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We understand that getting a degree is a huge decision. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable class assistance cost information to help you budget for your investment.

Watch these videos to discover

How Our Pricing Works in 5 Minutes!

Watch these videos to discover

How Our Pricing Works in 5 Minutes!

What will you learn?

In this video, we’ll discuss how much it costs to get help on your essay and the pricing factors associated with it!

We created this video to help you understand how the pricing for our essay writing service works; no matter if you are an undergraduate or graduate student, we’ll show you the pricing factors considered! 


Table of Contents | Gradehacker Pricing in a Nutshell

Working with Gradehacker

Congrats on taking your first steps to get help with college classes and accelerate your degree. Naturally, you are wondering how the pricing process works. You may have seen other websites where there are long, messy lists of numbers that just don’t make sense.  

Do not fear. We are here to make it easier for you in your already stressful life.  

Pricing varies if you want assistance on a one-time basis for an assignment or you want us to work with you on larger commitments such as an entire class, multiple classes, or your entire degree.  

We don’t expect you to make the calculations, we want you to understand how we work and our pricing once we send it. Transparency is vital because we want you to trust us entirely in something that means so much to you as your degree.

Most Popular!


Entire Class Bundle

Starts at $190/Biweekly

sassico pricing image
  • All Inclusive Subscription-Based Pricing​
  • Early Assignment Delivery​
  • Subject Matter Expert​

Entire Class Bundle Subscription

Our entire class bundle allows you to pay for help with all the tasks (assignments, exams) involved in a class.

Instead of paying for each individual assignment, an entire class bundle is paid biweekly at a fixed rate.

The pricing of an entire class bundle is determined by the academic level, length of the course and number of classes.


Degree Accelerator

Starts at $230/Biweekly

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  • All Inclusive Subscription-Based Pricing​
  • Perfect for 4 to 10 Week Classes
  • Graduate Faster

Degree Accelerator Subscription

A degree accelerator subscription is for those taking accelerated classes or in an accelerated degree program. It involves a biweekly subscription, but you will have access to our services throughout your entire degree

It is designed to accelerate your degree 3 to 5 times faster. You can stack classes up and finish your degree quicker. The pricing is determined by academic level and number of classes.


Single Assignment Pricing Factors

The academic level (undergraduate or graduate) of your assignment also influences the price.

This is because the complexity of ideas and concepts vary from one to another.

Let’s say you and a friend request assistance for a psychology essay about the brain.

Your friend is taking a basic biology course to get enough credits for her bachelor’s degree while you are pursuing a master of science in nursing (MSN).

Although, the essay’s topic will be the same, the vocabulary and deepness of writing will not be.

As an example, a two-page double-spaced undergrad essay will cost $90, while a graduate essay of the same characteristics will cost $100.

Your assignment’s price will change if you request assistance within 72 hours of its deadline.  

If you need your assignment done in 72 hrs or less, and it is within our team’s availability, there is a premium express added to your pricing. This is an additional 15%.

Let’s say that you need help with a three page undergrad essay. At an average rate, that will have a cost of $135.

If you need that service to be completed within 72 hours, it will have an express premium of 15% added causing a final price of $155.25.

Essay Writing Service

Starts at $45/Per Page

sassico pricing image
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free
  • Personalized 1-on-1 Attention

Essay Writing Service

The price starts at $45 per page for an undergrad essay and $50 per page for a graduate level essay

The more pages you request the lower the price per page is. For example, a six page undergraduate essay becomes $42.50 per page instead of $45 per page. 

If your essay asks for a range of pages; for example 3-5 pages, we will base our pricing on the average. In this case, we would price the request at 4 pages


Is Your Essay Single or Double Spaced?

Single spaced essays have fewer pages than a double-spaced one, due to spacing. To ensure a fair price, the per page rate is different depending on spacing



Starts at $200/Per Exam

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  • Exclusive Partnership
  • Astonishing Communication
  • Enjoy Yourself

Regular College Exam Help

There are two types of exams. The first is a regular exam within your class and the second is a proctored exam that monitors you during the exam.

