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Our Goal is to make you have a reliable and honest college experience with our class asisstance and here you will find the best budget for that

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If you need help with your essay, your class or your degree, we are here to help you!

Essay Writing

Essay Writing Service

The price starts at $55 per page for an undergrad essay and $60 per page for a graduate level essay. If your essay asks for a range of pages; for example 3-5 pages, we will base our pricing on the average. In this case, we would price the request at 4 pages. Starting price at

$55 /Per page

Entire Class Bundle

Entire Class Bundle Service

Our entire class bundle allows you to pay for help with all the tasks (assignments, exams) involved in a class. Instead of paying for each individual assignment, an entire class bundle is paid biweekly at a fixed rate. Starting price at

$245 /Biweekly

Degree Accelerator

Degree Accelerator Service

A degree accelerator subscription is for those taking accelerated classes or in an accelerated degree program. It involves a biweekly subscription, but you will have access to our services throughout your entire degree. Starting price at

$300 /Biweekly

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Essay Writing Service

Entire Class Bundle

Degree Accelerator

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Homework Assigments

We work side by side to make sure your homework is the grade you want! We have experience with Blackboard, Canvas, Pearson, Webassign, Aleks, McGraw-Hill, and so much more.

Pricing is flexible to your needs as there is no standard homework assignment. We'll review in detail so you end up paying just for what you need.

Exams & Quizzes

You probably find it hard to find the time to study for that exam you have on your schedule.

If you choose our Exams and Quizzes service, you will be able to get help with your exam from $250 to $300.

Class Discussions

Concentrating on discussions while developing a coherent post, and reading your classmates’ content and comments require a lot of time.

You can get help with your discussion assignment from $50 to $55, depending on your class level.

Here's a few extra things for you to consider

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The academic level (undergraduate or graduate or nursing) of your assignment influences the price.

This is because the complexity of ideas and concepts vary from one to another.

Let’s say you and a friend request assistance for a psychology essay about the brain.

Your friend is taking a basic biology course to get enough credits for her bachelor’s degree while you are pursuing a master of science in nursing (MSN).

Although, the essay's topic will be the same, the vocabulary and deepness of writing will not be.

As an example, a two-page double-spaced undergrad essay will cost $110, while a graduate essay of the same characteristics will cost $120.

We prefer to have requests for help be made with more than 72 hours until the deadline. This is to ensure that you have the best personalized and quality service and result. Yet, there are times where our team is able to help even with less than 72 hours of your deadline. In this case, if our team confirms with you we can help please be aware there is an additional 15% added to the regular price as an express service premium

Gradehacker has an extensive catalog of textbooks. If your assignment requires a textbook we do not have, you will be asked to provide it. Or, we can buy the book and have you reimburse us for the purchase.

You may have to buy access to other school or assignment portals apart from your main courses management site. This is an expense we ask you pay. Examples of these portals are: MyMathLab, Pearson Education, etc.

Why You Should See Gradehacker as a Self-Investment Opportunity

Planning ahead will not only save you money but also will make you reach your goals quicker and easier. At Gradehacker we call that a Smart Self-Investment.

Just think about the future

Once you get that degree and finally get a better paid-job or that promotion, your investment will be returned with better pay and better opportunities

You may sometimes have a hard time doing nice things for yourself but, this time, you have to know that you are the key to improving your life and the life of the ones you care about the most. Stop doubting and invest that part of your budget in the future you deserve.

This is Gradehacker Services Pricing in a Nutshell.

Check out our services page for more details on what we can do for you in your journey of achieving your degree

Single Assignments vs Entire Class Bundle vs Degree Accelerator

Want to see some numbers just to be sure? Let’s compare all the options you have for an example of a 10 week undergrad class. Here the comparison has the same type of assignments but you can see how the prices differ greatly dependant on our different packages based on your needs. 

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