Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical
Athina Hansen

Athina Hansen

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Are essay writing services ethical? You might be searching for that extra college help but are hesitant to turn to essay writing services as you’re unsure if it’s ethical. 

Ask your professor, and they will be quick to answer no, but is it really so black and white? Clearly, this is a question that provokes many answers. What one considers ethical is subjective, and this is why there are different answers to this question. However, college students have complex situations when it comes to this type of service, which can lead to several valid reasons they turn to it.  

We at Gradehacker help college students with different college requirements. One of the services we offer is essay-writing, where we craft custom-made essays for students. Throughout our years of experience dealing with such students, we know there are a handful of reasons as to why they consider essay writing services. 

College students are expected to hand in quality work for different subjects, but these assignments require a good chunk of time in order to complete them. College also embraces a competitive nature; as a student, you feel constant pressure to achieve good grades to be “successful.” 

When you have a busy schedule or find certain academic skills difficult, you’ll feel you are at a disadvantage. Suppose you are currently dealing with a busy schedule. In that case, you’re probably used to feeling anxious due to the pressure of having to hand in multiple excellent assignments, without having the time to do them.  

Similarly, if you lack a specific academic skill, you might have felt incompetent or discouraged in college. Essay writing services are a resource like any other that can push you to where you want to be. 

Ask Yourself: Is This College Essay the Only Responsibility I Have?

Whether it be spending on textbooks or tuition, you’ll know firsthand that college in the U.S. is expensive! In 2014-15 a Georgetown report found that the average cost of attending a public college was $18,943! Whereas for private universities, the average total cost was $42,419. That’s why it’s not surprising that more than 70% of students work full or part-time while also going to college. Work limits the time you can dedicate to the countless amount of college assignments.

So, we established that most students work while in college, but what type of students actually make up for this percentage? Well, the answer is that non-traditional students form a significant portion of this percentage. These are students that don’t fit into the generic mold of what you might associate with a university student.

Non-traditional students might not have headed straight to college after high school, are part-time students, maintain themselves financially/work, or have children to take care of. In other words, those who have to focus on more than just college!

In 2018, there were 6.6 million adult college students in the U.S., which is 35% of college students. Whether you are an adult college student or merely a student working due to college costs, these factors affect the time you’re able to set aside for college. Not even your favorite superhero would be able to balance college, work, and family duties successfully without any help.

It’s only reasonable then that students in these positions turn to a service that can assist them with their college workload. Many would consider doing so is unethical, but students in these circumstances need extra help as they have to divide their time between different responsibilities.

A non-traditional student might be attracted to an essay writing service because they desire to complete their careers successfully. Being one of these students, you can understand how sometimes you have no other option but to opt for these services to keep up with the workload. This sacrifice made to ensure a class grade is admirable. 

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical

Long-term Mindset: Paying off Student Loan Debt

This leads us to another motivator in investing for an essay writing service, the dreaded student loan debt. As we talked about earlier, students work to try to make up for university costs. Still, this income is often not enough to cover the total cost, so students turn to student loans. As of 2020, the total U.S. student loan debt is a whopping $1.56 trillion, which is being paid off by 45 million borrowers.

Students are aware that these loans will take years to pay off. Still, they continue to do so because the long term gain of an opportunity given by a college degree will outlive the initial investment. Paying for an essay writing service is also an investment. This service allows you to maintain those good grades that will provide you a valuable job in the future so that you can pay off that debt. It is a smart move to ensure you won’t be tied down to those debts forever.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical

Difficulties Writing as an International Student

Although many of the students who reach out for help do so because they are busy and overwhelmed, some might do so because writing is not their strength. In 2018-19 the U.S. had a total of 1,095,299 international students. As an international student, your first language might not be English, which might complicate your ability to express yourself in written work.

You may understand the subjects you spend hours learning in your courses, but a big chunk of a class’s grade is based on written work. When it comes down to it, you won’t be able to show your knowledge only due to underdeveloped English writing skills. Such students require further assistance to help in the areas they lack due to language barriers.

Being an international student, you do not reach out to an essay writing service out of laziness but simply language difficulty. The education system might measure knowledge mainly through written assignments, but if you lack in written tasks, it does not mean you are not knowledgeable.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical

So, Are Essay Writing Services Ethical or Not?

As Penelope Trunk put it, “what schools call cheating is what people in the work world call effective workplace behavior.” This attitude of finding the right answers from the right people is a driving factor when contacting an essay writing service. However, these good networking skills at work are considered unethical when it comes to college. 

It is common knowledge that presidents hire ghostwriters to write their speeches, yet no one seems to question the ethics at hand in this scenario. You and the president alike have complex responsibilities that can mean you are too busy to complete all assignments without help. 

Also, it is understandable that you might rely on an essay writing service if you lack in a specific academic area. You may not excel in writing, but when given a presentation, you are great at presenting your knowledge.  

We understand that these services are often stamped as unethical, and people often lack compassion towards those who truly need it. If you are in need of an essay writing service, it can be difficult to actually make that step due to outside pressure making you feel like a fraud. This is because there is a common misconception that if you use this service you are a lazy college student who would rather party than finish an essay.

However, here at Gradehacker we have seen personally that this is not the case. The clients we receive are the complete opposite of this stereotype. They are students who have to decide between not performing well in work or college, as they don’t have the time to balance the demands of both. 

This dilemma of whether an essay writing service is ethical polarizes people. This is because what one considers ethical is subjective. It is influenced by your upbringing and environment. Although there are mixed responses to this topic, it is evident that there are many valid reasons to turn to this service.

We hope that you gained some clarity on the ethicality of essay writing services. Hopefully now you understand that there are diverse well-founded reasons to turn to this service. Here at Gradehacker, we alleviate the stress of essay-writing and offer quality custom-made essays. If you find yourself in one of these situations, don’t hesitate in contacting us to get help with your essay

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Athina Hansen

Athina Hansen

Athina has worked with Gradehacker both as a content writer and a study consultant, where she assisted college students with nursing courses. Athina has a background of educating others and producing content, having tutored college students and produced articles for her school magazine. She brings her experience to her current role, where she writes content to empower and assist the non-traditional college student who is often overlooked. You can find her on LinkedIn