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Updated April 14, 2022

This article leaves your stress and worries behind because we will give you an easy-to-digest explanation of Walden University’s MSN program.

After some intense web browsing, you discovered a Walden University nursing program. However, you weren’t left with a clear understanding of the program.

You search for the Walden University nursing program on Google to see if you find some more information, but you don’t.

You think how great a walk-through guide of this Walden University nursing program would be!

At Gradehacker, we are college experts as non-traditional students come to us for assistance with assignments as well as for valuable information! We have years of experience helping students enrolled in a Walden University Nursing program, so we are very familiar with their Master’s of Science in Nursing.

After reading this article, you will be able to decide if this MSN program is a good fit for you!

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Official Program Name

– Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Degree Level

– Master’s

Learning Format

– Online

Course Length

– Completion time varies depending on choosing a course-based or tempo competency-based learning format. 


– 53-84 credits depending on the specialization you choose


– Tuition cost varies depending on specialization and learning path chosen; find your specialization here to see the cost.


– Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

Walden University MSN Program Prerequisites

It is important that we cover this MSN program’s prerequisites that way, you are aware if you can apply or not!

For this Walden University advanced degree in nursing, some prerequisites include:

We’re off to a great start if you match all the above criteria. Continue reading to learn more about this Walden University nursing program.

What does Walden University's MSN Program Consist of?

How will Walden University’s MSN program prepare me? What type of education will I receive if I choose this academic program?

If these are questions you have, put them aside because we will answer them now.

This program aims to provide you with the credentials and expertise you need to make a more significant impact in the healthcare system. Whether you decide to occupy a behind-the-scenes role, like participating in the boardroom or directly treating patients with Walden University’s MSN program, you will receive sophisticated clinical and leadership preparation

By completing this program, you will expand your professional opportunities and be able to pursue positions that have more power and influence.  

On a side note, Walden University is the institution that graduates the most MSN students in the U.S. They must be doing something right!

In this MSN program, the specialization courses will vary, but the core courses are the same.

Are you curious as to what the core courses are? Well, the core courses include:

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Walden University Learning Paths

At Walden University, nursing students are offered plenty of choices and freedom regarding their careers, mainly because there are two learning paths students can choose from.

These learning paths are the course-based format or the tempo competency-based learning format. Don’t freak out just yet; we will explain what each path involves!

The course-based format is conformed by an instructor-led system with a set schedule. There’s not much to explain about this learning path since it is basically your standard learning choice and the method of learning most people are accustomed to.

On the other hand, the tempo competency-based learning format is anything but standard! You don’t have to worry about meeting deadlines on a time crunch in this learning path because you govern your learning pace and the progression of your nursing career. 

Instead of your college journey being limited to terms, you progress through the program when you demonstrate mastery in a subject.

The tempo competency-based learning path is extremely personalized and provides you with ample time and flexibility!

Walden University MSN Program Specializations

As with any MSN program, you will be required to choose a specialization for this Walden University nursing program.

With this program, you don’t have to worry about having limited options because you have 9 specializations to choose from!

Are you curious as to what these specializations are? Well, the available specializations are:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these specializations!

Are you not sure about what this specialization involves? Well, the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner specialization is designed for those who flourish in an intense, fast-paced setting.

In this specialization, you will be thoroughly trained to effectively care for and diagnose patients with complicated acute and unpredictable chronic medical conditions. The patients you will treat will be 13 and older

You might be wondering what type of job opportunities await you if you choose this specialization. This specialization will allow you to work in an intensivist or hospitalist position providing advanced care to patients.

Some healthcare organizations where you could work include:

After completing this specialization, you will be eligible to take the ANCC Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner board certification examination!

The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner specialization is meant for those interested in caring for patients in a long-term context, all through their healthcare journey.

If you choose this specialization, you will receive advanced training to manage the health of patients 13 and older.

As an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, you will carry out the health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, and restorative care of teenagers and adults.

And, after all your hard work, you can sit for the national adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner certification exam.

Okay, what does this specialization entail? With the Family Nurse Practitioner specialization, you will be qualified to diagnose and care for patients throughout their lives! 

If you choose this specialization, you will receive the skill-set to become an advanced-practice nurse who oversees disease prevention, health promotion, and restorative care in patients of all ages. 

After finishing this specialization, you can take the national family nurse practitioner certification exam!

Nurse and Elderly Patient

If this is the specialization you decide upon, you will be extensively prepared to serve patients’ mental and emotional health.

With the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialization, you will be able to work in a nursing field with a lot of demand nowadays!

After finishing this specialization, you will be able to care for patients with organic brain disorders, substance abuse issues, and psychiatric disorders.

And once you’re done with the MSN program, you can sit for the national psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner certification exam.

Are you inclined to choose the nursing education specialization? With this specialization, you will receive preparation that will allow you to contribute to the nursing workforce’s formation

No matter if your desire lies in mentoring nurses or educating healthcare professionals, this specialization will permit you to teach individuals from diverse backgrounds!

Through this hands-on curriculum, you will learn to apply evidence-based practice when teaching and provoke creativity and critical thinking in your students.

Are you curious about what future job opportunities await you with this specialization?

Well, you could work in the following roles:

In this specialization, you will receive the necessary training to become an integral part of improving patients’ healthcare experience.

This specialization’s primary focus is to provide you with the administrative skill-set to introduce policies to improve the patient care experience.

If you choose the Nurse Executive specialization, you will have the opportunity to occupy leadership roles in many healthcare settings.

You will even have the skills to direct your own hospital unit!

Curious about the Nursing Informatics specialization? In this specialization, you will be trained to gather and assess crucial data utilizing technology and information systems.

This will allow you to guide and provide valuable input in a clinical decision to increase healthcare processes’ efficiency

If you choose this specialization, you will have the expertise to elevate patient care by applying innovation and technology.

The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Primary Care specialization is meant for those who enjoy providing direct care to young patients

As part of this specialization, you will receive advanced preparation so that you can care for patients from birth all the way to age 21!

In this specialization, some topics covered are family-centered care, growth and development screening, and youth mental health interventions.

If you choose this specialization, you will be equipped to diagnose, examine, and care for adolescents and children in different primary care locations. 

With this specialization, you will be able to sit for the National Pediatric Nursing Certification Board exam.

Nurse calling

What does the public health nursing specialization entail? If you choose this specialization, you will be able to practice a vital role in your community by decreasing health disparities and promoting public wellness.

With this specialization, you will be able to fulfill managerial duties related to elevating your community’s health.

You will learn how to create population-based nursing interventions and plan for and answer to disasters.

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Is Walden University's MSN Program Right for Me?

Walden University's MSN program will suit you if:

Walden University's MSN program will NOT suit you if:

We know how complicated it can be to determine which MSN program is right for you. However, after reading this article, we hope that you feel confident enough to make a decision and earn your Master’s Degree!

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