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Sites For Scholarly Sources
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An essay is as good as its sources.

Yes. Having a solid and accurate scholarly source to back up your arguments is key if you want to deliver a 10/10 paper. The biggest problem is that most of the time, finding these types of sources can be hard and tedious.

How many hours did you spend doing research, hoping to finally come across that perfect scholarly journal with the statistics you needed? And how many times have you actually found that source but couldn’t access it because it was in a premium academic database?

If these scenarios sound familiar, you must know you are not alone. This is the case for almost every college student, and the best thing you can do is have a list of the best peer-reviewed journals, educational platforms, and websites you should consider when looking for scholarly articles.

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional student’s most trusted resource. We help tons of people like you with their essays and classes and know how tiresome searching for the best peer-reviewed source can be.

That’s why we are sharing our list of the best scholarly journals and websites where you can find credible sources for all of your assignments.

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But before we start, a quick tip:

Don't Forget To Check Your College's Library Database

One huge mistake many college students don’t realize they are making is forgetting that the first place they can look for primary sources is in their school’s academic library.

Library resources can be a great starting point.

Yes, there will be other useful scholarly sources on other websites and platforms, but academic books and journals you find in any school’s digital libraries can be just as valuable.

So, before you go to Google, remember you can trust your college library database first.

Now we are ready to kick off our list!

Sites For Scholarly Sources

Google Scholar and Google Books

Best website to find scholarly sources about:

Instead of going to Google, start your research in Google Scholar. This search engine exclusively searches academic papers, books, abstracts, and journal articles from peer-reviewed publishers.

Just type in the topic you are writing about, and it will show you pages of scholarly content related to it. While you may not be able to access all of these (some might be part of a paid platform) the options you’ll find here will be much better than the ones you would find in the regular Google searcher.

Similarly, Google Books focuses on scholarly books about your desired subject. Here you’ll find well-known titles, old texts, book reviews, and specific chapters of the book you are looking for.

If you need a specific textbook, search for it in Google Books, but if you don’t have any luck, you can try some of the best websites to find free college textbooks.

Research Gate

Best website to find scholarly sources about:

ResearchGate is an online platform where scientists and researchers submit their work and share their discoveries with each other. Here you can find over 100 million publications, such as academic studies with precise statistics that could add context to your paper.

You can access most of their publications for free and even have the opportunity to download them as PDFs.

Regarding private articles, you can read their abstract or request access to their authors. But a super helpful feature ResearchGate has below each publication, is that you can find a list of authors that also cited that article, with the direct quotation they took from it!

So, as long as this other author uses a word-for-word citation from the article you don’t have access to, you can take that citation for your paper and then properly list it in your references with correct formatting.

However, don’t quote it word-for-word if it’s not a direct quote. You’d be plagiarizing another author, and that’s the worst mistake you could ever make. If you find an indirect quote from a document you can’t access on ResearchGate, be sure to cite it correctly when including it in your paper.

And don’t forget to include that source in your reference list!

Sites For Scholarly Sources

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Best website to find scholarly sources about:

NCBI is one of the most popular sources to find biomedical and genomic information. It’s widely accepted by industry professionals, as it is a division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. 

It has many divisions that focus on specific topics. Some of these are:

Here you can find all types of academic journals on a wide range of topics for free.

Sites For Scholarly Sources

Wolfram Alpha

Best website to find scholarly sources about:

Wolfram Alpha is a “computational intelligence” technology that gives expert-level answers through its algorithms, artificial intelligence, and external knowledge base.

Instead of searching by topic, you need to ask a specific question for its AI to analyze it and then give you a clear and concise answer.

While we don’t recommend quoting Wolfram Alpha’s answer, as it has no peer review value, what you can do to quote their information is to look for their reference list at the bottom and see where they took each piece of information.

You can also use it to solve complex math problems in the field of arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and differential equations.

Sites For Scholarly Sources

Education Resources Information Center

Best website to find scholarly sources about:

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is an easy-to-use bibliographic and full-text database of education research and information. It was designed by the U.S. Department of Education and hosts more than 1.3 million online journals related to education.

From books to college-level research papers, ERIC is your place to go if you are looking for articles about education and its related issues.

Sites For Scholarly Sources

Library Genesis

Best website to find:

We saved one of our pro-tips for last. 

If you ever find a journal or book that has the information you are looking for but can’t find it for free, we highly recommend trying to find it on Library Genesis.

This is an online database where you can find all types of novels, scientific articles, magazines, and more. You can either try searching the journal title if you have something in mind, but if you don’t, you can go to their “Topics” section, click on the subject you are writing about, and search for an article with the info you need.

We know that its interface is not the most user-friendly, and that’s why we made a tutorial on how you can use Library Genesis.

Find The Scholarly Source You Are Looking For

It’s time to say goodbye to all those hours you spent searching for that life-saving journal with all the information you needed for your essay. From now on, you’ll just jump straight ahead to any of these websites and find that info in no time.

Remember to always check your school’s library first and to include each of these sources in your reference list once you finish.

We hope this list has helped you. 

But if you need more help with your academic writing, you can count on Gradehacker to have your back. We assist many non-traditional students like you with their essays and accelerate their degrees, and we’ll be happy to help you too!

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