Easy and Healthy Snacks for When You’re Super Busy

Easy and Healthy Snacks for When You’re Super Busy
Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Head of Client Success at Gradehacker

Being a non-traditional college student is as challenging as rewarding. Optimizing your time is a must-do and that also includes small but important aspects of your life as snacking. How to decide which are the best snacks when you are too busy? Between rushing to your job, family outings and in-person classes, going for some fast-food looks tempting but it is not the best option for someone who wants to stay healthy.

There is the belief that healthy snacks have to be unnecessarily fancy and complicated. However, with some creativity, knowledge about what your body really needs and some Gradehacker advice-magic you will find the best food to accompany during your routine.

So, to avoid that awful sensation of being terribly hungry, we recommend a handful of healthy and quick snacks that our clients and team often mention as their favorites.  Here is it then our 6 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Super Busy College Students guide!


1) Healthy food combinations with Fruits with Peanut Butter, Cinnamon or the Topping of Your Choice

If you are on the road to become a healthier foodie, then you should start by eating more fruits and veggies and mix them up as you please. Fruits are a really great source of vitamins and fiber. Take strawberries as an example. Strawberries and blueberries can reduce the risk of having a heart attack and other diseases.

On top of that, they are yummy as well. Now that you have the fruit of your choice add the topping that you like the most. We recommend our favorite combination: peanut butter and cinnamon. You’ll be thanking us later.

You can also try other combinations with fruits like:

Easy and Health Snacks For When You're Busyedited

2) Cheese Cubes with Grapes are delicious and will make you feel full in no time

We bet all the wine lovers have tasted this combination. And it’s not only good with wine, cheese cubes and grapes are also an easy and tasteful snack. With these, you practically do not have to do anything. Just eat the cheese cubes and the grapes! This snack is a real time-saver, and it’s so good to lighten your hunger throughout your day or sharing with friends after work. 

3) Try Arepas as a healthy option for Taco Bell fans

Alright. This is not a debate about whether arepas are Venezuelan or Colombian. Also, if you do not know what an arepa is, you probably do not know what we are talking about. But don’t worry! Arepas are made with cornmeal, water, and a pinch of salt. You probably know the Cheesy Gordita from Taco Bell. Well. It’s something similar, but arepas are softer and thousands of times healthier. The best part is you can fill them with ANYTHING that you like. Of course, if you want to remain on topic with a healthy lifestyle, you should try the chicken and avocado filling, also known as Reina Pepiada.

4) Avocado Toast when you feel like going green and healthy

This one is pretty simple. And we all love avocado. In a bowl, mix the avocado, a little salt, freshly ground pepper, lemon juice, and voila! You can add tomatoes and onions if you want crispier textures. After you have your guacamole ready, spread it on top of your favorite bread and you will have a super nutritious snack! Keep in mind that you can prepare the guacamole the night before and it will last approximately two days in the fridge. 

5) Need a vegan snack option? Try some Chia Coconut Milk Pudding!

Chia seeds have received a lot of attention in the world of healthy foods. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial for our body. Also, they are gluten-free! These seeds are totally edible, so you can use them as a topping for anything: fruits, vegetables, and even rice.

On the other hand, coconut milk is an ingredient that is also very trendy nowadays and shares many nutritional properties with chia seeds. You must be wondering what happens if we combine the two ingredients? Well, a really great pudding. There are many ways to use these ingredients, but the simplest one is chia seeds and using coconut milk (you can also use almond, soy, or rice milk). Mix them together, stick them in the fridge for two hours, and it generates a pudding-like consistency. Then, you can use your imagination to add any sweetener or topping you prefer! 

Easy and Health Snacks For When You're Busy

6) Rice Cakes go with everything (seriously)

The good thing about rice cakes is that they go well with everything, they are vegan and also gluten-free. Basically a super snack. And the amount of things you can mix with them is impressive. We can point out some toppings you will surely like:

Now you have no excuses to say ‘Oh, I do not have enough time, let’s get that burger.’ You can prepare all these snacks a day before so that you have them ready for breakfast or to take them to work. Also, the most important thing about these snacks is that they are quick and healthy, so you won’t waste too much time prepping them. Keep these snacks in mind when you’re hungry and need something healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare!

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Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara has been an avid essay writer and researcher for Gradehacker since 2018. He has helped countless non-traditional students with a plethora of subjects like literature, nursing, and history. Now as the head of the Client Success Team he’s constantly involved with SEO-driven content that can make the life of both non-traditional and traditional college students much easier. You can find him on LinkedIn

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