Scholarships For Military Members

Scholarships For Military Members
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The cost of college is rising every year, and military members have a lot on their plate; they have to balance family, school, work, and military commitments. That’s why it can be hard to find time for anything else, including money for college. 

The main drawback comes from the short free time military life allows no matter the service branch. Because the average American spends, at the very least, over seven years in the force, college students in the military have the lowest participation rate in public four-year institutions, with military veterans representing 2.8 percent and students on active duty or in the Reserves/National Guard 1.6 percent.

However, there is not only a problem of time, but a severe funding shortfall for education too. Before, military personnel simply did not have the same access to scholarships as their civilian peers. Without time nor money to study, it’s no surprise that so few military members are trying to get a college education.

But don’t worry, luckily there are many ways to finance your education, you only have to know where to find them. In this article, you’ll find how to apply for the best scholarships for military members while serving your country.

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Scholarships For Military Members

But before we get started, let’s be clear on what a scholarship is.

What Is A Scholarship?

A scholarship is a grant or a loan that the government or a private entity gives someone to help them pay for their education. Some of the best scholarship awards come in grants, which are given to people who are unable to pay for college themselves.

What Are Scholarships Meant For?

Some scholarships are given to students who are studying certain subjects. Military-related scholarships are a great option for students who want to expand their knowledge of a specific subject. Many scholarships can also be taken out in conjunction with tuition assistance for another college program, such as community college or university.

What Does A Scholarship For Military Members Do?

The scholarship fund goes directly towards paying for college. Instead of writing out a large check, these scholarships provide immediate cash flow that can make a real difference in a students’ financial situations.

In particular, these scholarships are intended for eligible applicants of the U.S. military, including reservists, national guard, marine corps, air force, veterans, ones on active military service duty, and retired members. Some scholarships for military members are awarded for veteran-specific reasons.

Scholarships For Military Members Team

Who Can Apply For A Scholarship For Military Members?

Generally, the scholarship eligibility requirements for military members are the same as those for regular scholarships. It is required for every student to be enrolled in a college or university, and you must meet a certain grade requirement.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you’re an active duty military member, your scholarship rules can be a bit different.

The good news is that there are many scholarship opportunities to be applied to. Below are some great of the many military scholarships available, so you can choose the one that fits your situation the best way possible.

Let’s start!

The Society of the 1st Infantry Division offers a competitive scholarship for active-duty 1st Infantry Division soldiers. 

 If awarded, the prize would be paid out in yearly installments of no more than $5,000 each. This college scholarship will be given based on merit.

Eligibility Criteria

The application deadline is June 1st of each year.

1st Infantry Division Foundation Huebner Scholarship

For this scholarship, you need to be currently enrolled in an accredited bachelor’s degree program in Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia, or related health care field while serving or have previously served in the US Army (active army, national guard, reserve), and are not currently receiving funding from a component of the United States Army.

 One of its purposes is to provide financial assistance for deserving graduate degree and undergraduate students of nursing to improve their educational opportunities. 

 You must meet these requirements before you can participate.

Eligibility Criteria

The application deadline for this scholarship is March 30, 2022.

Scholarships For Military Members Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA)

Recognizing the importance of education and its role in personal, professional, and economic fulfillment, the Army Women’s Foundation for Education provides scholarships to deserving students at colleges nationwide. The Army Women’s Foundation has created the Legacy Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to female soldiers and their lineal descendants

Scholarship applications are based primarily on academic achievement. Still, they’re not limited to just academics — scholarships may be awarded for any reason at all! Only courses taken at accredited schools count towards scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

The deadline for this scholarship was January 21, 2022, however keep an eye out as it will open again for next school year. Save this link here.

Scholarships For Military Members

To provide financial assistance to those who have served their country, the American Brother Scholarship Program offers scholarships to deserving students from across America. They offer six $500 scholarships for our active duty service members and veterans to help them achieve their educational goals.

You might be eligible for free or reduced tuition at any public college or university in America!

Eligibility Criteria

Your application must be completed by March 1, 2022.

Scholarships For Military Members American Brother Foundation

Choose The Scholarship That Suits You The Most

There are many scholarships and grants designed specifically to help pay for your college costs. We encourage you to explore the options available very carefully when you decide.

Being an active military service member will not stop you from following your academic goals. With the right help, you will be able to achieve the college degree you want!

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