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He gained $50,000 to $100,000 of return of investment
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She graduated 2 to 3 times faster than expected
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Being an adult student is a unique path that comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and situations, that’s why it’s important for you to feel understood. 

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Choose the service you think fits better with your needs, tell us the deadline and include all the details.

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We’ll review your request and get back to you in 24hrs with a personalized framework to achieve your goals in the timeline you need.

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Work with your Consultant

Team up with an Expert and work in real time on your class projects and references.

Step 4

Progress Faster

Start checking off classes as you efficiently move forward with a customized plan and purpose.

Our promises to all adult students

Increase Your GPA

You will put more focus effort on your classes, get better grades, and end up with an above-the-average GPA.

Earn a Higher Salary Faster

You will graduate sooner and access a better- paid position that quickly gives you a return on your investment.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

You will regain time to take better care of your health and be a positive role model for your family.

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Common questions students like you ask

How can I know Gradehacker is legit?

There are multiple ways you can verify that Gradehacker has a professional and attentive team behind its doors.


The first way is to check our Who we Are page and meet all the faces behind the team.


You can also book a meeting with our Student Success team, speak with us, and have all your doubts answered.


And finally, you can find us across all social media platforms: YouTubeTik TokInstagramFacebook, and LInkedIn!

What specific services do you offer for adult college students?

We are currently offering three types of services: 

The Essay Writing Service is meant to help you create an essay from scratch or check and correct one if you have already created it. 

The Entire Class Bundle is a service meant to help you with a class or more than one simultaneously from start to finish. 

You can always retake this service for classes that are left in your college year once the service is over. 

The Degree Accelerator is meant for those who are ready to finish their degrees all in one go, without breaks in the middle of their classes. 

For this service, your classes must last from 4 weeks to 10 weeks, and you have to commit for a year subscription. 

All of our services are personalized to your needs and requirements, so we always encourage you to book a call to clarify any doubts. 

You can also email us to:

How much do your services cost?

Since our services are personalized, prices can differ depending on your needs and preferences. 

The factors that can change the initial price could be the amount of essay pages, the amount of classes you take simultaneously, the due date and factors within the classes or type of essay you might need.

A one-page essay for undergraduate students costs $55, and for graduates, $60.  

For the Entire Class Bundle, one class of a full course lasting 15 to 16 weeks costs $245 for undergraduate students and $290 for graduate students. 

The Degree Accelerator costs $300 for undergraduates and $355 for graduate students if you take one class per semester. 

The full price list is on the page of each service, where you can also find a calculator to explore the price and discounts more accurately for your needs.

But to set a price according to your needs and requirements, we always encourage you to book a call to clear all doubts. 

You can also email us to:

Are your tutors familiar with adult learning needs and challenges?

Absolutely! Our coaches are highly experienced and know exactly what to do to address the unique needs and challenges of adult learners. 

They understand the importance of flexibility, practical application, and the balance between work, life, and study. 

Our coaches are committed to providing personalized support tailored to help you achieve your educational goals efficiently and effectively.

That’s why we offer different ways of communication on our services like mail, text message and phonecall so you can use the one that suits you best.

Our coaches will also arrange with you a time that is convenient to have updates.  

Can I communicate with my assigned coach?

Yes, and you can do it through multiple ways.

You can have 1-1 virtual meetings, send them emails, and have phone calls.

Why is Gradehacker an investment?

First money-wise, our tutoring service is a financial investment because you get a faster return on college and the tens of thousands of dollars of upgraded salary you will have per year.

With our Degree Accelerator , you can save years and semesters of tuition and other school costs, as you progress faster through school.

Imagine what a salary of a hundred thousand dollars yearly could represent in your family’s life a few years earlier than expected.

And trust us, after the first year of your new job position goes by, you’ll have already seen a return on your investment. After that, it’s all yours to enjoy.

Second, it’s a time investment because you get to experience what it’s like to get the best grades while prioritizing and optimizing your focus on your job and family.

With us, you don’t need to spend 15 hours per week reading through the class material and feeling stuck whenever you have to write anything.

We are the guarantee that lets you put focused attention into your life, knowing that there is a team of experts partnered with you who are 100% dedicated to helping and guiding you to become the professional you deserve to be.

How do you avoid plagiarism issues?

Plagiarism is one of the most critical aspects that professors take into account when revising assignments.


By trusting Gradehacker, you’ll get an original custom-made essay reference exclusively written for you and your requirements.


We ensure our work is completely original by checking the paper formatting, grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.


We also run the assignment through a plagiarism checker and send you a report that shows the percentage of content that could count as plagiarized.


While most professors accept papers with a plagiarism score of 30% or less, we believe that this is entirely too high and aim to have less than 10%, with most of our papers actually having less than 5%!

How quickly can I get assistance after making a request?

We will communicate with you as soon as possible. Once you complete the request for the service you want, it takes us 24 hours or less. 

If you decide to fill out the form during the weekend, know that we’ll contact you on Monday with all the information you need to know and all the next steps to continue. 

How do I access your services online?

Once the service is adjusted to you and the payment is set, you’ll be immediately assigned to a coach with whom you’ll communicate at all times.

The coach will give you updates and let you give feedback and corrections so the work sample is as accurate as you need it for your classes.

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