How Much Does it Cost to Get Help with a Proctored Exam?

How Much Does it Cost to Get Help with a Proctored Exam
Nayreth Garcia

Nayreth Garcia

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You had a busy week at work, and with all of your other responsibilities as a non-traditional student, you forgot to study for that proctored exam you have right around the corner. Proctored exams are often considered one of the most challenging testing processes. When you see it mentioned in your class courses, you probably feel an understandable sense of dread. Suddenly a question pops up: How much does it cost to get help with Proctored exams? You can get assistance with your proctored exam from a starting price of $300 depending on several factors.

If we are your choice of support in every step, the testing will run so smoothly that you will forget about all the monitoring internet aspects and just see it as a regular online exam. For this reason, we have developed this pricing guide to show you all the information about how you can get the support you need to survive this type of exam in your online courses with your nerves intact.

Luckily for you, getting help for your proctored exam is not impossible. At Gradehacker, we have the answer to that question. We have helped hundreds of non-traditional students with this exam process. Understandably, this learning experience is way too stressful for a busy person to handle, but that doesn’t have to be an issue with us on your side.

How much will you pay for assistance with a proctored exam?

Proctored exam costs are different depending on the class level of the degree you are studying. An undergraduate proctored exam will cost $300, while a graduate proctored exam will cost $350.

What Proctoring Services Can You Help Me With?

We offer you help with different online proctoring services such as:

What if I need help with my proctored exam at the last minute?

If the due date of your proctored exam is in 72 hrs or less, you will have a 15% express premium option on the final price. This express premium applies to any assignment request inside Gradehacker and not only on proctored exams.

It doesn’t matter the subject or the number of questions your exam will have. The price remains the same and only varies depending on the factors previously mentioned, as you can see in the following image:

Proctored Exams pricing chart

Now, you might be wondering if your consultant will just work with you on the day of your exam, without any previous preparation. Do not fear! That won’t be the case at all. For Proctored Exams, we always plan ahead. You will have full access to your consultant, and you will both set up a date and time frame to establish the help.

Once you have that set up, the exam will run smoothly without technical issues. These consultations don’t have an additional fee, they are free of charge, and you can have as many as you need to feel confident and comfortable.

What is my guarantee?

We want to create a trustworthy relationship with you and since sometimes things don’t go as planned (hardly ever) we want you to feel secure about our work with you, so we offer you a free guarantee.

Your A or B Free Guarantee

As we said, mistakes hardly ever happen but in case an A or B grade is not accomplished and you get a C or lower grade, our team will reach out to you to offer you the following options 

Why should you work with Gradehacker to help you with your proctored exam?

First of all, the fact that proctored exams are monitored makes everyone more than a little paranoid since they are always looking for suspicious behavior. Not only will you have to prove that you’re the one taking the exam, but also, while testing, your screen and keyboard movements are recorded by a third party. Invasive access are the first words that come to mind when this type of exam is brought to the conversation.

The second concern is the idea that proctored exams do not allow the use of outside help. For many non-traditional students who experience stress to find enough time to review all the class material between jobs, family, and other commitments, this can be a real tragedy. Individual exams, most of the time, hold an enormous amount of importance in your final grade. Online proctoring is limiting the opportunities for assistance and adds more anxiety to an already uncomfortable learning process.

Proctored exams are often a dreaded experience for college students compared to other regular testing options due to added monitoring and privacy invasion that we are not accustomed to. To ensure your exam session is not full of anxiety and instead focused on good grades, seeking help for this type of exam is a wise option.

By reaching out to us, overcoming this challenge seems like a much smaller obstacle than it really is. We have years of experience, and we’ll be at your side the entire process; communication will be the key to success. 

Your goal of improving your life through your degree will seem closer once you let us lead the way when you need it the most. Our Proctored Exam Service will cover all the bases and ensure you get the grade your GPA needs!

Our goal is to allow you to feel safe, confident, and enjoy working with us. Submit Your Request today for the Proctored Exams Help to stop suffering over these exams or any other that comes your way. If you need help with a different assignment or simply want to learn more about how we can help you, then these articles are perfect for you to read:

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