All About University Federal Credit Union: What You Need to Know

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We know that to achieve your goal of higher education, you may be facing a challenging economic path. Of course, you are aware of different types of financial aid like grants, scholarships, and federal loans, but sometimes even these are not enough to cover your college costs. Yet, a little-known option is available that can help you cover the rest of your high rising college costs. These are known as university federal credit unions.

A University Federal Credit Union Private Student Loan can be the extra help you need to finance college. If you’re a UA student, in this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about this credit union.

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What is University Federal Credit Union?

University Federal Credit Union is not a typical financial institution. In fact, it is the only credit union in the country that is part of a university. The University of Arizona Credit Union started as a finance club that wanted to serve its community. Then in 1985, it was granted a charter as a federal credit union by the National Credit Union Administration.

Because of its affiliation with the University of Arizona Credit Union, it does not have a typical banking fee structure, allowing it to take in non-traditional deposits that larger credit unions don’t want.

What Services Does University Federal Credit Union Offer?

Your University Federal Credit Union is the perfect place to start if you need help opening a checking account and getting back on your feet financially. 

Members can enjoy great service and perks such as: 

University Federal Credit Union offers education assistance through many of its financial products and services. If you have student loan debt, University Federal Credit Union allows you to apply for a loan to lower your interest payments and reduce your principal. The money you pay will be applied to your loan balance. If you have trouble making your monthly student loan payments, University Federal Credit Union is the place to turn to when seeking financial assistance.

In addition to loan programs, University Federal Credit Union has education savings accounts, college savings accounts, CDs, stocks, mutual funds, and an auto loan.

How to apply to University Federal Credit Union?

To apply to a University Federal Credit Union, you need the following information:

Once you have all that information, you can start completing your application here.

What Are The Qualifications For Joining University Federal Credit Union?

  1. You’ve reached the age of majority in your state.

  2. You and your cosigner (if applicable) are US citizens or permanent residents.

  3. You’re enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school.

  4.  You have a GPA of at least 2.0.

  5.  You meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards as defined by your school.

  6.  You’re a member of University First Federal Credit Union (or become a member during the online application process).

Federal Credit Union vs. Regular Banks

One of the most significant differences we can highlight is that big banks tend to be more inflexible in their financial products and customer service because they have more strict rules that are not set locally; they are administered by national boards of directors and executive leadership.

Because of this, credit unions are more dedicated to serving their members, which makes them more flexible when it comes to customer needs. The account owners —the credit union members— are responsible for voting when it comes to changes since they all have equal voting rights. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Federal Credit Union vs. Regular Banks?

Federal Credit Union Pros:

Federal Credit Union Cons:

Regular Banks Pros

Regular Banks Cons:

Do You Think University Federal Credit Union Will Suit Your Needs?

At University Federal Credit Union, you will find all sorts of excellent services. You can use your credit union membership to access your checking account and other financial services. With University Federal Credit Union, you can also get a financial analyst to help you save your money. The financial analyst will guide you through the process of saving money to have an enjoyable lifestyle.

Being a college student, mainly a non-traditional student, can get overwhelming and complicated, so having an option that can help you release your stress from financial problems is something to be thankful for. 

You can find different Federal Credit Union options around the U.S., here are a few: 

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