Top Five Most Employable Bachelor’s Degrees To Study In 2023

most employable university degrees
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Ariana Cardozo

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Top Five Most Employable Bachelor's Degrees To Study In 2023

Studying a career and obtaining a degree isn’t easy, and we know it. Why? Because the journey to achieve this goal involves time, money, frustration, a lot of effort, among others. The worst part is that a job isn’t guaranteed after graduation.

“What do I study?” is a challenging question to answer. There is a wide range of career fields and so many options…So now we have a new question: what field of study is being hired the most right now?

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional adult student’s most trusted resource. This time we decided to do some research and find out the top five most employable bachelor’s degrees in 2023. 

And while this doesn’t mean you will have a job straight away by studying one of them, the chances of getting hired are higher.

most employable university degrees

So, let’s see the following most in-demand fields and find the perfect job after graduation just for you.

Computer Science

A computer scientist creates solutions for different industries by using technology. This area keeps evolving and taking over since artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. It’s no doubt that we are talking about the future, and talented computer scientists are the ones that will make this happen.

Is a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Worth It?

Actually, some roles can be pursued with an associate degree. For example, web developers, computer support specialists, and systems analysts; however, other entry-level jobs require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree.

So the short answer to the question is: yes.

The fields of study for this degree are extensive. Even for professionals already working in the field, earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science can lead to salary advancement or a significant promotion.

To be more specific, take a look at this list:

Some undergraduate degrees

Some graduate degrees

Of course, we are only mentioning a few. As we said, this wide-open field offers many career opportunities.


The median income for professionals with a bachelor’s in computer science makes an average of $85,000 annually. In contrast, associate degree graduates in CS make about $65,000 yearly. 

According to Indeed, the average salary of a computer science engineer is $108,411 per year. And according to the BLS, computer and information systems managers make a median income of $146,360.

Entry-level positions sometimes offer lower salaries. But overall, this is a great career choice if you are thinking about the future and are into technical aspects.

most employable university degrees

Medical Degree

Medicine is one of the most highly regarded occupations in the United States, which is a gratifying career. These degree holders can help people overcome illness and injuries and save lives.

It is one of the most important applied sciences and one of the most in-demand.

Everything depends on your chosen career; a complete list of medical degrees is extensive, some of which are Nursing, Radiology, Emergency medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, and more.

To be more specific, take a look at this list:

Some undergraduate Medical Degrees

As you can see, the term ‘assistant’, ‘technologist,’ or ‘technician’ is used extensively in undergraduate medical degrees.

In the case of a Nursing degree, nurses can become Registered Nurses with a diploma, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree.

Some higher Medical Degrees

These advanced degrees typically require at least four years of medical school.


Salaries over $250,000 are common, but this depends on your specialization. For example, the median salary for a Physician Assistant with a Bachelor’s Degree is $110,642 – $116,055.

The salary changes depending on the state you are located in.

most employable university degrees


This is a very demanding, well-paid career with many options. Some of the many study fields are mechanical engineering, electrical, civil, software, aeronautical, and more.

The demand for engineers is constantly high, and it’s unlikely that this profession will be replaced any time soon.

With an 85% of employment rate within six months of graduation, this is a very promising career opportunity. Engineers work in many areas; civil engineers are super important for every city, such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial institutions, consulting services, and more. 

A bachelor’s degree in engineering provides a foundation for graduate-level engineering and law, medicine, and business degrees.

Some programs are:

And more.

The online option may be perfect for you because it has many advantages that fit great with nontraditional adult students, from flexibility and convenience to college choice. The benefit of taking courses to suit your schedule and from your own home is priceless!

Some specialties, such as computer science and systems engineering, are more prevalent than others.


The median salary for engineering graduates is $69,591 – $72,539. But this changes entirely based on your choice. Electrical engineers report a median income of $107,000, and in the case of mechanical engineers, they have a median salary of $95,000 a year. As we said, it depends on specialization and location. 


Education indeed has the fame to be a career that doesn’t pay as well as other professions. But let’s be honest, this job will be in demand for a very long time. The world needs teachers. And truthfully, it’s a beautiful career.

The good news is that a bachelor’s degree is a good start to becoming a teacher at any level. But if you are interested in continuing your career as a professor, you have no choice but to apply for a Master of Education.

According to Coursefindr, 90% of graduates with this degree get a job within six months of graduation. There is a high demand for teachers worldwide.

Some areas of study are:

There are many distance education programs as well. Online bachelor’s in education degrees typically allow students to complete most coursework online. At the same time, professional experience requirements are met in person for every college student interested in this degree. 


The median salary for a public school teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree is $51,902 – $57,413. This also depends on the institution you work for, public, private, etc. 

most employable university degrees


Architecture students study varied subjects like art, math, and science, so college graduates with this degree can specialize in many careers. No doubt, it’s one of the most employable degrees for students.

Construction companies, consulting firms, government agencies, and more have their doors open for college graduates.

This consists of a five-year professional degree. Upon graduation from your bachelor’s degree program, you should be eligible to sit for the Architect Registration Examination.


The median salary for an Architect with a Bachelor’s Degree is $58,095 – $60,527. But this changes based on your location and specific professional job position. 

most employable university degrees

Remember that we mentioned 5 of the most employable bachelor’s degrees.

But there are other degree options to consider! Before we finish, as a bonus, here are a few more employable degrees: mathematics, art history, business administration, finance, health science, food science, security analysts, and more! 

It’s also worth saying that a college education means more than securing a job. It’s a beautiful road worth taking, but a long one.

 So you can always count on Gradehacker to help you! From  individual essays to  entire college classes, we’ll help you accelerate your degree and earn that bachelor’s degree sooner.

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