What To Do In Summer | Best Activities For This College Break

What To Do In Summer
Santiago Mallea

Santiago Mallea

Content Writer At Gradehacker

Summer… That magical time of the year when the sun is up, blockbuster movies hit theaters, children play outside, but most importantly, college takes a break for a few weeks.

The only problem is that as many students barely get to their finals, once they pass them, they don’t know what to do in summer because they spent all that time worried about their assignments and focused on balancing their responsibilities with their academic journey.

And what’s worse is that nowadays, it seems as if we were told that we should spend every minute of our lives doing something that improves our quality of life and takes us to our career goals.

It’s easy to get lost in our professional goals and forget that it’s also super important to take the time to chill out and simply enjoy our time on Earth.

And summer might just be the perfect time for that.

Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional student’s most trusted resource. We know just like you how important college is, but we also know it’s vital to take advantage of these summer months and do all the things you normally wouldn’t have the time to.

That’s why we are sharing a list of activities and ideas in case you don’t know what to do in summer.

Let’s start!

What To Do In Summer

Find a New Hobby

Between college life and responsibilities like family and work, it can be hard finding the free time and dedicate it to doing something you like.

Because after working an entire evening and spending at least other two hours reading class material and writing assignments, it’s 100% understandable if you want to use those few free hours to watch a tv show or rest.

But hobbies are necessary! Regardless of which one we choose, these are the activities that switch us off from our regular life and make us feel happier and calmer. They can even be our motivators, our goal at the end of the day after we have finished with all our responsibilities.

If you still haven’t found yours, summer is the perfect opportunity to pick a new hobby or retake an old one you had to leave because of your busy schedule!

For instance, if you are interested in developing your creative skills, you can take up photography, start a writing course, or join a discussion club where you get to talk and learn about movies or books you like.

Or you could also find a simpler hobby that could fit perfectly into your regular life. For example, you can plant a garden! Whether you have a backyard or a small outdoor space, having your own garden with beautiful flowers will require you to take proper care of them based on each plant’s characteristics. 

The list of hobbies you could do is endless. To pick one, you just have to think of the activities you like the most and how interesting they are to you. Remember, you can start it, and if you later feel it’s not for you, leave it and begin with a new one!

What To Do In Summer


We know that exercising on a hot summer day is not always as easy as it sounds. Hot temperatures can be suffocating, so why would you go outside and suffer that heat when you could be chilling at your home?

Well, doing any exercise is highly beneficial for all sorts of fields. You are healthier, disconnect from your obligations, and clear your head to new thoughts and ideas.

That’s why you should use summer as a tryout of different activities you can do. Start practicing sports like basketball, begin training at your local gym, or dive into the nearest pool and swim!

But don’t worry, by exercising we are not only talking about specific sports. If you like simpler activities, you can do your own walking tours or bike rides around your city. Do it at your own pace; no one is rushing you! You can set your length and speed goals and rest whenever you need.

Exercising during summer can be challenging, but don’t see it as an obligation or tiresome activity. Instead, see it as an opportunity to clear out your mind by doing an activity you actually enjoy in your own rhythm and time.

What To Do In Summer

Discover The World Close To You

It’s no mystery how great traveling can be. Visiting new countries, meeting interesting people, and learning about unique cultures can be super fulfilling experiences, but the truth is that not always you can do it.

Traveling takes lots of money and planning, and while it may be impossible to travel abroad each summer, you can still use the summer break to discover the beautiful and exciting places that have always been closer to you.

Take a one-day trip to a nearby city you never had the opportunity or reason to go to, or meet with some friends and do a night walking tour to appreciate the gorgeous city lights.

If you want to do something different, organize a trip to the best amusement park you can think of, or visit the closest county fair and see all the fantastic things you can find in one place.

Or even take a step further and plan a short road trip to another state! 

The chances are that your responsibilities will limit your availability to travel during the year, so these summer months are an excellent opportunity to go outside and discover as many places as possible!

What To Do In Summer


Even if we’ve just told you there are many activities you can do during summer; there is one you shouldn’t forget. Chill out and rest!

It is super important to dedicate quality time for yourself, where you don’t do anything productive and just relax.

Of course, it’s great if you want to create a summer bucket list of your own and plan lots of activities, but it’s also ok if you use one day or two -or even an entire week why not?- to stay at home and sleep a few more hours, order or cook your favorite meal, and binge that long tv show you have wanted to start since it premiered a few months ago.

Rest in the best way you can think of; you deserve it!

What To Do In Summer

Chill Out And Enjoy Your Summer!

Summer break is a wonderful opportunity to do all those things you don’t have the time for during the rest of the year. A great time to begin a new hobby that makes you happy, start exercising on your terms and discover new places and cities with unique experiences. And don’t forget about resting!

Use these months to de-stress and charge your internal batteries to then retake college with your energy and productivity at their best.

We hope you feel ready to kick off your summer. Relax and dedicate quality time to yourself; there is nothing better you can do. And once you return to college, remember you can count on Gradehacker to help you with any assignment you need.

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