Low GPA Acceptance Colleges | Where To Study With a 2.0 GPA

Low GPA Acceptance Colleges
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Low GPA Acceptance Colleges

If you are a prospective student looking for the right place to start your higher education journey, then you already know how important your grade point average (GPA) is.

Many universities use this score to level their upcoming students: “If they can’t meet a certain GPA, then they won’t be accepted.” As a result, the admissions process becomes highly competitive and selective, with many universities closing their doors to many college students just because of their high school grades.

But the truth is that everyone should have access to affordable and quality education. And here is where these low GPA acceptance colleges come in.

Usually, a low GPA is around 2.0 on a point scale of 4.0. Scoring below 3.0 -the national average- instantly reduces your college options. For example, four-year colleges like business or medical schools require a minimum GPA of 3.5.

What happens when you want to study but have a GPA below the average? Here you’ll find a list of schools with low GPA acceptances.

We are the non-traditional student’s most trusted resource. We know how complex and selective college applications can be, and we recognize how important it is for all people, regardless of their GPA, to access good education.

That’s why we are listing the best low GPA acceptance colleges with online programs where you can study with a GPA of 2.0. 

Academic Programs

First, we have Albany State University.

It is a public college in Georgia where you can find certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. They have degree programs and online courses in the fields of:

Admission Requirements

If you want to enroll in an associate degree, certificate, or bachelor’s program at Albany State University, you’ll have to submit your school transcripts and meet one of the following criteria:

On the other hand, their graduate program requires you to:

Depending on the graduate program you choose, you’ll also have to meet additional requirements, including letters of recommendation or a statement of purpose.


One of the advantages of attending online classes at Albany State University is that they have affordable tuition rates.

The cost per credit hour for online programs plus their mandatory tech fee is:

However, each class has additional fees corresponding to its field. But to reduce your expenses, you can also apply for any of their feature scholarships.

Low GPA Acceptance Colleges

Academic Programs

Next, we have Elizabethtown College School of Graduate & Professional Studies, a private graduate school with accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs for non-traditional students with busy lives.

They have many online programs available, but self-directed learning outside the classroom is expected as accepted students have to meet 15-20 hours of practice per week.

At Etown, you’ll find programs in the fields of:

Admission Requirements

To apply for an associate or bachelor’s degree, you’ll have to:

Graduate programs require your official transcripts, and depending on the program; there are additional admission requirements like:

At Etown, they charge per college credit.

Graduate programs’ tuition varies by course. You can also find which financial aid is applicable for your undergraduate or graduate program.

Low GPA Acceptance Colleges

Central Texas College is a community college that offers associate degrees and certificates in career and technical fields. Unlike the other graduate schools on this list, here you won’t find bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

CTC has a wide range of online courses, and if you are a military member, you can also study in one of its many military installations. You can find programs in the fields of:

Because they have an open admissions policy, enrolling in CTC is easy and accessible for anyone. They only require you to:

CTC charges per credit hour and does not differentiate online learners from school students. The only difference is that online students have fewer additional fees to pay.

Low GPA Acceptance Colleges

Gwynedd Mercy University is a private catholic university with courses for undergraduate and graduate students. While they have more in-person classes and programs, they have a decent amount of online options with the possibility of choosing an accelerated pace.

They only have three online Bachelor’s programs:

However, they have close to 40 online Master’s degrees in the fields of:

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for both undergraduate and graduate programs vary by degree. The only common criteria is completing their application for admission with your personal information.

If you choose an undergraduate online degree, they may ask you to:

If you choose an online graduate degree, they may ask you to:

In both cases, these are just a few of the many admission requirements GMercyU asks for. Be sure to check your chosen program’s page to see which specific criteria you have to meet.

Just as with its requirements, tuition at GMercyU depends on the program and its academic level.

Online or Accelerated Undergraduate Tuition & Fees:

If you want to save money, try applying for their scholarships.

Low GPA Acceptance Colleges GMU

Finally, Fort Hays State University is a public school with more than 200 online degrees and certificates, including doctoral programs!

They offer online courses in:

If you are an adult learner with no transfer work, to enroll in an undergraduate online program, you need to:

  • After 2014: Have an overall score of at least 580 and a minimum score of 145 on each subtest
  • Between 2002 and 2014: Have an overall score of at least 2,550 with a minimum score of 510 on each subtest
  • Before 2002: overall score of at least 250 with a minimum score of 50 points on each subtest.

If you are going to apply for an online graduate degree, you’ll have to:

Fort Hays State University has affordable tuition rates and ranks among the lowest in the U.S.

Cheapest Online Masters Degrees FHSU

Start Studying Regardless Of Your GPA!

Next time you see admission policies of a university asking for its students to have a GPA higher than 3.0, you’ll know that there are many other colleges with low GPA acceptance where you can study.

But if these are not what you are looking for, don’t feel discouraged! We only listed some of the most affordable and accessible colleges, but there are other options too. So don’t stop the search until you’ve found an online school that suits your needs!

We hope we’ve brought you closer to making an informed decision. 

But if you are also looking for ways to maintain a higher GPA while accelerating your degree, remember you can trust Gradehacker to assist you! We help many non-traditional students like you with their essays and classes, and we’ll be happy to be there for you as well!

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