium subscription can be expensive for some users.

LanguageTool is a great tool for basic users who don’t need very advanced features or browser extensions. It provides reliable grammar checking without any additional cost.

However, it lacks the AI-generated suggestions and integrations offered by Grammarly, limiting its usability to basic applications.

So, in our opinion, if you are looking for a free version, we would suggest Grammarly since they have better tools available and allow you to personalize it. 

We have been using its premium version for years to help college students with their essays and classes and never had a problem with it. We highly recommend its plagiarism checker.

So, if you want to pay for their plans, it’s also worth the shot.

But if you want to invest less in an app that can adapt to multiple types of websites and formats, then LanguageTool is a great choice. 

LanguageTool Pros and Cons



Grammarly Pros and Cons



Do you want to learn more about Grammarly? Watch our full review!

Improve Your Writing Skills

Now you have all the information you need to see which of these writing apps is the right one for you!

If you need personalized help to write outstanding essays or discussion posts, you can get in touch with the Gradehacker team to connect you with one of our expert student consultants!

Florencia Basavilbaso

Florencia Basavilbaso

Florencia Basavilbaso is a content creator passioned for writing, music, films, and the arts. At Gradehacker, she helps to improve non-traditional students life’s by finding and providing the most useful information, so they can always progress. You can find her on LinkedIn.