Gradehacker defines a regular exam as any exam that does not require a 3rd party proctoring service. A regular undergraduate exam is $200 while for a graduate class its pricing is $250.


Proctored Exams

Starts at $300/Per Exam

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  • Hassle Free
  • Be Invisible
  • One-of-a-Kind Help

Proctored Exam Help

Proctored exams are considered a premium service because it involves more complicated logistics and it’s an exclusive offering that Gradehacker provides.

The proctored exam service has a price that ranges from $300 for an undergrad proctored exam and $350 for a graduate proctored exam. It does not matter how many hours or questions it has.



Starts at $75/Per Quiz

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  • Get Your Time Back
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Sit Back, Relax

Quiz Help

You will be happy to know that quizzes have a set price.

If you want us to assist you with a quiz for an undergraduate level class it will have a cost of $75.

While a quiz for a graduate level class will have a price of $85.

Discussion Post

Starts at $40/Per Post

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  • Timely Posts
  • Extensive Responses
  • Reference-Driven

Discussion Post Help

Gradehacker does not take into account a discussion post’s length for the price.

As initial posts require in-depth research and writing the price ranges from $40 for an undergraduate post to $45 for a graduate level post. Discussion replies have a fixed price of $5 per reply.

You can try out our discussion board service for free by clicking here.


Express Service Premium

We prefer to have requests for help be made with more than 72 hours until the deadline. This is to ensure that you have the best personalized and quality service and result. Yet, there are times where our team is able to help even with less than 72 hours of your deadline. In this case, if our team confirms with you we can help please be aware there is an additional 15% added to the regular price as an express service premium.

Express Service Single Pricing Table


External Costs: Other Things To Consider


Gradehacker has an extensive catalog of textbooks. If your assignment requires a textbook we do not have, you will be asked to provide it. Or, we can buy the book and have you reimburse us for the purchase.

Student Portals

You may have to buy access to other school or assignment portals apart from your main courses management site. This is an expense that the client must pay. Examples of these portals are: MyMathLab, Pearson Education, etc.

What is Always Included for Free?


Gradehacker does not charge extra for additional revisions.

If you need to change, add or delete something, your study consultant will do it for you by default as many times as you want within the requirements of your request.

Also, you can contact them during the process to make sure that everything is going fine.

Grammar and Spelling Check

This process is standard even before your assignment reaches you.

Every study consultant must submit their work to our editor-in-chief who checks the written work’s grammar, spelling, and formatting.

Each and every written assignment goes through many quality checks before it even reaches your hands.

Plagiarism Report If Needed

You will be given a free plagiarism report if you request it.

Gradehacker checks this aspect in the early editing process of writing.

Also, study consultants have many reliable tools to check that your essay or discussion has no plagiarism issues. 



Single Assignments vs Entire Class Bundle vs Degree Accelerator

Want to see some numbers just to be sure? Let’s compare all the options you have for an example of a 10 week undergrad class. Here the comparison has the same type of assignments but you can see how the prices differ greatly dependant on our different packages based on your needs. 

Why You Should See Gradehacker as a Self-Investment Opportunity

Planning ahead will not only save you money but also will make you reach your goals more quicker and easier. At Gradehacker we call that a Smart Self-Investment.

Yes, money will be needed but think about the future

Once you get that degree and finally get a better paid-job or that promotion, your investment will be returned with better pay and better opportunities

We know that you sometimes have a hard time doing nice things for yourself but, this time, you have to know that you are the key to improving your life and the life of the ones you care about the most. Stop doubting and invest that part of your budget in the future you deserve.

This is Gradehacker Services Pricing in a Nutshell.

Check out our services page for more details on what we can do for you in your journey of achieving your degree. You also can contact us if you have further questions here.

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