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The entire process is free. Submitting your request, communicating with our team, and even asking for revisions are all part of the experience you get by working with us!

Can I communicate with my assigned coach?

Yes, and you can do it through multiple ways.

You can have 1-1 virtual meetings, send them emails, and have phone calls.

Are your essay references AI-Written?

No. Everything we create is always written from scratch.


For our team, AI writers like ChatGPT or Quillbot are seen as tools that can speed up the research process, but nothing you’ll receive will be written by these AIs.


You will verify this with the plagiarism report we’ll include with your final sample.

What is my guarantee?

We have multiple guarantees to ensure your success:


First of all, you can access the document where your reference is being written from the very start through our project management platform.


Secondly, you have unlimited revisions.


Third, you will always receive AI-free work.


Fourth, we’ll include a detailed plagiarism report to ensure you that the reference paper is 100% original.


And finally, we’ll deliver your sample ready for review two days before your final deadline. This guarantee applies if we confirmed your request at least five days in advance.

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We are letting you try our innovative coaching service for free, because we are confident in the change we can make in your life.

We have helped hundreds of adult students over the years, and after helping them with one essay, 85% came back for more.

Trust us; you have never had such satisfactory results for college as the one you can achieve with Gradehacker.

We want you to value our team, recognize how much of a difference we can make in your college journey, and ultimately, graduate faster!

How can I know Gradehacker is legit?

There are multiple ways you can verify that Gradehacker has a professional and attentive team behind its doors.

The first way is to check our About Us an Who we Are page and meet all the faces behind the team.

You can also book a meeting with our Student Success team, speak with us, and have all your doubts answered.

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