How To Earn College Credit For Your Online Courses

How To Earn College Credit Fo Your Online Courses
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You’ve been accepted to college, but you don’t have the time or money to spend on a traditional 4-year college degree. Thankfully, some alternatives allow you to earn school credit for online college courses. There is no shortage of individual courses available for students who want to study at home in today’s digital age. 

As a non-traditional college student, saving time and money is a priority that you consider when you think about continuing your education. Online courses can be a great way to spend less on both, but there are also other options. Some programs offer college credit for passing specific exams, while others award certifications in a field. 

There is a wide variety of benefits to taking online courses that might not be obvious at first glance. 

Since you don’t need to go to college classes physically, one of the main draws is the ability to attend two different colleges simultaneously. While it may sound difficult at first, think that you can earn credit from your university while attending a much cheaper community college. 

This saves you from spending hard-earned money on tuition, and from having to take another semester (and pay for another semester of classes) in order to get the credits you need.

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How To Earn College Credit Fo Your Online Courses

Finding A Scholarship

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What Do You Need To Earn College Credit For Online Courses?

Even if your college already offered online classes, they might not be flexible. As you may be confined indoors and have more time on your hands, now might be your chance to add more classes than your college allows you to schedule.

Therefore, by joining another online class in a different college, you will be able to get ahead and graduate early.

Here's A Few Steps You Can Follow To Get Credit For Online Courses:​

1. Check Your College's Credit Transfer Policy

Usually, colleges accept between 15 to 90 credits from other institutions. This varies from college to college, so you need to ensure how the college you’ll apply to works precisely. 

If you can’t find their transfer policy online, contact an academic advisor or go directly to the central registrar’s office, they can help you find the information you need.

How To Earn College Credit Fo Your Online Courses

2. Find Out Which Class Requirements You Haven’t Completed Yet

It is quite normal that the most accessible credits to transfer come from general education and free elective credits, so get information about whether you have any outstanding requirements. 

Then, take a pen and paper and write down the areas of study, the names of the classes, and course codes that you have yet to take at your university. Next, try to find online college courses that match these as closely as possible.

If you find one that covers similar subjects, you can save time and money by taking it and later transferring the credits to your college.

3. Start Searching For Courses!

We want to make your life easier, so here are some sites you can try to find different ways of earning college credits that you can transfer into your degree:

  • They provide more than 200 courses that your college may accept as transfer credits available through their accelerator membership. Plus, you can also take the final exam online!
  • Modern States: They are a non-profit education alliance dedicated to college access for all, in partnership with EDX. They make use of free courses available on EDX to prepare you for CLEP and AP exams. Their catchphrase is “Freshman Year for Free.”
  • Propero: They offer more than 40 self-paced courses covering general education and introductory subjects. All their resources for the courses are available online and include eTextbooks, audio learning through podcasts, interactive presentations, and more! Courses are accredited through the ACE College Credit Recommendation service, so they are mostly accepted as transfer credits in U.S. universities.
How To Earn College Credit Fo Your Online Courses

Earn College Credit In An Easy Way!

College is an investment, and as such, it pays to save as much as you can. One of the most commonly overlooked strategies for doing so is the ability to earn college credits through various online courses. Earning college credit online has many advantages. In addition, you’ll be able to save time by not having to commute or take time off work. 

It’s never been easier to earn college credit for your online courses! Here at Gradehacker, we always look for the best resources available for non-traditional and traditional college students. Remember, you can reach out to us if you need any of our services.

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