What is the SCRUM Master Certification And Why You Should Have it

SCRUM Master
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If you are part of a working team that wants to develop a more agile framework, you may be familiar with the idea of incorporating a Scrum Master. You go to Google looking for answers and find concepts you don’t understand, starting with the title of this brand new methodology.

Still, you are not sure what this is.

What is the Scrum framework? What are the benefits? Do I have to study? Is it hard? How much does the certification exam cost? Is it worth it?

Whether you are leading a group or are a key member of one, understanding what Scrum is could mean a better way of achieving more outstanding results. Many companies are starting to develop Scrum teams and asking their employees to pass the exam and incorporate the Scrum methodology into their workspace because of its innovative work frame.

And you don’t want to miss that! The only problem is that you are still unsure what this Scrum framework is. Well, not anymore.

Here at Gradehacker, we help all types of non-traditional students. From adults pursuing a higher degree in college to workers just like you who want to improve their career results. Since we think it’s worth mentioning, here is a clear explanation of the Scrum framework and why you should use it.

SCRUM Master

So, let’s answer the most basic question.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a set of practices for addressing complex adaptive problems while creating practical and imaginative products of the highest possible quality. It’s a lightweight framework where participants adapt to complex issues and generate value.

This system is born from the scientific method of empiricism. Instead of following a programmed algorithmic approach, Scrum takes an empirical approach by valuing and respecting the people involved and letting them organize themselves to deal with unexpected events and solve even the most complex problems.

Some of the industries that use the Scrum approach the most are:

Now that we have understood what the central concept is, we can jump into the next big question:

How are Scrum Teams Created?

Scrum teams are self-managed and cross-functional. There are no subteams or hierarchies, and usually, it’s composed of a small group of people, ten or even less.

The Scrum process is divided into three positions:

And as we know which are the positions involved, we can answer the final key question:

How Does Scrum Work?

First of all, the Product Owner creates and manages the Product Backlog, a dynamic list where all the work that is or might be needed for the product is prioritized. 

An agile development team handles these tasks during the Sprint.

What is the Sprint? It is the period of one to four weeks in which the developers will be solving problems and adding value to the product.

Meanwhile, the development team will have a daily meeting of 15 minutes to conduct the Daily Scrum, where they’ll inspect and adapt their progress toward their goal and find if there are any impediments to that.

Additionally, a professional Scrum Master will make sure that all team members have a deep understanding and are properly enacting the Scrum theory.

So, as the teams work towards their primary goals, the increment grows repeatedly, allowing them to inspect and adapt empirically based on progress.

Once the Sprint ends, the Scrum team invites the internal stakeholders to the Sprint Review, where they inspect the results collectively. Then, the team conducts a Sprint Retrospective, where they evaluate how they worked and build a new plan for how to improve.

And the Scrum cycle starts again.

SCRUM Master

How to Become a Professional Scrum Team

In order to prove you have a proper understanding of what Scrum is and how it works, you have to go through the certification process.

There is a certificate program for all three Scrum roles, each with its advanced level.


Fee: $150 per attempt

Fee: $250 per attempt

Fee: $500 per attempt

Passing score: 85%

Passing score: 85%

Passing score: 85%

Time limit: 60 minutes

Time limit: 90 minutes

Time limit: 150 minutes

80 Questions

30 Questions (partial credit provided on some questions)

30 Multiple Choice questions and Essay

Intermediate Difficulty

Advanced Difficulty

Expert Difficulty


Fee: $200 per attempt

Fee: $250 per attempt

Fee: $500 per attempt

Passing score: 85%

Passing score: 85%

Passing score: 85%

Time limit: 60 minutes

Time limit: 90 minutes

Time limit: 120 minutes

80 Questions

40 Questions (partial credit provided on some questions)

35 Multiple Choice questions and Essay

Intermediate Difficulty

Advanced Difficulty

Expert Difficulty

The Professional Scrum Developer assessment only has one level and is meant for those who want to validate their knowledge of how to build complex software products using Scrum.

Other Scrum Certificates

SCRUM Master

Where Can You Prepare For The SCRUM Exam?

A great advantage that all Scrum certificates share is that none requires you to take a specific course. You can find all resources available on Scrum’s website and discover what content they require you to know on each certificate overview.

Even though taking a course is highly recommended, those who want to try self-education can do it without spending extra money.

But if that’s not for you and you want to go through a better learning experience, many online training courses are available.

The first training workshop can be found on the official Scrum website, where you’ll go through a 2-day training and then be able to take the exam in the area you’ve prepared for. While the cost of each course is set by its professor, their fee can range from $990 to $1,500, depending on the area and level.

But don’t worry, there are cheaper options too!

For example, Udemy offers Scrum for Beginners + Scrum Master Certification Preparation for $35. They teach all the important resources needed for the exam, provide prep questions, and even share tips on succeeding on the Professional Scrum Master test.

They don’t include an attempt for the exam, but the overall cost is much more accessible.

Why Should You Get a Scrum Master Certification?

Now, you might wonder what the benefits of all of this are?

Well, as a disciplined agile Scrum Master, you’ll:

SCRUM Master

Improve Your Team Dynamics And Become a Scrum Master!

If you want to improve your team’s framework, build a stronger sense of community, and work collectively to achieve a more successful product, the Scrum Master certificate is the right choice for you.

It will provide your team with a new dynamic where goals are fixed, and problems are solved. And because of the daily Scrum meetings, the progress will be constantly reviewed, opening the communication between the team and showing what is working and what needs to be improved.

Whether you choose to take a training workshop or study independently, you can pass the Scrum exam and become a better and true leader!

But if you are thinking of earning a Scrum Master certificate and need some assistance with the test, you can get in touch with Gradehacker and get the help you are looking for!

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