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Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Head of Client Success at Gradehacker

Updated on July 11th, 2022

Nowadays, it’s challenging to think of any aspect of our lives that’s not marked by the use of social media and the Internet. Or do you know anyone who hasn’t got a social media profile?

There is no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more have radically transformed the world, instantly allowing access to information, contacts, and new relationships. 

You could even say that social media had a positive impact on human interactions in many ways, and the same applies to college students. 

Those stories about going to the library to find information? Or those your parents and grandparents told you about writing research papers on typewriters? Well, thankfully, those days are over.

And now that everything has gone online because of the pandemic, there is even more helpful social media content related to college you can find online. Maybe you find an influencer who shows you a glimpse of campus life after covid and answers the questions any college student has, or you find the social media channel of the university you are thinking of enrolling in.

Still, some people think social media accounts have an overall negative impact on our daily life, especially on college students. Because yes, media platforms can be a distraction from classes and other responsibilities!

However, we believe the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages. Here at Gradehacker, we are the non-traditional student’s most trusted resource, and we know that social media can make college students’ lives easier.

If you don’t think so, here we show how social media can prepare you as you enter the college world and help you throughout your college life.

1) Tailor Your Social Media Feed to Be a Better Candidate for Colleges

More and more college admissions officers say that a good social media profile is vital in determining who is admitted to colleges. In short, you must be cautious with your social media posts. 

Think that you are one of the college admission officers; what would you like to see on the social media account of a prospective student? Of course, you don’t have to be a robot and have a profile totally dedicated to studying. 

Simply be aware of what you should and should not do to improve your student image. Admissions officers want students with good character and people who can adapt to a good student community that is based on respect, honesty, and cooperation.

College Candidates

2) Get All The News First

If you follow your college’s Instagram account, you likely know about important announcements, alerts about the campus community, or any other irregularity that occurs within your college campus before most of your classmates. 

Also, through social media, you can find out about any extracurricular activities that happen on campus life, such as parties, fairs, fundraisers, debates, and much more. 

However, the most crucial point is that if something dangerous occurs on campus, your college’s social media account can be the ideal place to know safety tips and the best indications during a hazardous situation.

3) Social Media and Web Pages Are Great Ways to Know More About Schools

Do you remember when the only way to see your desired campus was through guided tours booked in advance? While that is still an excellent way to have a first experience with your potential college, today, social channels and websites of educational institutions have facilitated this process.

You can now see detailed photos of the entire campus, library, cafeteria, and recreational areas. Many colleges are comprehensive in the information they give about themselves since they regularly share posts about their values, student profiles, and everything you can achieve as a student in that institution.

College Knowing

4) Alumni Engagement

Social media is a perfect environment for current students to connect emotionally with their colleagues, even after graduation.

If you are just starting college, social media is a handy tool to start meeting more people and develop meaningful relationships that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

In this way, a powerful connection between your college and you emerge since this place is not only an academic institution but also a place full of experiences that can change your life radically.


5) The Best Way To Do School Promotion

Schools are like brands.

Each college represents something different, and it is on social media where schools show their best attributes, such as campus, activities, or extracurricular matters. 

At the same time, this makes profiles on social media a useful tool to know everything that happens within your college. For example, many schools post about their students’ most critical research, which is an excellent way to know what type of academic opportunities your potential college can offer.

College Promotion

Be Prepared!

Starting a new stage of your life is not easy. 

Beginning a college career is something that changes people’s lives, not only because of the educational value of the college experience but because of all the friends and professors you meet during the journey. For these reasons, you must prepare to start this new stage. 

Fortunately, social media offers a fascinating and novel perspective so that you can start with a sound footing. Do not forget to have fun throughout your experience and get the most out of these tips.

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Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara

Sergio Guevara has been an avid essay writer and researcher for Gradehacker since 2018. He has helped countless non-traditional students with a plethora of subjects like literature, nursing, and history. Now as the head of the Client Success Team he’s constantly involved with SEO-driven content that can make the life of both non-traditional and traditional college students much easier. You can find him on LinkedIn

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