Scholarships For Military Spouses

Scholarships For Military Spouses
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Military spouses are an important part of the military family. They are the ones who provide emotional support, care for children, and hold families together when their loved one is deployed. 

However, they don’t always have the same access to financial assistance as other military family members. It can be difficult for them to find scholarships that will cover their educational needs. 

They also have different needs than others looking for scholarship funds, which means that it may be hard for them to find college scholarships for which they are qualified. Military spouses should not worry about finding financial assistance to pay for education after being uprooted by a deployment or living in a new place. 

A variety of scholarship programs exist specifically for military families who wish to return to school after leaving active duty. It is a small way for the government to give back to veterans by helping them achieve their dreams through education.

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Being part of a military family can be challenging, so in this article, we want to share with you the best scholarships that can support your professional growth.

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Scholarships For Military Spouses

Finding A Scholarship

Some scholarships for military spouses are offered through the various branches of the military. Still, others are funded directly by federal and/or state government agencies. 

And, there are some scholarship programs that focus specifically on spouses and children of current military service members; others are dedicated to serving the spouses of military personnel who have died or become injured in action

Here’s a tip: you can also join military spouse groups or clubs that offer additional scholarships for military dependents. You can check The Military Benefits List in alphabetical order and organized by state.

Scholarships for Military Spouses

Applying will be the hardest step. The main thing to remember is that you must be informed and aware of the type of scholarships available, and you must find scholarships that are specifically tailored to the spouse.

 You may also find scholarships that will help cover student-teacher ratios or help pay for class fees. 

Here’s a list of 5 different scholarships that may suit your needs:

This Foundation provides grants to female veterans and their children for educational purposes. The program provides scholarships for certificate programs, community college courses, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.

Awarded scholarships are usually given only for courses taken at accredited universities. Scholarship programs are based on merit, academic potential, personal essays, letters of recommen­dations, and financial need.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Army Women´s Foundation Legacy Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria

The deadline was January 21, 2022, however, don’t get discouraged as it will open again for next school year.

The AAAA Scholarships Foundation, Inc. was founded to provide scholarships for the college education of students who are active members of the Army Aviation Association of America, Inc. The scholarships are merit-based and range from $1,000 to $12,000. 

 Applicants are evaluated by their grades, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, essays, interviews, etc.

Scholarships For Military Spouses The AAAA Scholarship Foundation, Inc

Scholarship Criteria

The deadline was December 2021, however, don’t get discouraged as it will open again in September 2022 for next school year.

To qualify for an Anchor scholarship, you must be an active duty spouse, retired, or honorably discharged surface navy member who meets eligibility requirements. Sponsorship qualification and time in command vary by sponsor/event. 

 You must use funds to pay tuition costs only at accredited two, four, or industry certification degree programs in the United States, including online courses and/or classroom instruction, for first-time associate, bachelor’s, graduate, or industry certification degrees.

Scholarships For Military Spouses Anchor Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Criteria

The deadlines for this scholarship are:

In recognition of their military service to the country, this program has awarded nearly 2,000 scholarships to military families since its inception. They have helped provide financial guidance and training for more than 160,000 members. They have invested more than 511,000 hours working with military families throughout the country. 

Recipients of the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship commit to studying for three years before becoming licensed professionals who serve their communities by providing guidance to the military.

Scholarships For Military Spouses FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship

Scholarship Criteria

The application will reopen on March 22, 2022.

This scholarship program provides financial assistance to eligible spouses of deceased or disabled veterans who may be pursuing an undergraduate degree at Florida State University.

Scholarship Criteria

If you are the spouse of a disabled veteran, you must:

If you are the spouse of a deceased veteran, you must:

For both cases, you need to submit a completed, error-free Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA)

The deadline for this scholarship is April 1, 2022

Scholarships For Military Spouses

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Start Applying!

As military families move from base to base and different areas around the country, they also move away from many resources that make college possible. This means that you may have to save up or take out a loan to pay for school.

 We hoped this article helped you find a list of scholarships that you can apply to and continue with your dream of getting a degree. All of your efforts will make it count no matter what!

 Here at Gradehacker, we love to be that helping hand you need, whether it is with our services or with all the information you need to be successful in college. 

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